Adam Lind's Wife Lakeyshia Bertie Married Life

Mon Feb 24 2020
By   Manish

Lakeyshia Bertie is achieving everything in life with her soulmate, Adam Lind while not thinking the same things together, but in living together with happiness. The committed pair found a reason to show their love and affection while receiving the gift of lifelong friendship.

Bertie is now Lakeyshia Lind after traditionally marrying Adam. So, what's happening in the marital life of Lakeyshia with her beloved husband? If you love to explore more amusing things about Lind, read more in the following points.

First Meeting during Adam's 2007 MLB Season...

Lakeyshia had her first meeting with Adam, while he was playing for the Toronto Blue Jays in his 2007 season of MLB. Later, the duo became good friends after finding their hobbies and interest were at the same peak.

Lakeyshia Bertie met Adam Lind while he was playing for the Toronto Blue Jays. Check out more interesting things about Lakeyshia's marital relationship with Adam.
Picture: Lakeyshia Bertie and her husband, Adam Lind 
Source: Facebook @unitedcolorsoflove78

After spending quality time together, Lakeshia inspected that she was quite older than Adam, who was 23 years old. But, it doesn't affect their relationship, and they then got engaged after Adam proposed her for marriage. Likewise, James Benrud and Madilyn Bailey also meet through a mind-blowing photographer.

United as Soulmates in a Traditional Catholic ceremony

Lakeyshia and her longtime dating partner, Adam united as husband and wife in a Catholic church located in Toronto, Ontario on 13th November 2010. At the time of marriage, they had a beautiful dance on Lionel Richie's song, Three Times a Lady, before welcoming their wedding guests.

The bridegroom was the best-dressed pair in their wedding ceremony, where Lakeyshia wore a white beaded v-neckline style wedding gown. On the other hand, Ada was donned in a slim-fit black tuxedo, tied up with a black tie and a flower on his left pocket.

Lakeyshia Bertie and Adam Lind at their wedding ceremony. Know more about the couple's marriage.
Snap: Lakeyshia Bertie and Adam Lind during their nuptial 
Source: Pinterest

Since the couple's grand nuptials were over, they started to cherish their newly-wedded life full of joy. The marital partners recently completed their 9th marriage anniversary on 13th November 2019.

Parenting Three Children as a Responsible & Caring Parents

Lakeyshia and her spouse, Adam entered into parenthood after welcoming their first child, a daughter, Martynne Lind (born in September 2011). Currently, their daughter is a recital dance performer.

The couple then announced they're going to welcome their second child in mid-2012 to their fans. On 25th April 2013, the family of three turned out to be four, after their son, Louie Lind arrived.

Lakeyshia Bertie and her husband, Adam Lind with their children. Do you know when the married couple's children were born?
Photo: Lakeyshia Bertie and Adam Lind are raising three adorable children 
Source: Instagram @lindsotherworld

Following the birth of their second child, Lakey and Adam surprised their fans with a new daughter, Elodie Simone on 20th October 2016 via Instagram. 

Their third child grabbed the attention after he arrived in October 2016 and first appeared in the hands of Lakeyshia while she was breastfeeding her. Just like them, Paulo Goude and his wife are also raising their adorable child.


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