Yoav Rotman

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Mon Apr 03 2023
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Yoav Rotman is a famous talented, young, and energetic Israeli actor. He is an actor with very handsome and alluring physical appearances.

The famous handsome actor is famous for the movies like The Flood, Shtisel and Bnei Aruba.

Childhood of Rotman

The young handsome and talented actor was born on February 1 in 1995. He belongs to Israeli nationality and lives in Israel.

He is a handsome actor who is very popular in the Israeli film industry by his awesome and stunning performance in the movies and series.

Yoav Rotman
Yoav Rotman. Source :Ans Wer

Personal life of Yoav

The famous Israeli actor rose his fame after his extraordinary and stunning performance in his first Tv drama series Shtisel. Likewise, Michael Aloni and Doval'e Glickman also starred in Shtisel.

After his fame from the drama series  Shtisel and ability of his acting, he got the opportunity from different films and Tv series like Hostage, Nerd club, etc.

Height and age 

Rotman has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches with very alluring physical appearances.

The young handsome actor is now 26 years old in accordance with his date of birth.

Yoav Rotman
Yoav Rotman in his handsome look. Source : Rs Doublage

The relationship status of Rotman

The handsome actor of The flood Yoav Rotman is single. He is very secretive about his personal things to share on the media.

He has shared some pictures with his female co-actress in his official Instagram account but hasn't confirmed the relationship with them.

Yoav Rotman
Yoav Rotman with his co-actor of Shtisel Neta Riskin. Source;IMDb

Carrier highlights the young and handsome Israeli actor

He has done many movies and Tv series which is more popular like:

1. The Flood

2. Shtisel

3. Nerb Club

4. Bnei Aruba

5. Hostage

6. Auschwitz My Mind

7. Mabul

The net worth of Rotman

Yoav Rotman has a net worth of $200,000 and is sources of earnings are from his acting only as he didn't have his own personal business which generates income.

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