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Fri Mar 17 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Cassandra Freeman

Husband : Tom Paul
Cassandra Freeman took the wedding vows with Tom Paul.

Cassandra Freeman is an African American actress known for the role of Sylvia in the 2006 film Inside Man. Her other known works include Luke Cage and Bel-Air.

The actress was born on October 1, 1978, and hails from West Palm Beach, Florida. She is a libra. This article will provide some insight into the life of a fantastic actress.

What Is The Net Worth of Cassandra Freeman?

Conviction actress Cassandra Freeman is a rich woman. She has been industry for a while, and it shows with the wealth she has garnered. Her estimated net worth is believed to be $2 million.

She is wearing a golden dress in the picture.
Cassandra Freeman in the cover of Felix (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

Her primary source of income is movies and TV shows. She is also part of the reboot of Will Smith's iconic show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and it has also contributed to her growing wealth. Plus, she is also a business owner. She is also the founder of Creatricity.

Is In A Married Relationship With Tom Paul:

Cassandra Freeman has found her love. She is married to Emmy-winning sound designer Tom Paul. They have been in a happily married relationship for a while now, and the love story has been kept a secret. 

There isn't any information available on when the couple first met, but some believe they met in 2014, as that is the year their relationship news first came out.

Freeman Has A Son With Tom Paul

Monsters and Men actress Freeman is a mother to a son. She has a baby with her husband, Tom Paul, whose name is Hudson. She doesn't let her son in the spotlight. 

However, it is unknown if her protecting his son is to give him an everyday life, not to provide pictures for media vultures to exploit him, or for other reasons. Even on her Insta, you won't find his pictures quickly, but that doesn't mean she doesn't share the love of her life with the world.

She shared a picture of her sons during the holidays a while back with the caption:

Sneak peak behind the scenes of
“My life w/ my Favorite Son”

Hudson has his tongue out in this selfie.
Cassandra Freeman with her son Hudson (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

More Facts About Cassandra Freeman's Husband Tom Paul:

Who is Freeman's husband, Tom Paul? As per IMDb, Thomas Paul is a re-recording mixer and a sound designer from New York. He has worked on projects like The Big Sick, City of Ghosts, and The Wolfpack.

Tom has won the prestigious Emmys on two separate occasions for his work in Under African Skies and Cartel Land. He has also been nominated for numerous other awards, like Edward R. Murrow Award and ABC Cinematography Award.

Height & Weight of Cassandra Freeman

Supermodel actress Freeman has got the looks. If you didn't know what she did for a living, you would be forgiven for assuming she must be a professional model. 

She is wearing a white dress and posing with hands on her hips.
Cassandra Freeman at an event (Source: StyleBistro)

She has the same height as Mimi Ndiweni at 5 Feet 8 Inches (172 cm). Her body type is slim, and she weighs around 132 lbs (60 kg).

She Works In A Blog

Freeman is a busy woman. Besides her movie and business, she also has time for a blog. She works at Beauty Logic Blog

Now only she works on the page but is the Co-editor in chief. It means she is responsible for managing the writer's team and deciding which articles to publish and which not.

Is The Founder Of Creatricity

Inside Man actress, Freeman has not just limited herself to the acting world; she has turned into an entrepreneur through her business, Creatricity. She founded the company in March 2020.

The people are gathered in the picture laughing and having a good time.
Cassandra Freeman promoting Creatricity on her Insta (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

Per the company's Instagram page, its job is to create an "integrated and inclusive" industry for everyone. It provides a platform for artists of diverse backgrounds to come and connect. 

Has A Degree In Fine Arts 

Bluff City Law actress Freeman is a University graduate student. Her education comes in arts and theatre. You rarely hear actors doing Masters's degrees, so she is an exception. She has done a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from New York University. She joined in 2002 and graduated in 2005.

Before that, she did her bachelor's degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre/Acting from Florida State University. She joined in 1999 and completed the degree in 2002.

Freeman's Philanthropy Works

Somewhere in the Middle, actress Freeman is a woman engaged in philanthropy works. She has her non-profit organization in Kansas Arts Project.

The organization aims to help kids from poor backgrounds grow to unlock their fullest potential and live successful and fulfilling lives. They have previously worked with the kids who lost their families in the Rwandan genocide.

A young boy and girl are performing a ballroom dance.
Dancing Classroom conducting one of its programs (Source: Dancing Classroom)

She has also previously volunteered for the New York City-based organization Dancing Classroom. The program taught kids to develop skills through Ballroom dance.

Actress Freeman Is Also A Professor

Freeman is a woman of talent, isn't she? If an actor, editor, and entrepreneur job wasn't enough for her, she is also an Adjunct professor just like Preston Roberts.

She is a professor at Fordham University. At the same institute, actress Michaela McManus graduated. She joined the institute in 2010 and has been working since. It's no surprise that of all her skills and talents, acting is her forte. And that's what she teaches to her students. In her own words:

I teach actors, directors, playwrights, and stage designers how to collaborate in creating artistic visions. 

She has said that teaching is something she has always wanted to do. The actress also revealed that if acting hadn't worked out for her, she would probably be a full-time teacher. In an interview with Photobook, when the interviewer asked her what she would be doing if not acting, this is what she had to say:

I'd be a professor at a college leading young people to their joy. I taught at and guest lectured at a few universities for more than a decade.

Cassandra Freeman Say On The Controversial Juneteenth Ice Cream

When it introduced Juneteenth Ice Cream, Walmart found itself in hot water, and Freeman had her say. She was approached by TMZ, to which she said she wasn't a fan of it.

She didn't go too harsh on Walmart but felt they should have known better. She believed that turning a historical incident into some limited edition foods won't make anyone happy.

Juneteenth Ice Cream was brought to the market to celebrate Juneteenth, celebrating black people's freedom from slavery. The company received a massive backlash from almost everyone for trying to cash in on such an important event in the life of a Black community.

She even joked about it, saying it would be two years before she gets her hand on the ice cream referencing the people of Texas who only found out about the abolishment of slavery two years later.

Social Media Presence

If you want to learn more about Blue Bloods actress Freeman, then you are in for luck. The actress has socials, and you can reach out to her through them. 

The actress is on Instagram. She uses it to talk about her works, photo shoots and being herself. Her insta page is @cassiedamsel. Her husband (@tompaul3) is also on Instagram, but the bad news for the fans is that his account is private, so there's no way to reach out to him.

Besides acting, she is also a businesswoman and has made herself available to connect through Linkedin. Her Linkedin account is @Cassandra Freeman.


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