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Businessman (1975)
Wed May 03 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Yaron Varsano

Wife : Gal Gadot
The attractive guy proposed to Wonder Woman in 2008, and they married within the same year. The couple has two children together. Gal became pregnant with their youngest baby while filming Wonder Woman.

Yaron Varsano is a Dutch-born and Israel real-estate businessman and commercial entrepreneur. He co-founded a real estate firm with his brother and, in time, made it one of the most profitable companies in the field.

The brothers formerly once managed a fancy hotel in Tel Aviv, which they gave the named after themselves. In 2015, they contracted the Varsano Hotel to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich Former Governor of Chukotka, in a multi-million dollar transaction. 

Who Is Yaron Varsano's Wife? How Many Does He Have?

Yaron Varsano is a married guy. He married Israel's actress Gal Gadot. His spouse, Gal, is well known for DC's popular movie Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot's major Hit in Hollywood occurred when she was cast as Gisele Yashar in Fast and Furious (2009), a character that Gal reprised in Fast Five (2011) and Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

The audiences best know Yaron's wife as DC's Wonder Woman, her most unique role is in the 2017 movie Wonder Woman, which graced one of the year's biggest earning movies.

Yaron Versano with his family.
Yaron Varsano's kids are named Alma Varsano and Maya Varsano.
Source: Yaron Varsano's Instagram (@jaronvarsano)

Varsano met Gadot at a yoga party, and the two started dating shortly after that. Their second date and wouldn't wait more than two years to propose. The attractive guy proposed to Wonder Woman in 2008, and they married within the same year. 

The couple has two children together; Alma Varsano, Daniella Varsano and Maya Varsano. Gal became pregnant with their youngest baby while filming Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot's hubby is a regular Instagram user. He regularly shares images and videos from his family's vacations. He also makes multiple postings on his wife's support as well as his company. It's been a long time since they married, and Varsano's family has been living happily ever since.

Yaron Varsano's Net Worth

Yaron Varsano is the emblem for the business young. Versano has earned considerable money throughout his professional career, but it has not been uncovered yet. Yaron's estimated net worth is $25 Million as of 2021

Yaron Versano's kids watching their mother's movie.
Yaron Varsano's estimated net worth is $25 Million as of 2021
Source: Yaron Varsano's Instagram (@jaronvarsano)

In 2015, Yaron sold his hotel in Tel Aviv for over $30 million to the Russian-Israeli billionaire magnate Roman Abramovich. The luxurious hotel has 1500 square meters of space.

Here is the video of Gal-Gadot talking about her husband.

Speaking about the businessman's wife, Gal Gadot, she has an incredible net worth of $30 million as of 2021. These days Israeli actress charges millions of bucks for her involvement in a single project.


Yaron Varsano was born on June 23, 1975. The city of his birth is Amsterdam, Netherland. He celebrates his birthday every June 23. His age is 46 years old as of 2021. He belongs to his parents, who are Jewish parents. His brother's name is Guy Varsano. Yaron's brother Guy was born on n December 20, 1967

Yaron Varsano is doing exercise.
Yaron Varsano celebrates his birthday every June 23.
Source: Yaron Varsano's Instagram (@jaronvarsano)

The great-minded businessman and his brother, Guy, spent a huge piece of their existence in that country. When Yaron was young, he attended the International School of Amsterdam and enrolled in the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, New York, where he graduated in 2000. Yaron's height is around 6 Feet 0 Inches (185 centimeters).

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