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Bidhi Dhakal is a Blogger whose objective is to participate in educational forums and social networking platforms. She delivers sound commentaries, unbiased opinions and non-destructive views. She has been in this industry for over one years, and have largely contributed in meeting corporate objectives through effective blogging, thereby driving traffic to their websites and increasing their web visitors. She is educated in creating web contents, blog feedback, and knowledgeable in SEO , HTML, and Ad Sense concepts. She also possess excellent communication and wide vocabulary skills. With this said, she is very confident that she will be a great addition to the company. KEY SKILLS & QUALITIES: She have a wide experience in Internet blogging She have a Exceptional knowledge of social media tools, technologies and trends She have a Good knowledge of SEO, WordPress, HTML, Photoshop and other authoring tools She have Familiarity with content management system Ability to blog about sports, health, travel, fashion, entertainment and restaurant Ability to develop and maintain websites