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Actor (1978)
Sun Feb 26 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Zachary Knighton

Wife : Betsy Phillips
Zachary Knighton married to second wife, Betsy Phillips in 2018.
Ex-wife : Hang Knighton
Zachary Knighton and Hang Knighton were married in 2008 and divorced in 2015.

Zachary Knighton is an American actor who became prominent after portraying a unique role in The HitcherMagnumPI, StartUp, Flashforward, and The Prince and Me

Besides being an actor, he is also a renowned producer who came into this materialistic world on October 25, 1978. He holds American nationality as he was born in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

Knighton Has A Lovely Family 

A New Life actor Knighton was born as one of three children to Billy Knighton and Brenda Knighton. His father, Billy, was an artist, whereas his mother used to be a sales executive. 

Early Picture of Zachary Knighton and his father Billy Knighton
Early Picture of Zachary Knighton and his father Billy Knighton (Image Source: Instagram @zachknighton)

Besides his lovely parents, he is blessed with two amazing siblings. Unfortunately, their identities remain behind the curtains as Knighton has not disclosed it. 

In A Married Relationship To Betsy Phillips

Zachary Knighton is married to Betsy Phillips, an American actress who plays Suzy Madison on Magnum PI. The lovely couple exchanged their vows on August 27, 2018, in the presence of their family members. 

Picture of Zachary Knighton and his wife Betsy Phillips
Picture of Zachary Knighton and his wife Betsy Phillips (Image Source: Instagram @zachknighton)

Before tying the knot, the love birds were dating each other. Some stories say that they started having feelings since their joint movie Magnum PI. The stories may be true as they first met up during this movie shoot. 

Furthermore, Knighton and his beloved wife Phillips have shared the same roof for over four years. Within these four years, they have been enjoying each other company without any misunderstanding. 

Was Previously Married To Hang Knighton

Before marrying Phillips, The Big Ask actor Knighton was engaged and married to his former wife, Hang Knighton. The ex-couple tied the knot in 2008. However, they could not hold their relationship and get separated in 2015. 

Picture of Zachary Knighton and his former wife Hang Knighton
Picture of Zachary Knighton and his former wife Hang Knighton (Image Source: Celebrity Gossip)

The former pair lived blissfully for six years without internal conflicts and violence. The US audiences were shocked when they got the news of their split. Unfortunately, the reasons behind their divorce are still unclear.

Additionally, Knighton and his ex-wife Hang used to be taken as an example of true love. They used to be always seen together on social media and at various events, including award functions. 

Knighton Has Three Lovely Children

It is not strange that Zachary Knighton is blessed with three lovely children, one daughter, and two sons. But, the mothers of his children are different. Yes, you heard it right; he shares a daughter with his former wife and a son with his current wife. 

He first became a father when he welcomed Tallulah Knighton on September 14, 2011, as his daughter. As mentioned above, Tallulah's parents are Knighton and his ex-wife Hang.

Picture of Zachary Knighton, his wife Betsy Phillips, and their child Bear Analu Knighton
Picture of Zachary Knighton, his wife Betsy Phillips, and their child Bear Analu Knighton (Image Source: Instagram @zachknighton)

After a divorce settlement with Hang, Knighton married Phillips, with whom he shares a beautiful son named Bear Analu Knighton. He came into this materialistic world on October 15, 2019. They are also blessed with one more child whose identity is in the dark.

The fun fact is we can often see his children playing together via his Instagram and Twitter posts. Currently, his daughter resides with Hang, the ex-wife of Knighton.

Holds Bachelor's Degree In Fine Arts 

Regarding Magnum PI actor Knighton's educational background, he is a 1996 graduate of Frank W. Cox High School, a secondary school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Soon after graduation, he went to Virginia Commonwealth University for higher studies. There he studied Fine Arts and completed it with an excellency mark. 

Furthermore, due to Knighton's fantastic performance in his studies, he was the recipient of an exclusive "Excellence in Theatre. "

Is Zachary Knighton A Millionaire?

Without a doubt, Knighton is a millionaire who has accumulated more than $8 million through his successful acting career. Besides acting, he has also earned a massive fortune by appearing in some TV commercials. Likewise, American journalist, Mike Barnicle also has a net worth of $8 Million.

Picture of Zachary Knighton and his car
Picture of Zachary Knighton and his car (Image Source: Instagram @zachknighton)

Furthermore, he is listed as one of the "Top 10 Highest Paid Actors In the USA." From this, we can assume he charges tremendous money for his upcoming projects.

As a result, Knighton is making his bank balance stronger daily by adding a considerable amount he made through movies and TV ads. He owns many expensive cars like the 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider and Mercedes-Benz R107. 

Knighton Has A Nice Physique 

The Pale actor Knighton is 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall, weighing around 75 kg (165 lbs) which is suitable for his size. He has a six-pack which he achieved through proper diet and exercise. 

Furthermore, he has blue color eyes, black hair, and fair skin. Some part of his hair has already turned white. We can frequently see him with bread and sunglasses that look great on him. 

Movies & TV Series

It is no surprise that Zachary Knighton is one of the famous American actors who has appeared in many successful movies. He has been in the American film industry since 2000

During Knighton's twenty years of experience, he has been acknowledged for his incredible acting skills. His notable movies are The HitcherThe Pale DoorA New LifeCome and Find Me, and The Big Ask. He gained fame for his role in Magnum PI

It is not that he is only featured in films but also has appeared in many TV series such as Happy Endings, StartUpLA to Vegas, The Good Fight, and Elementary

Loves Surfing: One of Knighton's Hobbies 

If you know Knighton's social media posts, you might know how much he loves surfing. His Instagram handle makes us believe that surfing is the one he can not live without. 

Knighton frequently shares pictures of surfing which attracts his fans towards surfing. Once, he stated that he could spend the whole day surfing and not feel bored doing it. 

Is A Pet Lover: Had A Dog 

StartUp actor Zachary Knighton once stated on his Instagram live that he is a pet lover and loves enjoying and spending time with animals, especially pets. 

He used to own an American Bulldog, which he named Jetson. Unfortunately, she died on January 22, 2022, due to aging. As a result, Knighton was very depressed and shared a picture with a lovely caption: 

"Today we lost the legend of all legends, Jetson. Those in my circle knew her well, she truly was everyone's dog.13 years she walked this earth, remarkable for such a big girl."

Picture of Zachary Knighton's late pet Jetson
Picture of Zachary Knighton's late pet Jetson (Image Source: Instagram  @zachknighton)

Furthermore, Knighton and his pet Jetson were a fantastic duo who used to spend time with each other and have fun. Still, we can see their nostalgic pictures on his Instagram posts. 

Has Inked Numerous Visible Tattoos

Undoubtedly, Knighton is a certified tattoo lover as he has inked a tatoo on his chest, right arm, left hand, and back with black ink. As we all know, every tattoo has a special meaning. Similar to this, his tattoo also indicates a different tattoo. 

Knighton has made a unique dragon shape tattoo on his right arm that indicates wisdom and strength, whereas his left hand has an earth shape tattoo that tells about the foundation of life. 

Picture of Zachary Knighton and his daughter Tallulah Knighton
Picture of Zachary Knighton and his daughter Tallulah Knighton (Image Source: Instagram @zachknighton)

Likewise, his chest tattoo has a name written on it. Unfortunately, the unclear picture makes it difficult to say whose name is written on his chest.

Knighton's back tattoo is in a flower shape that indicates purity and love. In addition, we can see his tattoos on his Instagram and Twitter posts. 

Is Highly Admired On Social Media

Elementary actor Knighton's strong presence could be the result of his inspiring posts, mainly including his family. He has a massive amount of followers on both Instagram and Twitter. 

His Instagram handle, @zachknighton, has already amassed more than 42.5K followers, whereas his Twitter account has more than 24.7K followers whose username goes by @ZachKnighton


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