Amber Lee Connors

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Voice Artist (1991)

Relationship Timeline Of Amber Lee Connors

Boyfriend : Howard Wang
Amber Lee Connors is in a relationship with Howard Wang.

If you have used to watching Animated videos or used to playing animated video games then, Amber Lee Connors must not be a new name to you. Amber is a well know American voice actress who has provided voices for English dubbed Japanese anime and video games. 

Amber Lee Connors was born on April 9, 1991, in Texas, the United States. As Amber rose to fame only after her hard work and successful career, she has become successful in keeping her personal life away from the presence of media. This has made it difficult for the press to know about her parents and siblings. She graduated from Baldwin Wallace University.

Relationship Status of Amber Lee Connors

Amber Lee Connors is living a happy and beautiful, engaged life along with her partner in the United States. Amber is currently engaged with her long time boyfriend, Howard Wang. The love birds have been dating each other for more than five years. 

Howard is also a Visual Artist Designer currently working for big companies like RiotGames and PlayValorant. The media is not sure when and how, did they meet for the first time. 

Amber Lee Connors partner
Image: Voice Over Artist, Amber Lee Connors shares a photo of her along with her fiance, Howard Wang
Source: Twitter @ amber lee connors 

In 2019, Amber shared a photo of two along with her engagement ring with a status" I THOUGHT HE WAS JOKING BUT THEN HE PULLED OUT A RING!!! After 4 years, we’re officially engaged!" 

The love birds are expected to tie their knot soon. However, Amber mentions that they are currently focused on their career rather than start spending time with family. 

Net Worth and Earnings of Amber Lee Connors

Amber Lee Connors has an estimated net worth of more than $1.5 Million. She credits most of her net worth through her hard work and success. She started her career a decade ago in 2010. Amber is the founder of Sound Cadence Studios. Clancy Brown is famous as SpongeBob's Voice Over artist and has $3 Million Net Worth. 

Amber Lee Connors net worth
Image: Amber featuring in the cover of Anime
Source: Pinterest 

As per some sources, the average salary of a voice artist in America ranges from $33,220 to $50,000. Hence, we can assume the yearly wage of Clancy Brown. Amber possesses many unique talents and experiences, so she must be earning much more than the average salary. She has credited in various movies, animated series, and cartoons, which adds up to his current net worth.

A Decade Long Career

Amber started voice acting in 2007 with a strong passion and vigor for the craft. She is well known for Voice Actress, Script Writer, and Casting Director. Her ability to go from high pitched squeaky voices too low, sultry voices sets herself aside from the rest. 

Amber Lee Connors - Anime Voice Acting Reel - 2017

Video games and Animation to Commercials, Radio Ads, and more - Amber's versatile and extensive range has enabled her to work in various forms of media. She cosplays some of her favorite characters from a wide variety of media, notably Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z. She is a massive fan of the Final Fantasy series, particularly Final Fantasy VIII.

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