Yoji Harada

Tattoo Artist (1972)

Yoji Harada is a famous Japanese Tattoo Artist and a Musician. Yoji came to limelight after appearing with TLC Channel's Program, Miami Ink. In addition, He was also part of the Japanese film Suicide Club with a cameo role. 

Yoji Harada was born as Yojoyo Harada on August 6, 1972, in Tokyo, Japan. Yoji has remained silent with the public about his parent's information and early life incidents. In addition, he has not mentioned his education and academic qualification. Yoji moved to the United States to keep his dream alive in the 1990s. 

Yoji Harada Passed Away At the Age of 46

Yoji Harada left this beautiful earth on March 27, 2019, in the Netherlands. The cause of his death is still a topic of debate to the media and public. The police and the hospital have not spoken a single word in the case. Many speculate that Yoji committed suicide, but the truth is yet to he has spoken. 

Yoji Harada Death
Image: Yoji passed away in 2019 in the Netherlands
Source: Globintel

His fans and followers paid tribute to him in every way possible. They even collect money to bring his body back to the United States and criminate his body. As per reports, they received much more and gave the remaining money to his daughter. 

Relationship Status of Yoji Harada At the Time of His Death

The Artist was living a private life away from the presence of media. He was very strict with his personal life and did not share much about his love life. 

Yoji was living a happy life on his own. He seemed to be single as of then. However, Yoji had some relationships before his death. He has been married twice and divorced twice in his life. 

Short-Lived Relationship with Bonnie Minkus

Yoji met Bonnie Minkus shortly moving to the United States. Their friendship turned into a relationship in the meantime. After dating for some time, they exchanged their wedding vows in 1996. They had a private wedding ceremony. Much about the wedding is not known till date. 

However, This happy looking relationship ended in 2003. Both of them did not speak a single word about the reason of the divorce. They divorced and moved apart. They did not have any children from this marriage.

Yoji Harada wife
Image: The family photo of Yoji 
Source: Inkedmag

After this heartbreak, Yoji remained single for some time and then found love with Bridget. The love birds started dating each other and exchanged their wedding vows in 2005. Similar to that of the first wedding, He had a private wedding. 

In 2008, The love birds welcomed their only born child, Sydney. The family of three was living a happy life. However, This relationship ended in 2009. 

Net Worth and Income of Yoji Harada 

Yoji Harada had a net worth of $1 Million at the time of his death in 2019. He had accumulated most of his net worth through his successful career of working as a Tattoo Artist. Jessica Wilde is a Model and a Tattoo Artist with a net worth of $1 Million. 

Yoji Harada Daughter
Image: Yoji along with his daughter, Sydney
Source: Pinterest

He developed a baby clothing line called Ruthless and Toothless with his Miami Ink co-star Darren Brass. He moved to New York City in 1998 and joined Big Deal, a punk rock band.

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