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Alessandra Gucci is the famous daughter of the late Maurizio Gucci. Adam Driver was in the movie House of Gucci in the part of Maurizio. Alessandra was once the heir to the Gucci company. 

For years Alessandra and her sister have lived away from the press intrigue. However, the 2021 movie and her sister Allegra Gucci's book deal have created a lot of press attention for the family. So let's talk more about the celebrity daughter.

Net Worth of Alessandra Gucci

Alessandra Gucci and her sister, Allegra Gucci, inherited the whole Gucci estate from their late father, Maurizio Gucci. The estate is estimated to be worth about $400 million.

Alessandra Gucci (right) with her sister, Allegra Gucci in a Rolex event.
Alessandra Gucci (right) with her sister, Allegra Gucci at a Rolex event. Source: Twitter @thrstyle

The sisters do not appear to have split the estate to date. They continue to have equal shares in houses, yachts, and luxury items left by their father to date. They have a great bond and often use their yacht in competitions.

Alessandra Gucci: Career

Alessandra Gucci lives aprivate lifestyle. But there was a time she was again front and center of the Fashion world in 2008 to promote her brand, AG. 

It is a luxury brand that specializes in high-end handbags, leather goods, and accessories. AG handbags are known for their elegant designs, use of high-quality materials, and attention to detail. Similarly, Jada Pinkett Smith created her fashion label, Maja, to promote women's wear.

Alessandra Gucci (front) with models showing her handbag collection.
Alessandra Gucci (front) with models showing her handbag collection. Source: Lucire

The company was based in Milan, and its select editions were available in certain parts of Europe. The luxury handcrafted handbags were released in limited editions in three collections from 2008 to 2010.

Sister Allegra Wrote A Book

The release of the movie House of Gucci caused tremendous turmoil for the Gucci family. This was even more so for Alessandra and Allegra Gucci, as the main subject was their parents and their father's murder.

In 2022, Allegra Gucci released her book to set the story straight for the world. Reportedly, Alessandra agreed with her decision to do so.

The book, Fine dei Giochi, is her recollection of past events and how they affected her life. Allegra wrote the memoir so her children would not be misled by lies and rumors. The title of the book means Game Over in English.

Alessandra Gucci: Early Years and Bio

Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani gave birth to Alessandra Gucci on June 28, 1976,  in New York, USA. She has a younger sister, Allegra Gucci, and they grew up very close to one another.

Alessandra Gucci and her sister took a picture together
Alessandra Gucci and her sister took a picture together. Source: Pinterest

The sisters were born in the United States but grew up in Milan when the family moved there in 1982. Following the death of their grandfather, they became heiresses to the Gucci company. But their father sold the shares to an investment company later.

When their father, Maurizio, left their mother in 1985, he did not take his daughters. Alessandra and her sister did not meet their father for many years later.

Alessandra's Educational Background

It is reported that the oldest daughter of Maurizio Gucci studied and went to school in Milan. Alessandra is known to have received further education and has a degree in economics.

A fact about her is that she is a Swiss national and spends most of her time in Switzerland. She is educating her child in that country.

Alessandra Gucci: Raised By A Single Mother

When their father, Maurizio Gucci, left the family, their mother, Patrizia Reggiani, was left alone to raise the daughters. Alessandra and her little sister grew up with their mother.

Alessandra Gucci (left) and her little sister, Allegra Gucci with their mother Patrizia Reggiani.
Alessandra Gucci (left) and her little sister, Allegra Gucci, with their mother, Patrizia Reggiani. Source: Instagram @showbuzz

But things changed for the small family in 1992. Patrizia was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. According to sources, her later operation "changed" her. The procedure was allegedly "very Invasive."

The Murder Of Her Father

Maurizio Gucci, Alessandra Gucci's father, was a prominent Italian businessman. But many knew him as the former head of the Gucci fashion house.

Sadly, Maurizio was murdered in 1995 by a hitman hired by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani. She was years later convicted and sentenced for the crime. 

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Along with her, the hitman, Benedetto Ceraulo, and her psychic friend, Giuseppina "Pina" Auriemma, were arrested and sent to jail for years. It was Giuseppina that hired Ceraulo to kill the business tycoon. The culprit was revealed after the hitman was found later bragging about his involvement.

Alessandra Gucci (left) with her sister, Allegra Gucci in her mother's court proceedings.
Alessandra Gucci (left) with her sister, Allegra Gucci, at her mother's court proceedings. Source: ZUMA PRESS

The murder of Gucci and the subsequent trial became widely covered by the media. It remains a famous case in Italian criminal history even today.

Custody Over Alessandra and Allegra

At the time of her mother's arrest, Allesandra was already an adult. She was about twenty years of age. However, she has lived very sheltered and was raised as a socialite. Also, she could not properly take care of her minor sister.

Alessandra and her sister lived with their maternal grandmother, Silvana Barbieri Reggiani. However, there was an incident where their late father's girlfriend, Paola Franchi, tried to petition for custody of young Allegra.

Allegra has said that Franchi's wish to take guardianship over Allegra and her assets was quite predatory, and Franchi had no basis to attempt that.

Alessandra Gucci: Marriage and Children

Alessandra Gucci is a married woman. Although she keeps her personal life private, it is known that she lives in Switzerland with her husband. Given Gucci's secret nature, she kept the details of her wedding hidden.

Gucci and her mystery husband lead a happy married life. Moreover, Alessandra and her spouse have a son together.

Alessandra's family is reported to make regular trips to America to visit their estates and is quietly selling off assets there. They probably want to move their fortune to Europe.

Updates On Alessandra's Mother: Patrizia Reggiani

Alessandra Gucci's mother, Patrizia Reggiani, was released in October 2016. Since then, she has written a memoir and even visited her children.

Sadly, the parent-child relationship between them is estranged a bit. Why? Because Patrizia hid her part in the murder for years. Before, the Gucci sisters used to visit their mother regularly in prison.

Alessandra Gucci's mother Patrizia Reggiani with her pet.
Alessandra Gucci's mother, Patrizia Reggiani, with her pet. Source: Twitter @no_pussibility

Patrizia, who was in prison for a while, was to receive over $1 million every year. And should have gotten more than $22 million as a payment for jail time. This was agreed upon in 1993 in her divorce settlement. The money comes from the Gucci family's wealth.

However, Alessandra and her sister refused to give her the sum. The sisters took their mother to court to do their part. The Gucci sisters were angry at their mother for lying to them for years.

Social Media

Alessandra Gucci lives a private life and is not on any social sites. However, her brand, AG Handbags, may have an Instagram account. However, AG Handbags is not a verified account.

Allegra did open her own Instagram page @allegragucci_official in 2022 to promote her book, Fine dei Giochi. However, nothing personal is there on the profile.

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