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Fri Jun 30 2023
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Zorana Barger gained popularity because of her late husband, Sonny Barger. Her late husband was a notorious criminal known for being the leader of the polarizing Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. He joined Hells Angels in 1957 and was with them till his death on June 29, 2022

Zorana's husband, Sonny was a polarizing figure as he was both hated and loved. He had previously been found to be involved in a lot of illegal activities and served in prison multiple times because of it.

Yes, Zorana Barger Was Married To Sonny Barger Till His Death

Zorana Barger was married to Sonny Barger till his last day on this planet. The two had walked down the aisle on June 25, 2005, and were together till June 29, 2022

Zorana Barger and Sonny Barger are in the highway riding a bike side by side.
Zorana Barger riding a motorcycle with her late husband, Sonny Barger (Source: Sonny Barger Facebook @Sonny Barger)

It remains to be discovered how Zorana and Sonny first met and fell in love. But, a thing that is known is that the two loved each other. Zorana also didn't shy away from showing his love to her. 

Zorana and Sonny also shared a common love for bikes and would spend quality time riding bikes together.

Net Worth Of Zorana Barger's Husband At The Time Of His Death

Zorana Barger's husband, Sonny Barger, had an estimated net worth of $500,000 at the time of his passing. Barger made most of his money living as an outlaw biker. He has also been labeled as a criminal by the US Government. So, there's a slight chance that he was much richer with his undisclosed wealth.

Zorana Barger and her late husband, Sonny Barger, took a picture before Sonny passed away.
Zorana Barger and her late husband, Sonny Barger, took a picture before Sonny passed away. (Source: Twitter)

Besides, leading his Motorcycle Club, Hells Angels, Zorana Barger's husband was also an actor. He has worked on Sons of Anarchy, Gimme Shelter, and Dead in 5 Heartbeats. None of his films were well received and the box office collections of his films remains to be known.

Not only that, but Sonny also wrote some books during his time. His books were fairly successful which helped him to earn some money. Some of his popular books are 6 Chambers: 1 Bullet, Freedom: Credos from the Road, Hell's Angels, and Dead in 5 Heartbeats.

Body Measurements Of Sonny Barger's Wife

Zorana Barger's body measurements are 38-28-36 inches. She has the same height as Sara Eisen as both stand at 5 Feet and 6 Inches (170 cm). Her height is complimented by her slim body which measures 132 lbs (60 kg).

Zorana Barger is wearing a red sleeveless top in the picture.
Zorana Barger in Dead in 5 Heartbeats (Source: Facebook @Dead in 5 Heartbeats)

Zorana is a biker girl so it's no surprise that she works on her body to stay in shape. Talking about her other features, she has got brown eyes and blonde hair.

Is William Barger Sonny's Son?

Zorana's husband, Sonny despite being involved with a few women in the past had no children. Then, William James Barger came into the picture. He alleged that he is the biological son of the notorious biker.

However, Sonny and his family denied all of it. There wasn't much that happened in this case. It was because there was no sufficient evidence to claim that he was Zorana's husband's son. The mother of William is also not known and it wasn't proven if he was telling the truth.

Zorana's Husband, Sonny Died Of Cancer

Zorana was left devastated when her husband, Sonny lost his battle with liver cancer. He passed away on June 29, 2022, at the same age as Al Brown, i.e., 83. She knew her husband's condition was critical as he was dealing with stage four liver cancer.

Tucker Carlson is on the stage talking to the crowd of bikers.
Tucker Carlson at Sonny Barger's funeral (Source: YouTube)

The liver wasn't the first time the outlaw biker, Sonny was diagnosed with cancer. He had previously discovered cancer in his body in 1982. He suffered from larynx cancer and he was only expected to be alive for two more weeks. His vocal cords were also removed during the treatment.

Zorana's husband's funeral was huge and The Guardian has reported that the infamous American journalist, Tucker Carlson had also shown up to pay his respect. The article mentioned that Carlson only had good things to say about the outlaw biker.

Did You Know Zorana Barger Is Sonny Barger's Fourth Wife?

Zorana Barger was Sonny's wife when he was on his deathbed. However, she wasn't the first woman the former Hells Angels leader fell in love with. He had previously been married on three separate occasions. The three women in his life before Zorana were Elsie Mae, Sharon Gruhike, and Noel Black.

Sonny was married to his first wife Elsie till the day she died on February 1, 1967. The reason for her death was an embolism that happened as a result of an abortion. His relationship with Sharon Gruhike started in 1969 but the divorce date remains to be known.

Sonny's marriage with his third wife Noel was a controversial one he allegedly physically abused his wife. Noel also had a daughter named Sarrah from her previous relationship. 

Noel was accused of being abusive to his stepdaughter as well. The accusations of him being a wife-beater were made by George Christie who used to work for the Hells Angels founder.

Sonny Used To Be In A Military

Sonny Barger made a name for himself as someone who loved to trouble the law. But, before he became the godfather of Hells Angels, he used to work in the military. Yes, you read that right. He used to serve in the US Army.

Zorana's late husband, Sonny joined the Army in 1955 after quitting his school. However, his time in the military didn't go as he would have liked. He was kicked out after it was found out that he had presented fake birth certificates. 

But, Sonny still had a lot of respect for the US Army. Hells Angels had a lot of ex-soldiers, including the OG Hells Angels, Otto Friedli, who served in the World War. It is mentioned in Zorana's late husband's IMDb page that he and the other Hells Angels member supported the Vietnam War.

Zorana's Husband's History With The Law

Sonny Barger never got along with the law as he has found himself in some trouble with them in the past. He was arrested for numerous cases during his time, from drug and weapon cases to his fights. 

Of all the crimes, the biggest punishment Zorana's husband received was landing himself in prison for ten years in 1973. However, he never served full-time and was released just four years later. He was arrested as he was found holding drugs and weapons and sent to Folsom State Prison, as reported by The New York Times.

Another highlight of Sonny's trouble with the law happened in 1988. It was discovered that he was planning to attack the other motorbike gang, The Outlaws by trying to bomb them which happened after a fight regarding the borders. He was also accused of killing a man in 1972 in a drug deal case but was found to be innocent.


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