Ann Coulter

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Lawyer, Author, Political Commentator (1961)
Fri Mar 31 2023
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Ann Coulter is a popular name in the world of journalism. She is an American best-selling author, lawyer, conservative media pundit, and syndicated columnist. Her appearance in print and on cable news as a critic of the Clinton administration has helped her to gather a huge amount of recognition.

Talking about her personal details, conservative media pundit, Ann was born on 8th December 1961 in New York City, United States. She was raised by her father, John Vincent Coulter, and mother, Nell Husbands Coulter. Her parents were working-class Catholic Irish-American families. She has two brothers John, an attorney, and James an accountant. 

Moreover, she graduated from Cornell University with Bachelors's in Arts degree. Later secured her Juris Degree from the University of Michigan.

Is Ann Coulter dating anyone?

Coulter has been always highlighted with her personal review and her love life. She is quite good in her views and opinion but with her relationship, she has faced numerous ups and downs. Talking about her current relationship status, Ann is enjoying life as a single woman. She hasn't involved in any sort of relationship and affairs and is quite enjoying her own lifestyle. 

Ann Coulter and Jessi JJ Walker
Image: Ann Coulter with Jessi J.J. Walker attending a party together. Source: Getty Images

Furthermore, she is busy with her works and jobs and hasn't been seen with anyone in a long run. Also, Coulter loves to write books and blogs which she shares with her viewers through her social media account.

Previously relationships and affairs

Ann had always made headlines in various news channels with her dating life. She has dated Dinesh D'Souza who is an Indian-American filmmaker, Author, and political commentator. The pair dated for several months but their relationship ended up in a breakup. 

Similarly, she was romantically involved with Bob Guccione Jr. who is the founder of the music magazine Spin. They dated for several months and later choose different ways in their journey. As of now, Guccione is married to his wife, Kimberlin Grace Brown while Ann is still single.

Ann Coulter's boyfriend, Andrew Stein
Image: Ann Coulter's ex-boyfriend, Andrew Stein. Source: Twitter

Furthermore, Countler's one of the most famous relationships was with the former president of the New York City Council, a liberal Democrat, Andrew Stein. They started dating each other in October 2007. However, after a year of dating, they got involved in a conflict and ended their relationship.

Ann Coulter net worth - $10 Million

Coulter is a successful American woman out there who believes in hard work. She has accumulated a hefty amount of sum through her incredible career. As seen she is gathering over $100,000 annually as a remuneration. Talking about her fortune, she holds a net worth of $10 Million

Ann Coulter
Image: Ann Coutler attending a press conference. Source: Times Magazine

Furthermore, conservative media pundit, Coulter owns several houses in the united states. Her homes include a $1.2 Million Palm Beach mansion in Florida and $1.5 Million condominiums in Manhattan and an apartment in Los Angeles. Back in 2010, she made over $500,000 on the speaking circuit alone.

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