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Tennis Player (1970)
Tue Feb 27 2024
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Gabriela Sabatini is a former professional tennis player known to be a teen phenomenon but was forced to retire before displaying her full potential as a player. She is also known for her past relationship with former United States President Donald J. Trump.

Sabatini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 16, 1970. She is a great player who became the youngest player to win the Orange Bowl. Though her game was great, Sabatini won the grand slam singles title at the U.S. Open only once in 1990.

What Is The Net Worth of Gabriela Sabatini?

Before Sabatini retired, she had a career history of 12 years in Tennis. Moreover, she has been at the top of the leagues since she started her career. The fans can guess that the income of such a great player is not tiny. 

Gabriel Sabatini
Gabriela Sabatini with Roger Federer. 
Source: Instagram@sabatinigaby

Throughout Sabatini's entire career, she has shown plays worth millions. Thus, the former pro of Tennis, Gabriela Sabatini, is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of above $8 million. Moreover, Sabatini also owns a perfume and cosmetics business. 

Social Media Presence; Instagram & Twitter

The former tennis player Gabriela Sabatini is available on Instagram and Twitter. She uses these social media platforms to connect to her fans worldwide and share parts of her daily life.

Gabriel Sabatini
Gabriela Sabatini riding a bicycle. Source: Instagram@sabatinigaby

Sabatini uses Instagram under the username @sabatinigaby, with over 345k followers. Similarly, on Twitter, her account is under the username @sabatinigabyok, with 181.8k followers. On her social media, it's easy to guess that Sabatini enjoys tours and travels to many destinations.

About Gabriela Sabatini's Husband & Their Married Life

Sabatini is currently single and not in any romantic relationships. Though she is known for having relationships with numerous celebrities, she has been single for quite a long time since her breakup with Leo Montero in 1999

It seems Sabatini has grown tired of getting into relationships. And she is enjoying herself and having the best time of her life being single. And it also does not seem like she will be getting married soon. From the looks of it, she is still discovering life.

Sabatini Dated Donald Trump For A Month

The most infamous relationship of Gabriela Sabatini is her one-month relationship with Donald Trump. In 1989, the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and Sabatini got into a relationship.

Gabriela Sabatini with Donal Trump
Gabriela Sabatini and Donald Trump dated briefly.
 Source: OK! Magazine

When Trump got together with Sabatini, he was on a break from his relationship with Marla Maples. And much worse, Trump was still married to his ex-wife Ivana Trump. However, Trump and Sabatini broke off their relationship in just one month, and Trump got back with Marla.

Won Orange Bowl At The Age Of 13

According to sources, Sabatini started playing Tennis at the age of just six after she watched her father and brother play. After playing Tennis for the first time, she liked the sport, and she continued to pursue Tennis after that. In the following years, she left Argentina to train with coach Patricio Apey in Key Biscayne, Florida where another celebrity Matías De Stefano was born.  

She began playing in the world junior tennis circuit. Then, in 1983, at the age of 13, she won the Orange Bowl, the prestigious stage of the world's finest players, and became the youngest player to win the championship. 

Sabatini's Father Gave Up His Career To Manage Her Career

The parents of Sabatini are Osvaldo Sabatini and Beatriz Garofalo Sabatini. According to sources, her father was an executive at General Motors before he gave up his career to manage his daughter's career. 

Moreover, the older brother of Sabatini is Osvaldo Sabatini, an Actor, and producer.

Started Her Tennis Career At 15

Though Sabatini started young, she entered the world of competitive Tennis after being 15. In the following years, not only she grew up as a woman, but she also grew up as a tennis player who became the runner-up at the U.S. Open in 1988. And in the next two years, in 1990, she also became the winner of the U.S. Open. In 1991, she participated at Wimbledon and became a runner-up. 

Gabriela Sabatini
Gabriela Sabatini in her tennis uniform. 
Source: tennisfame

Sabatini entered the world of competitive adult tennis at age 15, battling Chris Evert in the Women's French Open. Over the next few years, she matured as a tennis player and a woman, going on to be runner-up at the 1988 U.S. Open, the 1990 winner of the U.S. Open, and the runner-up at Wimbledon in 1991

In the Olympics in 1988, which was held in Seoul, Korea, Sabatini also won the Silver medal for Argentina. Before that, she partnered with great tennis players such as Steffi Graff and Martina Navratilova for numerous doubles.

Followers Crammed Sabatini's Practices

The beauty and Sabatini's grace on and off the court pulled her many fan followers. Her followers, attracted by her Latin American beauty, often cram her practice sessions to watch her strong play.

Sabatini Went To Bologna To Support The Argentine Team

One of the most recognized tennis players in history, Sabatini went to Bologna to show her support to the Argentine Team in the Davis Cup. She was there to accompany the team for the series remaining to be played in Group A, against the locals and Croatia, respectively, on Friday and Saturday in Italy. 

Sabatini said:

I’m here to support the boys, it’s a pleasure to share with them, encourage them, watch them play. I came from Switzerland driving, it’s not that far, I didn’t know Bologna and this was a good opportunity, it was closed everywhere.

Gabriela Sabatini
Gabriela Sabatini with the Argentine team in the Davis Cup 2022. Source: Instagram@sabatinigaby

The former player also shared a dinner with the Argentine Team at the official hotel and helped them boost their confidence after their defeat to Sweden on Tuesday. Sabatini said:

“I imagine that the defeat the other day will have been difficult, but nothing has been said. Tomorrow will be a difficult match against Italy, but I see them with possibilities”

Did Sabatini Leave Tennis To Focus On Her Perfume Business?

At the age of just 26, the surprising news of the retirement of the best player, Gabriela Sabatini, came out. Sabatini announced the end of her tennis career in New York in October. 

Sabatini launched a line of fragrances in the late 1980s in partnership with the German perfume company Mulhens. She made a debut in the scent industry in 1989.

Gabriela Sabatini perfume
Gabriela Sabatini perfumes. Source: Amazon

Since Sabatini is promoting her cosmetics and perfume business after she retired, there's been news about her leaving Tennis for her business. However, this is not the case, and she did not leave Tennis to focus on the company.

In a game, Sabatini faced an injury on her stomach, having pulled a stomach muscle. She missed several months of the season due to her injury. And the retirement announcement was just after that. So, her retirement was due to her injury and not because of her business.

Sabatin is one of the greatest tennis players with beauty, so she is also said to have had a rose named after her in 1992.

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