Who is Sarah Ziolkowska Ex-Husband, Nathan Fielder, Dating Now?

Wed Jul 12 2023
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The entertainment industry is full of rumors and gossip about people's dating life. One such latest buzz is about Sarah Ziolkowska's Ex-husband Nathan Fielder

Fielder, born on May 12, 1983, is allegedly dating Amber Schaefer currently. But, Is Nathan really dating Amber? Let's dig into the juicy details and find out if there's truth to these scorching rumors!

Is Amber Schaefer Really Nathan Fielder's Girlfriend?

Though not officially confirmed, Nathan Fielder and Amber Schaefer appear to be a thing. The dating rumors sparked as the Canadian filmmaker brought Amber to the GQ Man of the Year Party on November 18, 2022.

Nathan Fielder spotted together with his alleged girlfriend Amber Schaefer.
Nathan Fielder was spotted together with his alleged girlfriend Amber Schaefer. Source: Twitter @MenForFielder

The alleged couple, Fielder and Schaefer, were seen close to each other at the event. Their undeniable chemistry has made fans eagerly await the revelation of their compelling affair. Moreover, Nathan's fan page on Twitter posted pictures of them at the event with the caption:

"Nathan Fielder and girlfriend Amber Schaefer at the GQ Man of the Year party."

It looks like, The Rehearsal TV series writer, Nathan has moved on from his tragic divorce from his ex-wife, Sarah Ziolkowska. Let's hope we see the beautiful filmmaker pair flaunting their romantic love life on social media.

Who Is Nathan Fielder's Alleged Girlfriend, Amber Schaefer?

Nathan Fielder's rumored girlfriend, Amber Schaefer is a movie maker like him. Schaefer is a movie director with impressive 6 credits on her IMDb profile. Amber has also dabbled in acting with two credits to back her up. 

Amber Schaefer is a movie maker like Nathan Fielder.
Amber Schaefer is a movie maker like Nathan Fielder. Source: Instagram @whimsylohan

Did you know? Amber was the segment director of one of the hit shows, Jimmy Kimmel Live! Some other projects of Schaefer include King Rick's Royal Drag, It's been too long, etc.

Despite her reluctance to share, Amber, Fielder's alleged girlfriend, couldn't resist dropping a few hints about her mysterious past. She spilled the beans about growing up in a weird house with her lifestyle nonconformist parents.

Nathan Fielder Was Married Once! 

Yes, the Canadian filmmaker has already walked down the aisle before. Nathan Fielder was married to Sarah Ziolkowska. Ziolkowska and Fielder were together for three years. 

Nathan Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska married in 2011.
Nathan Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska married in 2011. Source: Americanstarbuzz

The former pair, Nathan and Sarah, met for the first time in the mid-2000s. But, It was not until 2007, the ex-couple started dating. They tied knots in a super secretive, hush-hush ceremony in 2011.

Despite three years into the nuptials, Nathan and Sarah did not share children. The ex-pair did not have to go through a messy custody battle due to this. 

Why Did Sarah Ziolkowska & Her Ex-husband Divorce?

Ziolkowska and Fielder thought of being together happily after. But, things do not go as planned in this world. The celebrity pair once thought inseparable filed for divorce in 2014 and it was formalised on April 16, 2015.

So, what was the reason behind this separation? Turns out! Sarah Ziolkowska's Ex-Husband, Nathan Fielder, started acting rude and egotistical which was not tolerable to her. 

While Fielder found solace in the arms of Amber Schaefer now it is quite uncertain about Sarah's current relationship status. Ziolkowska is not active on social media platforms like Instagram which has added more difficulty to know her love life.

What is Sarah Ziolkowska's Ex-Husband, Nathan Fielder Doing Now?

Sarah Zilokowska's ex-husband, Nathan Fielder, recently worked on The Rehearsals. It is a critically acclaimed comedy TV Series created by Nathan. 

Colleen Hoover wearing dress with face of Nathan Fielder.
Colleen Hoover wearing a dress with the face of Nathan Fielder. Source: Instagram @colleenhoover

The show was released on July 15, 2022, on HBO. Later in August 2022, it got a second season. Nathan Fielder is also on the list of Time Magazines Top 100 most influential people of 2023.

Likewise, the American book writer Colleen Hoover had recently worn a dress with Nathan Fielder's face in Book Bonanza in Texas. May be the dress was the signal for Sarah Zilokowska's ex-husband, Fielder, to come to help out on the film in the fashion department. 


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