Who is Owen Wilson's Wife Varunie Vongsvirates? Couple Started Dating Since 2017

Fri Jan 07 2022
By   Orish Thapa

Owen Wilson is one of the popular actors in Hollywood, widely loved by fans of the Shanghai movie series and many more. His performance in The Royal Tenenbaums helped him gather immense success. For the role, he also got the nomination for the Academy Award.

On the other hand, his love life is a total mess. Owen has been in a romantic relationship with several women with whom he shares three children also.

Because of his multiple romances, his fans want to know if the actor has any intention to get married. Let us explore everything about his relationship status in detail in this article.

Is The Actor Owen Wilson Married? 

The 'Wedding Crashers' star, Owen Wilson, is one of the movie stars who have fans anticipating things about their love life. And no, Wilson isn't married yet, meaning Owen doesn't have a wife. Instead, the actor has enlarged his lineage by fathering a few kids with his girlfriends.

Owen Wilson has lived up to expectations as he has his fair share of crazy romance with beautiful women. The actor was an item with Sheryl Crow, which inspired her to record a song about them in her album that was released in 2002.

Another romantic venture he had was with Kate Hudson, and it started in 2008 and ended the next year. His dating streak continued, and soon, they yielded baby mamas for Wilson, who is now a father of three through three different women.

How Is Owen Wilson Relationship With Varunie Vongsvirates: They Have A Daughter

Owen Wilson and his girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates began dating in 2017. However, it seems they have been seeing each other since 2014 as two were caught together in June 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Owen Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirates started dating in 2014.
Owen Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirates were spotted after having coffee.
Photo Source: Dailymail

Varunie and Owen have been in an on-and-off relationship since then. However, Vongsvirates being pregnant with Wilson's child made headlines in 2018. At first, Wilson didn't believe that the child was his, but after Varunie underwent a paternity test, he confirmed that Owen was the biological father.

Varunie Vongsvirates welcomed their daughter Lyla.
Varunie Vongsvirates with her daughter Lyla Aranya Wilson.
Photo Source: Varunie Vongsvirates's Instagram (varunie)

In 2018 Vongsvirates took Instagram to announce her pregnancy where she posted an ultrasound photo with the caption, Say hello to Lyla and 3 months to go. Later on October 9, 2018, Varunie gave birth to their daughter, Lyla Aranya Wilson

At his daughter's birth, the actor was not present. The girl's mother said that Owen has never met his daughter to date in an interview. He only helps them financially.

Owen Wilson Doesn't Want Custody of His Daughter.

As per the reports, the actor doesn't want custody of their daughter. Owen has even checked the no visitation box in court.

Owen Wilson is not interested in taking custody of his daughter.
Owen Wilson does not want the custody of his daughter, Lyla.
Photo Source: Varunie Vongsvirates's Instagram (varunie)

According to the documents obtained by Rader Online, it shows that Wilson only supports his daughter financially. As per the report, Wilson pays $25,000 monthly as child support. He also gave $70,000 to cover the costs of a labor coach, a night nurse, and legal fees for Vongsvirates.

Owen Wilson Share His First Child With His Girlfriend Jade Duell

In 2009 while shooting for a movie, Owen Wilson and his future partner Jade Duell met for the first time on a flight from LA to Washington D.C. After their first meet, a certain connection sparked, and they started dating. 

Owen Wilson and his future partner Jade Duell met for the first time on a flight from LA to Washington D.C.
Owen Wilson and Jade Duell with their son on vacation.
Photo Source: Popsugar

The duo announced that they were expecting thier first child four days before their son, Robert Ford Wilson, was born. Wilson's federal air marshal girlfriend, Jade, gave birth to thier baby boy after 18-hour labor on February 14, 2011.

However, just a few months after the birth of their child, the couple decided to go separate ways. The reason for their breakup seems to be Wilson's unwillingness to commit. 

Owen Wilson Share Second Son With Caroline Lindqvist

The Shanghai movie actor Owen Wilson welcomed his second son, Finn Lindqvist Wilson, on January 30, 2014, with his then-girlfriend Caroline Lindqvist. Before they became lovers, Owen and Caroline were friends for a long time.

Owen Wilson and his ex-girlfriend welcomed his second child, Finn Lindqvist Wilson.
Owen Wilson with his ex-gilfriend CAroline Lindqvist.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

In 2003, Wilson met his love Caroline at a party. As per some sources, they have dated on and off for years. After Owen's separation from actress Kate Hudson in 2007, he tried to commit suicide and shortly after that incident, the two reconnected again.

Before announcing their pregnancy in October 2013, the couple had been in an on-and-off relationship for a long time. Caroline got pregnant after he split from her plastic surgeon husband, Ritu Chopra.

Although they were not in a relationship while Caroline was pregnant, they decided to raise their baby together. Caroline said they decided to have a child even though they are not in a relationship. And they are not planning on starting a relationship either.

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