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Relationship Timeline Of Amanda Stanton

Ex-husband : Nick Buonfiglio
Amanda Stanton married Nick Buonfiglio in 2012 and divorced in 2015.

Amanda Stanton is a beautiful actress, model, and social media influencer. She came into the limelight after her role in A Bachelor Season 3

On top of that, she came into because of her EX-fiancé, Josh Murry, who is an Ex-alumni of A Bachelor.

Amanda was born on 9 April 1990, in California, the United States of America. She was born and raised in California along with her family. 

Relationship Status 

Kissing Strangers actress Amanda Stanton is currently in a relationship with Michael Fogel. The lovely duo has been dating each other since 2020. 

Amanda had posted a picture of him on Valentine, wishing him Happy Valentine for the very first time.

Picture of Amanda Stanton and her boyfriend Michael Fogel.
Picture of Amanda Stanton and her boyfriend, Michael Fogel. Picture Source: Instagram @amandastantonn

The lovely couple now frequently posts each other pictures on social media. As we can see, they won't hesitate to show their love toward the public.

Currently, they are staying together in Newport Beach, California, along with Amanda's two daughters.

Past Relationship of Amanda

Amanda Stanton has previously married to Nick Buonfiglio in 2012. Her ex-husband is a Business Development and Digital specialist. They were blessed with two beautiful daughters, and after three years with each other, they split in 2015. 

Amanda has also dated Josh Murray, who is an alumnus of A Bachelor. They both met each other on the show where Josh proposed to her with an $85 thousand diamond ring. However, that did not last long, and they got separated in December 2016.

Moreover, she has also dated Bobby Jacobs, who is a famous volleyball player. But this couple also won't last together and got separated from each other on 2019. Bobby claimed their relationship ended due to Amanda's phone being hacked.

Net Worth 

Amanda Stanton is a famous actress who has earned a decent amount of money throughout her career. She has a total net worth of $100 thousand which she has earned from her career. 

In addition to that, she also gets some amount of money by promoting different companies on her social media. As we can see on her Instagram she is living in a luxury house with a lot of facilities in California.

Mother Of Two Beautiful Daughters

Merry Christmas Drake and Josh actress Amanda is a mother of two beautiful daughters, Kinsley Buonfiglio and Charlie Buonfiglio

The beautiful daughter was born to Amanda and Nick Buonfiglio. Their first daughter Kinsley was born in the year 2012 whereas their second daughter Charlie was born on 2014.

Picture of Amanda Stanton's daughters Kinsley Buonfiglio and Charlie Buonfiglio.
Picture of Amanda Stanton's daughters Kinsley Buonfiglio and Charlie Buonfiglio. Picture Source: Instagram @amandastantonn

Although they were not together, their daughter shared half custody with them. Recently they were too close with Amanda's new boyfriend, Michael. As we can see on Michael's Instagram, they have a good bond and share most of the time with each other.

Physical Appearance

Amanda Stanton is a fashion model and actress who has a well-maintained body. She has a good height of 5 feet 6 inches (160 cm) and a body weight of around 55 kgs. 

She has lovely dark brown eyes and blonde hair color. As she is a fitness freak, she regularly goes to the gym and has well maintained her body.

TikTok Star Amanda

Amanda is also a TikTok star who has gained a lot of followers throughout her TikTok. She has 30.4K followers on her TikTok where she mostly posts videos with her daughters and dance videos.

Additionally, she also shares her makeup tutorial through her TikTok and promotes many companies, she has partnered with through her TikTok.

Amanda's Pet George Is A Lovely Dog

Bachelor in Paradise former contestant Amanda is an owner of a golden retriever with whom she spends her quality time. She has also shared her pet name i.e. George through her Instagram handle.

don’t talk to me or my son ever again

Picture of Amanda Stanton and her dog George
Picture of Amanda Stanton and her dog George. Picture Source: Instagram @amandastantonn

We can see many pictures of George on Amanda and Michael's social media. She considered him her son, as she has posted pictures mentioning him as her son which we learned via Instagram posts. 

Charged With Domestic Violence

The famous TikTok star Amanda was arrested for domestic violence in September 2018. On September 10, she was with her Ex-boyfriend Bobby Jacobs at The Encore Hotel in Las Vegas where the beginning of this incident occurred.

The former couple argued at the hotel, and the hotel security reported that they had a disagreement during their stay, which the hotel security reported to Las Vegas Police Department. In the end, Amanda and Bobby apologized to hotel security and police after the pair was transported to the police station.

Bobby later stated that their quarrel was not life-threatening and that the shove was not intended to harm him.

Loves Travelling

Same to Natalie Lee, Amanda is the kind of person who loves traveling to different new places. She has visited Paris, Disney Land, Dubai, Aspen, and many other countries. 

Picture of Amanda Stanton in Dubai.
Picture of Amanda Stanton in Dubai. Picture Source: Instagram @amandastanton

Moreover, she is curious about others' traditions and cultures, which makes her visit new places. The last time she visited Disney land was on her birthday.

Social Media Presence

Being a social media influencer, Amanda Stanton is active heavily social media sites. She frequently posts pictures and has a lot of fan followings.

She is mostly active on Instagram with the username @amanda_stantonn, where she has more than 1.1 million followers. She mostly posts her picture in different places and pictures of her daughter and boyfriend.

Additionally, she is also active on Twitter as username @amandastantonn, where she has more than 152.3k followers. She joined Twitter in November 2015.

Social Media of Amanda's Boyfriend

Like Amanda, her boyfriend Michael is also available on social media platforms. He is active on Instagram with the username @michaelfogen, with followers of more than 30.9k. 

He mostly posts pictures of Amanda's daughter and pictures of him with Amanda. However, he is not active on Twitter and Facebook, but he shares his lovely bond with his fans through Instagram.

Amanda Is A Owner Of Aston Martin

The Bachelor former contestant Amanda has a different car model, as we can see on her Instagram. She has an Aston Martin, which costs starts from $35,000 to $80,000. She has it in white color. 

Picture of Amanda Stanton and her daughters Charlie and Kinsley with their car of Hyundai.
Picture of Amanda Stanton and her daughters Charlie and Kinsley with their car of Hyundai. Picture Source: Instagram @amandastantonn

She has also partnered with Hyundai Turacos, which costs start from $26,500 to $34,700. So, being a partner of Hyundai she has also got one of its models. She has it in silver color.

Fitness Freak

Amanda is a model as well as a social media influencer so she has a well-maintained body. She is a fitness freak person and goes to the gym regularly. She also eats healthy food to make her body and skin good.

Amanda also shares her healthy recipes and workout routine on her social media. She won't look like a mother of two beautiful daughters at looking her figure.


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