Who is Gabriela Sabatini Dating Currently? Detail About her Affairs and Relationship

Fri Dec 09 2022
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Gabriela Sabatini is a former professional tennis player. Though her muscle injury forced her to retire in 1996, Gabriela achieved a lot in her playing days. Sabatini won a lot on the court, but what about off the court? Has she been winning in life when it comes to relationships?

Sadly, Sabatini hasn't had luck when it comes to relationships. She is currently single and making the most out of it. It might surprise some, considering all of her past relationships. So, let's look at her relationship history.

Gabriela Sabatini Partner: Is Sabatini In A Relationship?

Gabriela Sabatini, the woman with a rich dating history, is not seeing anyone now. The beautiful Argentine has had no luck with love, as evident by the failure of her past relationships.

Gabriela Sabatini can be seen holding her left hand up with a fist sign.
Gabriela Sabatini during one of her tennis matches (Source: Instagram @sabatinigaby)

It remains unknown why she is single because Sabatini hasn't talked about it. But her Instagram suggests she isn't worried about relationships as she lives her best life by traveling places and meeting people. 

In addition, she is also out of her retirement, so much of her time is probably spent on training. Her single status has also caused some rumors among people. 

Why Are People Talking About Gabriela Sabatini's Sexual Orientation?

Gabriela Sabatini has been single for a while now. For a woman as gorgeous as she is, it has surprised some people that she has been single for such a long time. Her relationship status has convinced many people that she is a lesbian.

Gabriela Sabatini posted a picture with her doggy on the 2021 New Year.
Gabriela Sabatini posted a picture with her doggy on the 2021 New Year.  (Source: Instagram @sabatinigaby)

However, not everyone believes in this story. Primarily because of her previous relationships. Some people haven't bought into it and defended her by saying marriage is something you can choose to do.  

But many people believe Sabatini isn't straight. They assumed that she hasn't come out because she was worried about how the catholic culture of Argentina would react to the news. But these are just allegations, and nothing has been proven.

Let's Look At Gabriela Sabatini's Previous Relationships

Imagine being in a relationship with Ricky Martin. Sabatini famously dated Ricky, the man of dreams for many women then. She has been with many men, but this is her most famous relationship.

It might be weird to look back at this relationship considering La Copa de la Vida singer has come out as gay since. But many people still remember when this happened.

Ricky Martin is looking directly at the camera as he has a mic in front of him.
Ricky Martin in the music video for The Cup of Life (Source: YouTube @Ricky Martin)

The thing people remember about them is how short-lived their relationship was—the two dated from May 1992 to October 1992. The Livin' La Vida Loca singer Ricky shocked the world in 2010 when he revealed that he was gay.

The speculations on his sexuality had gone on for a while, but many people were still pleasantly surprised when he officially announced it through his website, where he wrote:

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.

Gabriela Sabatini Dated Frank Unkelbatch

Gabriela Sabatini has not only been swept off her feet by celebrities. Take an example of her relationship with Frank Unkelbatch. He was a businessman from Germany. No information is available about the man apart from a few bits about his relationship with the tennis star. 

Gabriela Sabatini took a picture with a drink in her hand next to a Christmas tree.
Gabriela Sabatini took a picture with a drink in her hand next to a Christmas tree. (Source: Instagram @sabatinigaby)

Frank's relationship with Sabatini lasted from November 1989 to 1990. Not to a lot of people's surprise, this one didn't last long like her other relationships. But the craziest thing that came out was Unkelbatch, who gave away the details of their relationship to The Sun

He provided a lot of sensitive details. He gave them information about their date and even the fights these two had. Sabatini never said anything regarding it, so we don't know her reaction when she heard about it. My guess is she was mad when it happened, as one would.

Gabriela Dated Michael Bolton

Before Ricky, Gabriela Sabatini thought she had found love in singer Michael Bolton. Unfortunately, her relationship with Michael, much like Ricky, was also short-lived. 

Michael Bolton can be seen wearing a brown jacket with denim jeans and a white shirt.
Michael Bolton in the music video of Said I Loved You...But I Lied (Source: YouTube @Michael Bolton)

She started seeing Michael in the May of 1991. A few months later, things ended between the two on June 1991. Unfortunately, there is no information available on this relationship as, well. Their love didn't last long, and they chose to stay silent about their relationship.

Gabriela Dated Guillermo Pérez Roldán

It's only like Sabatini didn't have a thing for the tennis player. She fell in love with Guillermo Pérez Roldán. Both developed an interest in each other with their shared passion for tennis. Also, he is an Argentinian like her.

The timeline of their relationship remains unknown, however. There are no details on when they met and how long their relationship lasted. But what is known is he is now married to a woman named Daniella and shares three sons with her. 

Sabatini is still looking for the one or, maybe not, who knows. She hasn't been open about her love life, so we don't know if she has any plans of settling down. 

Gabriela Sabatini Dated Donald Trump

The former world number 3, Gabriela Sabatini, was also involved with the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Of course, he wasn't the President when these two were involved since they dated way back.

Donald Trump is addressing the crowd with a mic as the background is filled with the US Flag.
Donald Trump announcing he is running for the president (Source: YouTube @CTV News)

Jon Boon for The Sun writes that she was only 19 when she dated the wealthy businessman. The romance between the two lasted even less than her romance with Ricky Martin, Michael Bolton, and Frank Unkelbatch. These two only dated for a month in 1989

Boon, in his article, reports that Trump dated her shortly after ending things with actress Marla Ann Marples. However, after calling it quits with Sabatini, he patched things up with Marples.

Gabriela Sabatini Dated Leo Montero In 1998

Gabriela Sabatini has also been in a relationship with Argentine TV host Leo Montero. These two dated each other for a brief period in 1998

Leo has opened up about his relationship with her. California18, in their article, reports about the interview in P: can we talk where he only had good things to say about the tennis beauty. He said:

Yes, of course. It was a more well-known romance than it lasted; we will have been 40 days, actually. For me, Gaby is a love. She is divine, a spectacular person, with a beautiful family, so everything is always fine with her.

A Quick Tour Of Gabriela's Rumored Relationships

Besides all this, Gabriela Sabatini has also been unable to escape rumors. Not much of a surprise as the media loves linking every gorgeous people with anyone. 

Gabriela's rumors contain men like Howard Carpendale, Henri Leconte, Mickey Rourke, and Prince Albert of Monaco. She has said she addressed the situation and that the media has created a lot of rumors about her relationship.


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