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Consulting Manger, TV Personality
Fri Mar 24 2023
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The world has witnessed some popular reality TV shows. It's not hard for the participants to receive their two minutes of fame; however, maintaining their popularity is hard. It is something the consulting manager Natalie Mina Lee has successfully done.

The now-famous advisor Lee got her fame through the famous Netflix dating show Love Is Blind. She is from Chicago and was born to Korean Parents.

Working on Protecting Turtles

Lee is keen on learning about the protection of sea turtles. They are an endangered species, and a while back, she visited a  "Sea Turtle Conservancy", a non-profit organization that conserves sea turtles by learning about their migratory pattern.

Lee is holding a brush and cleaning a turtle in a white tank.
Natalie Lee cleaning the turtles (Source: Instagram @natalieminalee)

She learned about the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtles. She also tagged two of them with satellite transmitters which would help to locate their inhabitants and can be used to save the dying breed of marine species.

Suffers from IBS

Lee suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The syndrome usually lasts for a lifetime, affecting your body's digestive system. It can lead to minor cramps and even diarrhoea.

Lee revealed this in Love Is Blind. She talked about her condition with the hope that her partner would not see that as an issue to refrain from marriage. She said:

I would tell them I have IBS and I go to the bathroom five times a day, but, hopefully, he loves me for who I am and is still willing to get married to me!

Where Did Natalie & Shayne Go After The Show?

Natalie Lee's partner on Love Is Blind was Shayne Jansen. They were fan favorites. Unfortunately, if you watched the show, you know that these two were not meant to be together in the end, as they both agreed not to marry.

However, the couple's fans would be surprised to know that these two dated each other shortly after the show. The People magazine reported the news when Lee revealed that after the show was over, they did start seeing each other again. She said: 

A week after our wedding, we started dating again, Maybe it's not dating β€” we continued our engagement again. We were together for several months.

Sadly, the relationship failed for the second time as they realized they had clashing personalities and didn't agree on many things. So, they decided to part ways. 

I think at the end of it, we realized that we're very different people with different needs and wants that we can't fulfill for one another. We did take a break in communication after that, just to get into a better place.

They ended things on good terms as they are still good friends.

Making Money In A Contextual Commerce

It's not just the Netflix show and the consultant job Natalie Lee makes money from. She also works in the creator shop and makes money from it.

She works with the LTK. LTK is one of the largest Contextual shopping apps. The app allows people to shop for clothes and makeup items, among other stuff.

You can discover Lee on the app (@natalieminalee), where she makes money by selling dresses and makeup items. 

Loves Travelling

If you scroll through her Instagram, you can tell Lee loves to travel like another actress Remington Elizabeth Moses. She loves to explore new places, cultures, and people while travelling.

She has travelled to all sorts of places. But Europe seems to have her heart. You will find numerous pictures of her travelling to Europe from Paris, Vienna, Budapest, and Barcelona. You will see a lot of European travel pictures on her Insta.

Lee is wearing a pink dress and white sneakers while looking at Eiffel Tower behind her.
Natalie Lee in Paris (Source: Instagram @natalieminalee)

However, it's not just Europe that she travels to. She also travels a lot in her own country. The Chicago-born and raised woman has travelled to Asheville, New York and much more places.

Body Measurements

Lee takes care of her health well. Her IBS condition doesn't help to give her the kind of body she wants; yet, she has managed to maintain her body well.

As per her LTK account, she is a short woman (by American standards); her height is 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm). Her waist is the same as Kelly Preston's at 25 Inches, and her body fits the S/XS size dress.

Relationship Rumours

Natalie Lee's relationship in Love Is Blind may not have worked out. She is currently living her best life after moving on from Shayne Jensen. But, it has not stopped her fans from speculating about her relationship with wildlife conversationist Blake Moynes.

Even though she has made it clear that she is just friends with Moynes, it has not stopped fans from doing all sorts of analyses, from her body movements and the way these two talk. Time will tell if they are just friends or dating.

They are in a beach while Lee is wearing Orange dress whereas Moynes is wearing Grey Shirt.
Natalie Lee with Blake Moynes (Source: Instagram @natalieminalee)

Going through the comments on her posts with Moynes, you will find some fans wishing she was dating him, while others are convinced these two are dating. One commented, "Omg she found the most beautiful man", while the other commented, "Girrrrll, he’s way hotter than Shayne- make that guy your man!"

Comments are not just limited to Lee's post but also to Moynes's post. One commented, "Oh Gawd she totally digs you. Touching, laughing, putting her hair behind her ear, inward-facing, are all signs that she is into you!"

Social Media Presence

Natalie Lee is on Instagram (@natalieminalee). She is an active user and regularly posts on her Instagram. She posts all kinds of stuff on her Instagram from her friends, family, travelling and much more.

She also uses Instagram as a business opportunity, like Arna Kimiai, to make money by selling clothes. She uses her Instagram followers to show the dress, and interested buyers can contact her on LTK to buy the apparel and other accessories they like.

Instagram is her only social media presence, as she is not on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social platforms.

She can Ski!

Skiing on snow is a tricky thing to do. Natalie Lee seems to be able to do it. Although, she hasn't revealed if she is a master of skiing or knows the basics. It's still an impressive skill to have, anyway.

She shared a picture of her skiing with her fans a while back. The post was captioned.

She is wearing all white and grey helmet.
Natalie Lee Skiing (Source: Instagram @natalieminalee)

Why stand out when you can blend in

Her Parents were Featured in Love Is Blind

It wasn't just Lee who was featured in Love Is Blind. The show's fans also got to see Lee's parents on the show. Her parents became fan-favorite.

One of the show's biggest highlights was Lee revealing her engagement status to her parents. Many people seemed to have related to how her parents reacted to the news as they fell in love with her parents.

The parents went through all sorts of emotions while at the show. The father stole everyone's heart at the front, especially in the finale episode during her little interaction with the daughter.


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