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Fri Dec 02 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Arun Nayar

Ex-wife : Valentina Pedroni
Arun Nayar married Valentina Pedroni, an Italian model, in 1997 following their first meeting in 1991 in St Moritz. But they separated and got divorced in 2002.
Ex-wife : Elizabeth Hurley
Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley married in 2007 in England Castle. But unfortunately, their marriage also ended in divorce in June 2011.
Ex-wife : Kim Johnson
Arun Nayar and Kim Johnson met in September 2011, and they eventually got hitched on 30 July 2016. But like his first and second marriages, this one also ended in separation.
Ex-girlfriend : Shane Warne
Arun Nayar was connected as a sweetheart with Shane Warne in 2010, but later they break their bond.
Ex-girlfriend : Liz Hurley
Arun Nayar also dated Liz Hurley for a short time.

Arun Nayar is a British and Indian businessman and entrepreneur. He has worked for Software Paradigms International as a Vice President and Global Head of Resources.

In addition, Arun conducts workshops relating to staff training, learning, and development activities worldwide. Before that, he used to work in Mumbai, where he even worked in the textile industry.

Arun Nayar Is Married Thrice! 

Arun Nayar seems single at the moment and enjoying his life with his friends and family. Similarly, Hunter Urban is also enjoying his single life. However, he has been in a marital relationship with three different women in the past time.

Arun Nayar Lives a Single Life.
Image: Arun Nayar With His First Wife, Valentina Pedroni.
Source: Geneagraphie

His first marriage was with Valentina Pedroni, an Italian model. They got married in 1997 after six years of a long relationship. Their first meeting was in 1991 in St Moritz. But after eight years, they separated and got divorced in 2002.

Nayar's Second and Third Failed Marriages

Six years later, Arun started his romantic relationship with his second wife, Elizabeth Hurley, an English model, and actress. The couple made their first public appearance together at the Christian Dior fashion show in Paris.

In 2007, the lovebirds exchanged their marriage vows in England Castle. They then travelled to Jodhpur for a Hindu wedding ceremony, where he spent approximately $2.5 million.

Arun Nayar Marrried Three Times To Date.
Photo: Arun Nayar With His Ex-Partner, Elizabeth Hurley, And Her Son, Damian.
Source: The Economic Times

Since their marriage, the husband-wife duo lived in Cotswold, London, with their son, Damian Hurley(Elizabeth's son from her previous husband, Steve Bing). But Elizabeth filed for divorce from Naya in April 2011, which was finalized in June 2011.

Then after that, Nayar was connected as a sweetheart with Shane Warne, an Australian cricketer, in 2010. Similarly, he also dated Liz Hurley for a short time. Again, the businessman found his love with Kim Johnson, a model and personal trainer. The duo met in September 2011 at a jewelry launch and got hitched on July 30, 2016

Arun Nayar Met Kim At The Jewelry Launch Programme. Arun Nayar Tied The knot With Kim Johnson On July 30, 2016.
Source: Indian TV News

But unfortunately, this marriage also ended in separation like his previous marriages. However, the ex-partner kept the reason behind their split and date of divorce under the wraps. She confirmed this news in August 2017 to the Daily Mail.

How Much Net Worth Does Arun Nayar Have?

Arun Nayar has earned a huge amount of money from his professional career as an entrepreneur. As of 2021, he holds a net worth of $200 Million. It also includes properties in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom's capital.

Moreover, the Indian man who has 170 cm in height also had a software company, Direction Software Solutions, from where he gathered a huge amount of wealth.

Arun Nayar Holds a Net Worth of $200 Million.
Image: Arun Nayar is a Businessman.
Source: Hello Magazine

Furthermore, Nayar is gaining heft money as the Vice President and Global Head Resources at Software Paradigms International. Aside from that, he reportedly sold his wedding images with Elizabeth to Hello! magazine for $2 million.

Inside The Early Life of Arun Nayar

Arun Nayar was born in December 1964 in Burmantofts, Leeds, United Kingdom. His divorced parents; mother, Gunnar Nayar, and his father, Vinod Nayar (an author, instructor, motivational speaker, army officer (retired), and strategist), raised him.

Moreover, he has a brother, Nikhil Nayar. Nayar is of Indian-German descent and has dual British-Indian citizenship.

He went to Millfield Boarding School in England when he was 16 years old. He then got a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Oxford University. After that, he attended Imperial College and earned a Master's degree in Physics.

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