A Look Inside Alec Baldwin's Married Life As He Becomes a First-Time Grandfather

Tue May 23 2023
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Alec Baldwin has been married twice: The Oscar-nominated actor is married to Hilaria Thomas!  

Alec Baldwin's career has been a staple in both tvs for films for over three decades. Known for his performances in 30 Rock, The Cooler, Beetlejuice, Glengarry Glen Ross, and The Departed, Baldwin has played every character with a fitting finesse. Like his career, many of Alec's fans follow his personal life, more precisely, his marriages!

While Baldwin tasted the fruits of his career and personal relations, Alec went through a fair share of controversies. In 2021, an unfortunate incident (more on it below) affected his professional and personal life. But one ray of good grace came to the fold for Alec in 2023, as a grandchild.

Who is Alec Baldwin Married to?  

The grim incident and the legal troubles that followed put Alec Baldwin and his personal life at the foremost spectrum of the media's scrutiny. The world's opinion on the matter has also been divided. But fortunately for the 30 Rock actor, he hasn't been fighting this unprecedented situation alone. 

Alec Baldwin married Hilaria Baldwin in 2012.
Alec and Hilaria will be celebrating their 11th anniversary next month. Photo Source: Instagram

The only thing that has remained unchanged throughout this whole debacle is Baldwin's marriage to Hilaria Thomas Baldwin. If anything, the pair have only bonded more through the hardship; so much so that the duo's marriage is now being elaborated as them against the world.  

Alec and Hilaria have been married for ten years; they will be celebrating their 11th anniversary next month. Throughout their enduring marriage, the Baldwin couple has shared many ups and downs, lived through controversies, and more without letting it strain their relationship.

Alec Baldwin and his Second Wife, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, Through Thick and Thin!

The 30 Rock actor Alec Baldwin and his Second Wife, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, met at a restaurant in February 2011. They started dating shortly after their first meeting.

Much like the couple themselves, fans weren't so sure about the then-new couple. And the reason was Hilaria's notable age differences. Baldwin and Hilaria share an age difference of 26 years.    

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin share seven children.
Alec Baldwin and his Second Wife, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, have been together through thick and thin. 
Photo Source: Instagram

The Saturday Night Live Fame recalls how he became known for Hilaria's unmatched maturity to her age. The pair's whirlwind romance moved fast, with the two becoming live-in partners within months and tying the knot after a year.  

The Departed actor and Thomas got hitched on June 29, 2012. The lovebirds exchanged their vows at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York City. 

The twosome has since welcomed seven children, with their latest arriving last year in September. But the journey to establish their big family hasn't been easy; Hilaria suffered two miscarriages. 

Get to Know Alec Baldwin's Wife, Hilaria Baldwin!   

Although better known as the second wife of Oscar-nominated actor Hilaria Baldwin, Thomas is a star in her own right. The wife of Alec and mother of his seven children is also a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author.   

Hilaria Baldwin is Alec's second wife.
Hilaria faced a massive backlash for allegedly misleading fans of her Spanish roots, in 2020. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Hilaria Thomas was a budding yoga instructor when she met Baldwin in 2011. Her repertoire and profile grew broader following her association with The Cooler actor. She co-founded a chain of yoga studios named Yoga Vida in 2009.  

In 2012, Hilaria's expertise in yoga, and her marital linkage with Alec, also landed her the role of lifestyle correspondent for the entertainment show Extra, for which she and her colleagues also won an Emmy for Outstanding Entertainment News Program. 

Mrs. Baldwin came into the spotlight in 2020. However, it was due to a Twitter thread that accused the yoga instructor of misleading fans about her roots.

The internet claimed that Hilaria, 39, had led fans to believe that she was from Spain. Hilaria has since argued that she spent a chunk of her childhood in Spain. 

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's Children! 

The Aviator actor Alec Baldwin and his young wife, Hilaria Baldwin, share a massive brood. Hilaria began with the birth of their firstborn, Alec's second, Carmen Gabriela, in August 2013. 

The couple gave their daughter a sibling, Rafael Thomas, in June 2015. Alec and Hilaria's third, Leonardo, was born in September 2016.  

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria welcomed their youngest in 2022.
The actor and his wife are parents to seven children.
 Photo Source: Instagram

The doting parents welcomed all of their kids, except for the last two, with a perfect age gap of two years, giving a clear indication that they were all planned. They added the fourth in the brood, son Romeo, in May 2018.  

Hilaria refers to her fifth child, Eduardo, born in September 2020, as her rainbow child. He was conceived and brought into the world after the yoga instructor suffered two heartbreaking miscarriages

While reflecting on the painful experience in her podcast, Mom Brain, Hilaria said she thinks about her lost babies daily.   

Hilaria Baldwin suffered two miscarriages.
Hilaria suffered two miscarriages before welcoming her fifth baby via a surrogate. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Alec and Hilaria seemingly continued to suffer with pregnancy as their sixth baby, María Lucía Victoria, was born via a surrogate in February 2021. Their youngest, Ilaria, was born in September 2022. Aside from his seven offspring with the yoga instructor, Alec also shares a daughter with his ex-wife.  

Alec Baldwin Becomes a First-time Grandpa!   

Baldwin's oldest child, Ireland Baldwin, who he shares with his first wife, actress Kim Bassinger, recently welcomed a daughter, making Alec a first-time grandfather at age 65. Ireland, 27, and her partner, musician RAC named her firstborn Holland.   

Alec's oldest daughter, Ireland, welcomed a daughter with her partner! 

The 30 Rock actor is yet to commemorate the milestone. But Alec was left stunned when the news was broken to him earlier this year.

Hilaria shared her husband's stunned reaction in a clip learning he will be a grandpa soon. Also, it makes his tiny kids uncles and aunties. 

Alec Baldwin's First Marriage Ended Bitterly!

Alec and his first wife, Kim, were married from 1993 to 2002, during which they only welcomed one daughter. The pair met on the sets of their 1991 film, The Marrying Man

Baldwin and his first wife lasted a little over a decade. The pair's divorce was a nasty and high-profile affair. Alec's separation from Kim included a bitter custody and settlement battle.

Trouble in Paradice for Alec Baldwin!

As any movie fanatic would know, Alec Baldwin has been in the news for recent years for an unfortunate reason. The Oscar-nominated actor was filming for his upcoming film, Rust, in October 2021. It was when he accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with a prop gun with live ammo.

Baldwin was facing involuntary manslaughter charges for the death of cinematographer Halyna. However, since April of 2023, the said allegation has been dropped from the Rust Shooting.

In recent times, Alec faced controversies one after the other. Baldwin comes to illicit fame after calling a server peasant. It isn't as tragic as his 2021's incident. But the American actor can't seem to keep his name away from gossip.

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