Al Pacino Expecting a Baby at 83: Inside the Oscar Winner's Love Life

Tue Jun 06 2023
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Al Pacino's love life is unpacked as the actor announces he is a soon-to-father at 83!  

Calling him the greatest actor ever wouldn't be an overstatement. Al Pacino's five-decade-long career in Hollywood has spawned some of the biggest blockbusters, including The Godfather, Serpico, Scent of a Woman, and Scarface. Pacino is a recipient of esteemed accolades like the Academy, BAFTA, and Emmy.  

Born Alfredo James Pacino on April 25, 1940, in New York City, to estranged Italian-American parents, he didn't have an easy start. Alfredo was several years into his venture as an actor and yet, was still a jobbing actor at a New York theater in the 60s. Pacino's life took a turn at the onset of the 70s when he landed his breakthrough role in The Godfather. 

Al Pacino is Expecting a Baby at 83!  

Pacino's dear pal, Robert de Niro, not long ago, shocked the world, when he announced that he had welcomed a baby at 79. Fans aren't sure what to make of Alfredo's case after the actor recently revealed that he and his young girlfriend were expecting their first baby, Alfredo's fourth.    

Al Pacino is dating Noor Alfallah.
Al Pacino, 83, and Noor Alfallah, 29, have been dating since the pandemic. Photo Source: Instagram

The Godfather alum turned 83 last month. The bombshell news comes a year after the actor was linked to Noor Alfallah, 29.

Headlines of the duo, who share an ideal age gap of a grandpa and grandchild, sent the media into a frenzy in April 2022. It was later revealed that the two had been dating since the pandemic.    

Al Pacino and Noor are expecting a baby! 

While the legendary actor kept mum, his staggeringly young girlfriend expressed no shame in their love by going Instagram official. The pair's upcoming baby will be Pacino's fourth of the brood and Alfallah's first. Alfredo's soon-to-be baby mama, Noor, is a Kuwait-born film producer. She is the vice president of Lynda Obst Productions at Sony.   

Explore Al Pacino's Dating History!  

The legendary actor boasts a star-studded dating history but you'd be surprised to learn that Pacino has never had the taste of marriage. And at 83, it is highly unlikely that Alfredo will delve into conjugal life, but Pacino's latest personal feat asserts never say never. The actor's romantic history starts with Jill Clayburgh.   

Al Pacino has never been married.
The Oscar winner is known to be a commitment-phobic man and has never been married. Photo Source: Instagram

Alfredo had just broken into the A-list circle with his magnificent performance in The Godfather when his years-long relationship with Clayburgh, the late Oscar-nominated actress, was revealed. The duo broke up in 1972 and Clayburgh later blamed Pacino's growing fame for their split.  

The Scarface star moved on with actress Tuesday Weld but the affair was short and went unnoticed. Pacino's next noteworthy romance would be with his Bobby Deerfield costar, Martha Keller. The duo's relationship, which lasted two years, is remembered as a hot-and-cold stint. The spark apparently started with a heated argument on the set.   

Al Pacino dated Diane Keaton for many years.
Al and Diane Keaton dated on and off for many years. Photo Source: Instagram

Pacino famously dated his Godfather co-star, Diane Keaton, on and off, throughout The Godfather trilogy. The duo called it off for good in 1990 and a long-delayed deets on the A-listers' romance was revealed years later. Keaton admits it was she who was first infatuated with the Oscar winner. 

The Academy-winning actress apparently waited for Pacino to propose but her patience wore thin as the years passed. Pacino's dating pattern started to show more variety in the 80s. The actor dated famed acting coach Jan Tarrant during one of his breaks from Keaton. Al even welcomed his first child with Tarrant.  

Al Pacino is expecting a child at 83.
The Oscar winner welcomed his first kid with acting teacher Jan Tarrant. Photo Source: Instagram

Pacino courted Australian hostess Lyndall Hobbs in the early 90s. Al, being the commitment-phobic man that he is, cheated on Hobbs, who was waiting to start a family with him, with actress Penelope Ann Miller. The Scarface actor welcomed two kids with his next flame, actress Beverly D’Angelo, in 2001.  

Beverly was so love-struck by Pacino that she ended her marriage with Lorenzo Salviati. The duo split ways in 2004 and resolved their differences to co-parent their kids.

From 2008 to 2018, Pacino was with actress Lucila Solá, the mother of Leonardo DiCaprio's ex, Camila Morrone. Al's last flame before Noor was Meital Dohan, who is 36 years his junior.  

Who are Al Pacinoc's Three Kids?   

The Godfather alum may not be the most forthcoming dad in Hollywood but he takes his responsibilities pretty seriously. "I wanted to be different with my children. I wanted to be responsible for them," said Pacino, who didn't have a father's presence in his life. The legendary actor is a doting father of three grown kids.   

Al Pacino is a doting father of three.
Pacino's oldest daughter, Julie, is an actor, and filmmaker. Photo Source: Instagram

His oldest, Julie Pacino, 33, born to him and Tarrant, is an actor and filmmaker. Julie always wanted to venture into the film business, and filmmaking intrigued her a lot more than acting. She and her friend started their production company, Poverty Row Entertainment, in 2009.  

They've since produced cause-driven and impactful short movies, commercials, and music videos. Al Pacino and Beverly welcomed twins, Anton James Pacino, and Olivia, 22, in January 2001. Both of the twins are yet to announce their journey into showbiz or any other domain.  

Anton keeps it to himself and has avoided the spotlight to the point that the guy is not even on social media. His twin sister, Olivia, on the other hand, exhibits a social butterfly personality. The youngest of Pacino's brood is quite active on social media and often posts her legendary father's snaps.  

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