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Thu Feb 15 2024
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Yulanda Wilkins is the celebrity sister of Tyler Perry, a well-known American actor, filmmaker, and comedian. Besides being a celebrity sister, she can be described as a normal girl living a peaceful life.

Yulanda's brother, Tyler Perry, is famous for producing many hit films and plays. He is also considered one of the 2020's most influential people and has won various awards.

Yulanda Wilkins lost her Mother In 2009

Yulanda Wilkins was born as the daughter of Willie Maxine Perry and Emmitt Perry Sr, a carpenter. She has three siblings: Tyler Perry, Melva Porter, and Emmbre Perry.

Yulanda's mother Willie Maxine Perry with Tyler Perry
Yulanda Wilkins's mother, Willie Maxine Perry, with Tyler Perry.
(Image Source: Amomama)

Unfortunately, Yulanda's mother passed away at age sixty-four on December 8, 2009. She was a devoted mother to all four children and took care of them till her death. Now she lies buried at Turner Chapel Cemetery, located in Louisiana.

Yulanda Has A Nephew 

Yulanda Wilkins has a cute little nephew, Aman Tyler Perry, born on November 30, 2014. He was born to Tyler Perry and his ex-girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

Considering the age of Yulanda and her brother, Tyler, it's no surprise that she would have at least a nephew or two.

Wilkins's Brother Has Provided Humanitarian Aids

With his huge wealth, Tyler has supported various charities to aid needy people. He founded The Perry Foundation in 2006 and has helped many communities struck by tragedies.

Tyler pledged around $1 million to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake in 2010 and helped rebuild their lives. Similarly, in 2017, he pledged an additional $1 million to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

For such goodwill and donations, he was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2021.

Yulanda Wilkins and her Brother's Net Worth

As per Forbes, Yulanda Wilkins' brother, Tyler Perry, reportedly has a net worth of $1 billion, the same as Lucinda Southworth. He is one of the highest-paid directors in the world and earns more than $200 million as his annual salary. However, Yulanda's net worth stays hidden.

Tyler Perry giving a speech
Yulanda Wilkins's brother Tyler Perry gave a speech.
(Image Source: WBLS)

Perry amassed enormous wealth through his massive multi-media empire that he built over the decade. Regarding Tyler's assets, he owns a 14,000 sq ft residence over 20 acres of land on White Bay Cay, Bahamas. 

In addition, he is also the owner of the Beverly Ridge Estates, an uber-exclusive gated community. He also owns the 25,000 sq ft mansion spread over the 22.5-acre property worth $20 million.

Additionally, Tyler flaunts his wealth by owning two private jets, one of them being the Gulfstream III, which cost Tyler $125 million. He spent an additional $50 million on furnishing and customizing his private jet.

A Little About Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is well-known as an actor, director, and producer born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 13, 1969. He produces films with orthodox techniques and for live stage, many of which were later adapted into feature films.

Interestingly, Tyler never completed high school but passed the General Education Development. It proves that he has the academic skills of a high schooler.

Tyler Perry Had A Rocky Childhood

Tyler was born to Emmitt Perry Sr, who worked as a carpenter. So, naturally, the family didn't have much financial freedom back then. Additionally, the family consisted of three other siblings besides Tyler, making it even harder.

Tyler's father would always beat him as a child, pushing him into suicidal thoughts. However, his mother was much more kind to him. She would take him to church every week. When he was sixteen, he legally changed his name to Tyler from Emmitt Jr to escape from his father.

Tyler Was Not The Biological Son of Emmitt Perry Sr

Tyler revealed a shocking fact about his family after he stated that Emmitt Perry Sr was not his biological father. In an interview at 2014 Women's Empowerment, he said:

"I love my mother to death but she lied to me."

After the death of Willie Maxine Perry, he took a DNA test along with his brother, who opened up about the fact that they didn't share the same father. In addition, he took Emmitt Perry's DNA, which further confirmed the truth.

To this day, Tyler hasn't found his real father, but he continues his search.

About Yulanda Wilkins' Brother Career

Tyler first debuted at a community theatre in 1992, where he performed "I Know I've Been Changed." Initially, the play didn't do very well, but he persisted for over six years. Finally, in 1998, he received his first success when he restaged the play in Atlanta.

Tyler Perry acting as Madea
Tyler Perry acting as Madea
(Image Source: Radio Times)

Since then, Tyler has produced many plays, series, and films throughout his career. His most successful one is House of Payne, which aired for six years from 2006 to 2012. It was reported that he earned over $130 million a year while the show aired. 

Another successful series of Tyler's is The Haves and The Have Nots. It was reported that these series raised the ratings of its airing channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network, to one of the highest points.

Tyler Has Won Numerous Awards

Tyler has won many awards for his outstanding works and has been honored in many categories, most notably the Governers Award in 2020. Two years later, he made his mark in history as honored in the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame.

The first film that got Tyler an award was Diary of a Mad Black Woman. For his performance, he won Outstanding Actor in a Theatrical Film and Outstanding Writing for Theatrical Film in 2005.

Tyler Perry receiving an award.
Tyler Perry receiving an award.
(Image Source: Tylerperry.com)

In 2009, Perry won Best Cast for Star Trek by the Boston Society of Film Critics. In 2011, he received NAACP's Outstanding Motion Picture and Outstanding Directing for a Motion Picture/Television Movie. Likewise, in 2014, he was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his cast in Gone Girl.

Shockingly, Tyler was awarded Worst Supporting Actor from Stinker's Bad Movie Awards. Golden Raspberry Awards also handed him other humorous awards like Worst Actor in 2014 and 2018.

No One Knows Yulanda Wilkin's Social Media

Yulanda has kept her social media away from the media's eyes. If she has any social media accounts, it hasn't been disclosed to the public yet. However, her brother, Tyler Perry, has quite the following on his social media.

Tyler's Instagram @tylerperry and Twitter @tylerperry have over 6.9 Million and 6.6 Million followers, respectively. He is super active and frequently posts on these accounts to keep his followers updated. The numbers are similar to the Youtuber Hooman Nouri who has 6 million subscribers. 

Tyler's highest following is on his Facebook @TylerPerry, where he has amassed over 15 Million followers. It just goes to show how much of an influential person Yulana's brother is.

In addition to these social media accounts, Yulanda's brother Tyler has a dedicated website. He showcases news, announcements, and other related things on his website. 


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