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Amanda Marcotte is a famous American blogger. Amanda is best known for writing on feminism and politics from a liberal perspective. Time also described her blogging as "provocative and profanity-laced. She has been through many ups and downs in her career. 

Amanda Marcotte was born as Amanda Marie Marcotte on September 2, 1977, in El Paso, Texas. She was raised in Alpine. Amanda is yet to speak a word about her parent's information to the public. She graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward's University with a degree in English. The writer started her carer in 2004. 

Relationship Status of Amanda Marcotte

It is a matter of the fact that Amanda is a married woman. She is living a happy married life along with her husband. Unlike other famous bloggers and writers, Amanda does not like to share her personal experience with the public. 

Amanda Marcotte husband
Image: Amanda delivering her content with the audience
Source: Tumblr

Amanda is married to her long time boyfriend, Marc Faletti. The love birds dated for sometime before exchanging their wedding vows. The exact date of their wedding is under investigation. They had a private wedding ceremony where only a selected number of guests were invited. 

Marc works as a producer and is also a vice-president of Multimedia for Rewire News. They have been married for more than a decade. 

Does Amanda Have Any Child?

Amanda is very much private about her lifestyle and her personal life. She does not speak a single word about her own life, along with the media. Also, Her husband, Marc, shares a similar ideology.

This has made it difficult for the public to know about her children. She could either be raising her children away from the media attention or is yet to give birth to a child. She currently resides on Brooklyn, New York. 

Net Worth in Millions

Amanda Marcotte has an estimated net worth of more than $2 Million. She has accumulated most of her net worth through her successful career as a blogger and a content writer. Lauryn Evarts is a famous American author and a blogger with a net worth of $1 Million. 

Amanda Marcotte twitter
Image: Amanda Marcotte has an estimated net worth of $2 Million.
Source:  Life site News

As per the sources, an average wage of a blogger in America is $24,000 per year, and we can safely say that blogger, Lauryn, is also earning the same remuneration. Similarly, she is also an author who earns $61,240 annually. 

Almost Two-Decade-Long Career

Shortly after graduating from her University, Amanda began writing for the liberal blog, then later for Slate and The Guardian. She won a Koufax Award for her Mouse Words blog in 2004. She also hosts a weekly podcast called RH Reality Cast. 

Amanda Marcotte Book
Image: The Cover of the Book of Amanda published in 2018
Source: Amazon

In early 2007 Marcotte made several controversial statements on her blog. This gave her exposure from all over the world. She had made massive allegations and statements concerning religion and cultural aspects. The same year, She was hired as the blog master for the John Edwards 2008 presidential campaign, but she resigned in a short interval.

Amanda has published several books as of 2020. She is the sole author of a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments, Get Opinionated, and Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself. 

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