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Journalist/Correspondent (1979)
Sun May 08 2022
By   Sarthak

An Emmy award-winning journalist, Miss Adrienne Bankert is has a vast broadcast experience as a TV news anchor, interviewer, and host. She is currently a national news correspondent with ABC News.

Further, Bankert can be seen on all of ABC News' platforms, including Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline. Throughout her career, the beautiful Bankert has amassed a significant net worth. So, is her personal life equally impressive as her career? Let's know.

Rise to Fame

The Sacramento born anchor began her career as a traffic reporter at NBC station KCRA-TV. She covered some of the major stories, including California Wildfires, the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and the discovery of missing child Jaycee Dugard.

Image: Claire Shipman began her journalism career in 2006.
Source: Instagram@AdrienneBankert

Since 2015, Bankert is associated with ABC News, one of the major TV station. Previously, she worked at KABC as a fill-in anchor and at CBS 11 KTVT where she co-anchored CBS 11 News This Morning.

Is Adrienne Bankert Married?

Blessed with a gorgeous smile and tall height, Miss Adrienne Bankert, who is now 40 years old, is happily single. While we don't know about Bankert's marital life, the details about her past relationship are also behind the curtains.

Image: Adrienne Bankert frequently hints about her married life.
Source: Twitter@Adrienne Bankert

When it comes to covering an event, Bankert seems very confident, but she is equally cautious on revealing her personal life. There were some rumors about her marriage in 2015. In a Twitter post, she replied and hinted about not having a wedding ceremony yet.

At the present moment, Bankert might be possibly looking for a partner who could keep up with her career. As a skilled journalist, Bankert might be looking for decent qualities in her future husband. Nevertheless, Adrienne's frequent comments about marriage raise questions about her effort to hide her marital relationship.

Personal Life

As mentioned, Bankert is probably living a single life. Given her hectic schedule and regular appearance, it might give an impression of having a boring life. But do you know? Adrienne enjoys every bit of a moment from her professional career.

Image: Adrienne Bankert is close with Hollywood superstar, Dwayne Johnson.
Source: Instagram@Adrienne Bankert

Scrolling through her social media, we found that she has a good bond with celebrities such as Dwyane Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Robin Roberts.

Net Worth

The talented news reporter Miss Bankert has a net worth of $1 million as of 2019. With over decade long experience in journalism, Adrienne has worked in several stations. Her earnings are likely to grow in the forthcoming years just like another award-winning journalist, Melanie Lawson.

Besides hosting, Bankert has appeared in a few films including How to Get Away with Murder. So, how did she spend her money? Does she live a lavish lifestyle? Well, scrolling through her Instagram account, we found nothing fancy. Adrienne is a simple woman and is focused on her career. 


Talking about Bankert's annual income, the details about her salary is not precise. Hosting many shows on ABC, she must have amassed a decent income. According to reports, ABC News pays its correspondent around $110,000 annually.

Bankert's annual income is similar to Claire Shipman, who was a regular contributor to Good Morning America for fifteen years.


It is common to hear celebrities giving a large portion of their money to charity and social cause. And, Bankert coming from a decent background aims to provide back to her community. She started the NGO LIGHT, which stands for Loving Individuals Giving Help Together.

Additionally, she is also a member of the Sacramento Helping Hands. In the remaining time, she collaborates with other non-profit organizations such as the Family Learning Center and carter Blood Car.

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