April Nocifora

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Producer and Post Production Manager and Photographer (1968)

Relationship Timeline Of April Nocifora

Ex-husband : Dave Rossi
April Nocifora married Dave Rossi.

The late April Nocifora was pushed to the headlines after being credited in the Star Trek: Discovery series as "For April, With Love" in the final episode. Even the first episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was dedicated to her memory. This rare accolade made her one of the few to be celebrated by the Star Trek franchise.

April was involved with the Star Trek series for more than three decades. She worked in many capacities, starting as an assistant and later as a post-production supervisor. She was very passionate about her work and projects.

This Is What Happened To April Nocifora From Star Trek: Discovery

April Nocifora died in December 2021 in Burbank, California, at fifty-three years of age. April had cancer for a long time, with records suggesting that she was receiving treatment for it as early as April 2018.  

April Nocifora in 2013 before her cancer.
April Nocifora in 2013 before suffering from cancer. (Source: Facebook)

Nocifora's cancer spread in 2021, and there was little hope for a cure. April was still involved in her work projects at the time of her death. 

Mainly April was working on Star Trek: Discovery, where she worked first as a producer. Likewise, Nocifora was the supervising producer in 55 of the total 56 episodes. She had cancer for most of the production process of this series. 

What Was The Net Worth Of April Nocifora? 

April Nocifora held an estimated net worth of $10 million at the time of her passing. Most of her net worth is calculated to be from her salary from vast filmography projects and productions. 

April's estate will continue to profit from her TV production and credit work. Nocifora's inheritors are possibly her brother and his family, but April was a huge fan of charity projects and may have donated some of her wealth.

April Nocifora: Early Life And Family Details 

April Nocifora was born on April 7, 1968, in Newbury, Ohio. Her Christian parents raised her, but she did not reveal their names in any media. Her brother is Perry Nocifora, with whom she spent her childhood. 

April Nocifora as a child
Childhood picture of April Nocifora. Source: Facebook

From an early age, Nocifora was very interested in Photography. The interest became a lifelong hobby and second career after her father gifted her his old Minolta  SRT201 35mm camera. At that time, she was a high school student. 

Not only Nocifora's father but also her mother was also very supportive of her interests Regarding April's education, she went to California State University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in TV/Film. 

April Nocifora's Brother Was With Her At The Time Of Her Demise

As mentioned above, Perry Nocifora, April's brother, is still alive and married to Oum Somkhit Nocifora. He and his wife were with his sister during her last breath. Not only Perry but also his wife Oum were close to April since they used to spend a  lot of time together. 

April Nocifora's brother, Perry Nocifora, kissing his wife, Oum Somkhit Nocifora.
April Nocifora's brother, Perry Nocifora, was kissing his wife, Oum Somkhit Nocifora. (Image Source: Facebook @Oum Somkhit Nocifora)

April's brother was the one to arrange her estate affairs after her passing. Along with that, he also made arrangements for her dog, Monk. 

Career Highlights Of Star Trek: Discovery Producer

April started as a production associate on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which starred Marina Sirtis, and worked on Star Trek: First Contact as an assistant to a producer. Since then, she has worked as a post-production coordinator on various projects.

After the Star Trek Projects, Nocifora worked as a production and post-production supervisor on many projects. Some of the projects are Terra Nova, Fringe, and Carnivale.

April Nocifora Has A IMDb Profile

Star Trek: Discovery Producer Nocifora has 27 work credits to her name, according to her IMDb page, with the majority of 17 credits being a producer or associate producer. In her production capacity, she was involved in Fox's Sleepy Hollow, Netflix's  A Series of Unfortunate Events, and various Star Trek projects. 

April Nocifora with Star Trek Editors in the 2018 Emmy Awards
April Nocifora with Star Trek Editors in the 2018 Emmy Awards. Source: Twitter @ScottGamzon

April took care of the final details of the technical and creative components, scheduling posts, managing budgets, and reporting costs. Nocifora worked with VFX supervisors, directors of photography, final colorists, sound designers, and re-recording mixers to create some big-budget productions. She also worked for HBO and 20th Century Fox.

April Nocifora Career As A Photographer

April was deeply interested in photography and was an active member of the Photographic Arts Council, Los Angeles. She published multiple photos and was even featured in the National Geographic magazine. 

April Nocifora with her Camera.
April Nocifora with her Camera. (Source: Facebook)

April's interests in VFX and post-production aided her career as a photographer. She was ever expanding her technical skillset and getting more guidance. Even in 2020, she was under the guidance of Master Photographer Gerd Ludwig and showcased her cancer journey.

Relationship Status: Was April Nocifora Married? 

In the early 1990s, April Nocifora married David Frank Rossi, a co-worker, and producer, after dating for some time. She took her husband's name after marriage and was credited as April Rossi for the duration of her marriage. 

The pair, David and April, divorced in the early 2000s but were private about their reasons for the split. After divorcing April, David remarried a woman, Lilli Malkin, in 2005. On the other hand, April remained single until her last breath. 

Physical Appearance

April was a beautiful brunette with curly hair and Caucasian ancestry. She had an oval face and was quite petite. Sadly, during her treatments, she lost her hair and lost weight.

Nocifora was 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall, but her cancer status greatly affected her weight. While she continued to lead an active life before her death, she underwent chemotherapy.

April Nocifora Was A Dog Mom

In her final years, April was a dog mom to her adorable pup, Monk. The dog had abandonment issues and needed to be rehomed twice after April's passing.

April Nocifora with her dog, Monk
April Nocifora with her dog, Monk (Source: Facebook)

Before Monk, April had another dog named Rocket, who sadly passed away in December 2015. Sources suggest that April had dogs her whole life and was an active dog mom, similar to actress Annie Wood.

April's Mom Died Before Her

In September 2020, April's mother passed away due to health reasons. While this happened in the middle of the COVID pandemic, it is reported that she was in the early stages of dementia.

April and her brother Perry were with their mom during this difficult time and accompanied her during her last days. According to April, her mom was a lover of Scrabble.

April Nocifora Had An Interest In Hiking

As a nature lover, April Nocifora spent much time walking through trails and taking photos. She was fond of Yosemite Park in California and even had plans to hike Everest base camp, but her cancer diagnosis delayed that. 

April Nocifora posted a rare picture of herself on her Instagram while on a hike.
April Nocifora posted a rare picture of herself on her Instagram while on a hike. (Source: Instagram)

Nocifora enjoyed taking long walks with her dog and taking pictures of her loved ones. Her hiking habits were similar to amateur hiker Tia Ewing. She had visited Italy and Canada to take hikes and photographs. 

April Nocifora Was A Christian

April was a Christian woman who followed her faith. Not much is known if she ever stopped practicing her faith.  But after her sad cancer diagnosis, she was very public about praying and seeking guidance as a Christian.

Self Portrait Of April Nocifora titled My Battle With Cancer (Source: aprilnocifora.com) 

In a self-portrait shot in 2017, April used delicate lightning to show herself praying, with her hands carrying a rosary. This picture was featured in a Facebook post by National Geographic. She won an Honorable Mention in the  IPA 2021 International Photography Awards for this self-portrait.


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