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Actress (2000)
Fri Oct 30 2020
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Ysa Penarejo is a famous star who portrayed the role of Toulane Thomas in an American TV movie titled McKenna Shoots for the Stars. The star also appeared as Camryn Coyle in the TV mini-series Project MC2 in 2015. 

Bio of Ysa Penarejo

Ysa Penarejo was born on March 29, 2000, in San Diego, US. Ysa has a twin sister named Reese Penarejo

Being part of the entertainment industry and looking up to another artist is not everyone's cup of tea. However, Penarejo revealed that she looks up to Zendaya as one of her role models.

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When Ysa was young, she took dancing class. Simultaneously, she began auditioning for commercials, as well. Just at the age of 8, she appeared in her first commercial: a campaign for a girl’s jewelry line. 

Ysa Penarejo with her female friends during the shoot
Snap: Ysa Penarejo with her female friends during the shoot. Source: Instagram

Working in commercials led Penarejo to develop an interest in the acting field. Ever since there is no stoppage in her acting career. In addition, she has appeared in a number of movies, and some of her honorable movies include American Girl, Prodigy Bully, Richie Rich, and so on. 

Ysa's age is 19 as of 2019 and has a height of 5 feet 3 inches. Her hair color is black, and she timely dies her hair in different colors. In the same way, Penarejo has a brown eye color. 

Personal Life: Partner 

Since Ysa is just 19 years old, she hasn't tied a knot with any man whom one can call her husband. Penarejo is more interested in her profession than in any kind of interactions and affairs. Ysa has not disclosed any kind of connection between her and any person till now.

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Penarejo wants individuals with her job to acknowledge her. Ysa has never been openly found with any man so far, nor does she upload any kind of male partner image on her social media sites.

Penarejo might be waiting for someone to be gracious in her life; until then, she is fully enjoying her single life. Her lavish and fun-filled life is clearly seen on her Instagram page. She also has never been dragged to any kind of rumors and controversies. 

Net Worth

Working in a number of films just at the age of 19 surely earned her in her bank account a enormous quantity of cash. As for 2019, the net worth of Ysa is about $200,000.


The star is living a luxurious lifestyle out of the sum she gained from her hard work. Not only her filmography helps Penarejo's net worth, but also countless ads and commercials.

Ysa Penarejo inside her luxurious car. The car is of white colour and she looks absolutely stunning
Image: Ysa Penarejo inside her luxurious car. Source: Instagram 

As per her Instagram, Penarejo loves traveling and spends quite a sum in exploring new places. 

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