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Fri Dec 02 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Arionne Curry

Ex-husband : Martelle Holt
Arionne Curry and Martelle Holt exchange the weeding vows and later they divorce.

Many people rise to prominence due to their allegiance with someone famous. Arionne Curry is an American nurse and celebrity who rose to prominence after reportedly being in an affair with American home builder and author Martell Holt

In addition to it, Curry is also an American television personality who stars on OWN's network reality program. Let's see the sections below for more information about Arionne Curry.

Who is Arionne Curry's Husband? Does She Have a Baby? 

Arionne Curry and Martelle Holt were friends, they met in 2015, and Arionne Curry and Martelle fell in love, which eventually led to them being in a committed relationship.

Martelle Holt's marriage to Melody Holt ended due to their connection when his wife spotted cheating on her with a different woman. Aside from that, Melody Holt referred to Curry as Martell Holt's mistress, and in 2020, Arianne Curry revealed that she is in a relationship with the actor Martell Holt. In late 2020, reports suggested that Curry was pregnant, and she and Martelle were expecting a child. 

Arionne Curry's Daughter.
Arionne Curry's Baby Daughter.
Source: Arionne Curry's Instagram (@_arionne_)

An official YouTube video featuring Martelle Holt and his wife introduced their baby daughter to the world of pleasure. Following the unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation, they, unfortunately, split once again. Besides that, Holt has deleted all pictures of himself with Curry. 

Arionne Curry's formal divorce papers, his ex-wife Holt filed for divorce in June 2020, citing their official separation date as April 2020 as the reason for their separation. According to a source, Holt has already agreed to sell their Huntsville house for a sum of one million dollars. Sharon Mobley Stow has also been the top-listed nurse of America. 

Arionne Curry's Net Worth

Arionne Curry's net worth is believed to be about $500,000. As for her profession, she works as a nurse. Her former partner, on the other hand, is very wealthy. Martell Holt's net worth is believed to be $19 million. He is a real property investor by trade, and his ventures generate money in profits and commissions.

Arionne Curry posing photo.
Arionne Curry posing photo.
Source: Arionne Curry's Instagram (@_arionne_)

He completed the Nation School of Real Estate's Real Estate Training Program in 2006. Then he continued a career in real estate, which is undeniably a lucrative area of endeavor. Curry is a health professional, so you can get a better sense of what she does. Curry, on the other hand, is now busy with housework and caring for her children. Her annual salary as a nurse is projected to be $78,120.

Arionne Curry's IG Page

Arionne Curry is not a frequent user of social media. She does, however, have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. Curry recently deactivated her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The lady is, however, currently active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. She has 2717 Twitter followers and 29K Instagram followers. She deleted the vast bulk of her prior Instagram posts. Leslie Hamilton Gearren is also a popular nurse of America.


Arionne Curry was born in 1993 in the city of Dayton, Ohio. Her age is 28, but Curry has not released the extract date of her birth. Arionne Curry earned his bachelor's degree from Alabama A&M University. After finishing her education, she began her nursing career as a registered nurse in Dayton, Ohio, which is also her hometown. Aris is also the name of her online shop, which she owns and runs.

Arionne Curry posing in front of the mirror.
Source: Arionne Curry's Instagram (@_arionne_)

The renowned husband's wife loves traveling to new places and spending time with her family. Her favorite holiday location, according to several sources, is Thailand, where she loves riding elephants.

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