Inside Dating Life of Agon Hare and his Girlfriend Sonya Mulkeet

Fri Aug 27 2021
By   Manish

Polish video blogger and content creator, Agon Hare is building the word's biggest organization, Project Nightfall by reaching millions of people everyday. He is changing and saving lives through spreading awareness from sensitive and interesting topics.

Agon has become a worldwide influencer, who is running a mass social movement with his organization, Project Nightfall. He and his team wakes up each day to motivate people throughout the world. So, how is Agon's love life going with Sonya?

First Met His Girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet through Project Nightfall Organization!

Project Nightfall founder and creative director, Agon first met his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet in October 2020. During that time, his beau was a new member in his team of Project Nightfall. Currently, his partner is working as a right hand and heart of operations in the organization.

Agon Hare first met his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet when she joined the Project Nightfall Organization back in October 2020. What is happening in the dating life of Agon and Sonya?
Agon Hare and his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet enjoying a quality time on a seashore side
Source: Instagram @projectnightfall

The duo reached 10 millions followers across all platforms of Project Nightfall. Moreover, Sonya congratulated Agon and their team with an appreciation post via Instagram on 28th April 2021. Likewise, Roman Atwood's partner, Brittany Atwood also grabbed 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

Agon Hare is celebrating with his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet on reaching 10 million followers of Project Nightfall across all media platforms. How was Agon's first meeting with his girlfriend, Sonya?
Project Nightfall founder, Agon Hare and his fellow member, Sonya Mulkeet reached 10 million followers across all platforms
Source: Instagram @sonya_mulkeet

In the Instagram post's caption, Agon's girlfriend, Sonya wrote about their first meeting when he had slightly over a million followers. But with dedication and passion, they gained a huge popularity with no time wasting. She also gave a big shoutout to their talented team and thanked their Nightfam.  

Both are Fond of Traveling to New Destinations

Polish-born Singaporean musician, Agon and his beau, Sonya are avid travelers, who went to Costa Rica to celebrate their first Valentine's Day in 2021. They also shared a glimpse of pictures while exploring Costa Rica. Similarly, Frankie Muniz and his wife, Paige Price are also fond of traveling.

Agon Hare and girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet is having a romantic moment on Valentine's Day during Costa Rica trip in 2021. How is Agon and Sonya's dating life going?
Project Nightfall founder, Agon Hare and his fellow member, Sonya Mulkeet went to Costa Rica to celebrate their first-ever Valentine's Day
Source: Instagram @projectnightfall

Agon visited his grandparents in Poland with his girlfriend, Sonya in August 2021. When they arrived at their grandparents' home, their beloved grandmother gifted a precious necklace to Sonya and a pair of clothes to Agon. It was a delightful moment for the two when they spend time with Agon's grandparents.

Agon had Double Date with Celinne Da Costa & Tessa Mac

Sonya Mulkeet's boyfriend, Agon went on a double date with a Los Angeles-based dating and mindset coach, Tessa Mac and Celinne Da Costa, a story alchemist, in 2019. They were actually working on a TEDx Talks presentation of Agon.

Sonya Mulkeet's boyfriend, Agon Hare had a double date with dating and mindset coach, Tessa Mac; and story alchemist, Celinne Da Costa back in 2019. Are Agon and his girlfriend, Sonya getting married in 2021?
Agon Hare went on a double date with Tessa Mac and Celinne Da Costa during TEDx Talks program back in 2019
Source: Instagram @projectnightfall

Agon had a great time with his beaus, Tessa and Celinne during the journey. He created some precious moments with his girlfriends on the set of TEDx Talks. However, they did not talked about what type of bonding they had in any interviews.

Maintains a Great Friendship with Nas Daily & His Beau, Alyne Tamir

Content creators of Project Nightfall, Agon and Sonya maintains a good friendship with Arab Israeli video blogger, Nuseir Yassin aka Nas Daily and his girlfriend, Alyne Tamir. Also, they collaborated on 100 plus one minute informational videos.

Agon Hare and his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet has a great bonding with Nas Daily and his beau, Alyne Tamir since many years. What does Agon's girlfriend, Sonya do for a living?
Project Nightfall founder, Agon Hare and his girlfriend, Sonya Mulkeet are good friends of Nas Daily and his beau, Alyne Tamir for many years
Source: Instagram @projectnightfall

Not just that, Agon had travelled with Yassin and Tamir on various occasions to shoot traveling vlogs. Likewise, they often seen spending a quality time together at home. So, it seems like their friendship will not come to an end if they are supporting one another.




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