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Actress, businesswoman (1939)
Wed May 24 2023
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Ali MacGraw is an award-winning American actress. She is well-known for her role as Jenny in the 1970 movie Love Story. Ali's extraordinary acting skills and beauty have mesmerized millions of hearts.

Besides acting, MacGraw is also an author, model, designer, and animal rights activist. Ali has always been in the spotlight. As such, her personal life, including her relationship, is always at the forefront.

Who Is Ali MacGraw Married To Currently?

Ali MacGraw is not married to anyone currently. She is living a single life after being wedded to three men. Apparently, the Convoy actress is not interested in a relationship.

Ali MacGraw and her co-star from Love Story Ryan O'Neal.
Ali MacGraw and her co-star from Love Story, Ryan O'Neal. Source: Instagram @ali_macgraw

MacGraw had tied knots with three high-profile personalities like Charles Bronson. However, her marriage did not last more than five years with any of her husbands.

Ali's First Marriage

American model Ali first got married to Robin Hoen. The loving duo was high school sweethearts. After dating for some time, Robin and Ali got married in 1961.

Ali met Hoen when he was a Harvard student. The actress met Robin while looking for a breakthrough. He had offered her a job as a stylist.

Robin was lucky enough to be the first husband of Love Story actress Ali. Regardless, MacGraw's marriage did not last. Hoen and the actress parted ways in the following year they tied the knot.

Ali's Second Marriage & Infidelity

Ali re-married film producer Robert Evans seven years after her divorce. She tied the knot with Evans in the year 1969. Her second husband introduced her to acting.

Ali MacGraw and her second husband Robert Evans.
Ali MacGraw and her second husband, Robert Evans. Source: Instagram @ali_macgraw

The union of Robert and Ali resulted in the birth of their only child, Josh Evans. Despite having a kid together, Ali and Robert divorced in 1972.

Ali and Josh divorced because she was having an extramarital affair with Steve McQueen. Yes, MacGraw was accused of infidelity.

MacGraw & Steve McQueen's Marital Life

After getting divorced from Robert, MacGraw did not wait long to marry her boyfriend, Steve McQueen. The couple married in the following year, 1973, in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The romantic pair MacGraw and McQueen had met on the set of the 1972 film The Getaway. They, Ali and Steve, fell in love after working together at the movie set.

Ali MacGraw and her third husband Steve McQueen.
Ali MacGraw and her third husband, Steve McQueen. Source: Instagram @ali_macgraw

Steve was one of the biggest movie stars in the 60s. MacGraw had also grown into a fine movie star at this point. However, she left her acting career due to her husband.

According to Ali, Steve wanted her to focus on her family rather than work. So, she quit acting and took care of her child. But, things for MacGraw and McQueen ended in under a decade. They got divorced in 1978.

Reason For Ali's Relationship Failure

Even though Ali was married to three men, she could not hold her marriage for long. Her longest marriage ever was with The Great Escape actor Steve. It lasted only for five years.

In a conversation with Super Soul Sunday, MacGraw revealed the reason for all her relationship's failures. Ali pointed out that her arrogance was the root cause.

Ali wanted her husband to know what she wanted without telling him about it. MacGraw wanted them to be a mind reader. MacGraw herself admits that it was a problem in her relationship.

Josh Evans: Only Child Of Ali MacGraw

Despite being married to three men, Ali MacGraw is only the mother of one. Yes, Josh Evan is her only son, which she shares with her second husband, Robert.

Josh, born on January 16, 1971, is also in the entertainment industry like his parents. He has explored different domains of the industry. Josh has credits as a writer, actor, as well as director.

Ali MacGraw's only child, Josh Evans. Source: IMDb

Ali's son Josh is popular with the nickname Skipper. He has married twice to this day. Josh first married Charis Michelsen on September 11, 2003, to 2012.

The Doors actor Evan married Roxy Saint. In 2010 Ali became a grandmother as her son, Josh, welcomed a kid, Jackson, with his second wife, Roxy.

Ali Aborted Her First Child: Know More Of It

Now, Josh is the only child of American actress Ali. But did you know? She was pregnant before she welcomed him.

Ali was pregnant with her first child from her union with her first husband, Robin. While abortion was still illegal, she aborted the child.

Ali MacGraw Net Worth: Is She Rich?

Yes, Ali MacGraw is a rich personality. The former model and actress has a massive net worth of approximately $6 Million, similar to Amelia Heinle. She has amassed this fortune from her work as a model and actress.

Inside Ali MacGraw's Santa Fe house.
Inside Ali MacGraw's Santa Fe house. Source: Pinterest

MacGraw was a celebrated actress-cum-model of her time. She was featured in many famous brands like Chanel. Moreover, she Ali was in commercially successful movies like Murder Elite, Dynasty, etc.

Ali's yoga video, Ali MacGraw's Yoga Mind and Body, was also a bestseller which earned her a lot. She started a clothing business named ali4ibu, targeting women.

With all this richness, Ali lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico City. She has a $1 Million worth mansion that spans an area of 1,858 sq ft in Santa Fe.

Ali MacGraw Early Life Details: Know Her Age, Parents, & Education

Steve McQueen's ex-wife, Ali MacGraw, was born on April 1, 1939, in Pound Ridge, New York. She was raised alongside her little brother Richard Jr by her parents.

Ali is the daughter of Richard McGraw and his wife, Frances. More on her parents, Richard grew up in an orphanage in New Jersey. 

Ali MacGraw in her young days.
Ali MacGraw in her young days. Source: Instagram @ali_macgraw

Frances, Ali's mother, was a commercial artist. It inspired Ali's brother Richard Jr to be an artist. MacGraw wanted to be an artist too. However, her parents were not financially well to support her.

The 5 ft and 10 inches tall MacGraw attended Rosemary Hall in Greenwich, Connecticut, for high school. Later she enrolled at the renowned Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  

MacGraw Is An Animal Right Activist

American actress MacGraw is an advocate of animal rights. In other words, she is an animal rights activist. She was honored with Humane Education Award by Animal Protection of New Mexico.

Ali's constant efforts to help protect the animals and its right are well-known. She presented a public service announcement for PETA and taught people how to care for their pets during natural disasters.

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