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Mon Feb 06 2023
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Willow Anwar is an American celebrity daughter who became famous due to her parents' popularity. She is also an actress who has appeared in movies like Kimberly and Widow's Point

Despite being an actress, she is known by her parent's name since she is the daughter of Gabrielle Anwar and Craig Sheffer. Both of them are renowned American actors. 

Anwar came into this materialistic world on November 8, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, USA. As a result, she holds American citizenship with a star sign of Scorpio.

A Quick Look At Anwar's Parents 

As mentioned above, Anwar is in the limelight because of her mother, Gabrielle Anwar, and her father, Craig Sheffer. Both have a strong presence in the USA because of their memorable acting. 

Following in her parent's footsteps, Anwar decided to become a successful actress from a very young age. However, she could not make an impression on US audiences as an actress. 

Picture of Gabrielle Anwar and Craig Sheffer
Picture of Gabrielle Anwar and Craig Sheffer (Image Source: DuJour Magazine)

Therefore, despite appearing in several popular movies, she is still recognized as a celebrity daughter. It seems she is working hard to make her own identity. 

Did You Know? Anwar's mother, Gabrielle, also came from an acting background as her mother, Shireen Anwar, and her father, Tariq Anwar, are renowned personalities. 

Willow Anwar Is Not Dating Anyone 

Anwar is currently single and is not dating anyone. She has yet to be spotted with men, which means she has never become prominent in her relationship. 

The fun fact is that she has been enjoying her solo life since birth. She has never dated anyone and does not have any past affairs. She appears to focus more on her acting career than on making love. 

However, it does not apply to her mother, Gabrielle, who has been married twice. Yes, you heard it right. Anwar's father, Craig, is Gabrielle's second husband. 

Anwar Is The Ex-StepDaughter Of John Verea

It is not a surprise that Anwar's mother was previously married to John Verea before tying the knot with his beloved husband, Craig. The former couple exchanged their vows in 2000 in the presence of family members, friends, and a news channel. 

They stayed together, sharing the same roof and bed for five years, i.e., the former spouse got apart in 2005 with the only option of divorce. 

Picture of Willow Anwar's ex-stepfather John Verea
Picture of Willow Anwar's ex-stepfather John Verea (Image Source: IMDb)

However, they were already blessed with two beautiful children within those five years. They first gave birth to Hugo Verea, and later on, they were blessed with Paisley Verea.

From the fact mentioned above, it has been clear that Anwar is the ex-stepdaughter of Verea and a half-sibling of Hugo and Paisley. Additionally, her ex-stepfather is currently enjoying a solo life. It appears he could not move on from his relationship with Gabrielle.

Willow Anwar: A Rich Actress & Celebrity Daughter

Without a doubt, Anwar comes from a wealthy family since her parents are millionaires. Unfortunately, she has not revealed her bank balance, and it is not easy to tell about her net worth. 

However, we can assume she is worth more than a thousand dollars as she has already appeared in some successful movies and TV series. 

Regarding Anwar's parents' net worth, they have a massive fortune of $8 million. In the upcoming days, she can gain her parents' property, whereas currently, she is enjoying her parents' enormous wealth just like Kruse Allegra Zobrist.

Is Reyn Hubbard A Father of Anwar?

In the early '90s, Reyn Hubbard claimed several times to be the birth father of Willow Anwar. If you are unaware of Hubbard, let us inform you that he is an American actor known for the role in Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice

Early Picture of Reyn Hubbard wearing grey shirt
Early Picture of Reyn Hubbard (Image Source: We Remember)

Reyn also stated that he first met Willow Anwar's mother at a party. Since then, they began dating. However, Gabrielle denied him being the father of her daughter. She said that her daughter's father is Sheffer. 

Since then, Reyn and Gabrielle's relationship has been bitter, and it seems they do not talk to each other. The fun fact is Reyn still claimed to be the father of Anwar. As a result, the reason behind this is still a mystery. 

IMDb Profile of Anwar

Anwar's IMDb profile consists of two acting credits for her notable acting in two movies. As per IMDb, her first film was released in 1999, and her second movie in 2019

Her IMDb page includes her mini bio, family details, contact info, and many more. IMDb page states that Anwar has a star sign of Scorpio. 

Anwar Has Done Only Two Movies 

It is strange that despite being in Hollywood for more than two decades, Anwar is featured in only two movies. It seems she could not impress US audiences with her acting skills. 

Anwar made her first debut appearance in 1999 by portraying the role of Lillie in the famous movie Kimberly. Then, she appeared onscreen after two decades by playing the role of Rebecca in Widow's Point. Her second film was released in 2019

Is Anwar Available On Social Media?

Unlike her mother, Anwar is not found on social media platforms. She seems to be not enjoying it, which resulted in her being away from social media. Despite being an actress and celebrity daughter, she has not got a profile on Instagram, Twitter, and other sites. 

However, her mother, Gabrielle, has an Instagram account whose username goes @gabrielleanwar. There she has amassed more than 57K followers. 

Physical Outlooks: Height & Weight 

Anwar is a good-looking woman with a slender and slim body that could result from exercise and a good diet. She is often seen exercising in the gym. She stands at decent height and weight. 

Picture of Willow Anwar wearing blue dress
Picture of Willow Anwar (Image Source: Bk Kent Week)

Furthermore, Anwar has stunning grey eyes, amazing blonde hair, and fair skin. She has not done tattoos, and people admire her lovely eyes just like Holly Hallstrom.

Some Amazing Facts of Anwar

  1. Willow Anwar is the great-granddaughter of Rafiq Anwar, an actor, and director who died in 1997 in England.
  2. Many magazines such as Vanity FairSunday Mirror, and The Boston Globe has published her article.
  3. She began her acting career when she was only six years old.
  4. Anwar's grandparents were born in British India, aka India. They were delivered at the time when the British used to rule over India.
  5. She is non-vegetarian. In addition, she is a big foodie who loves eating.


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