Bam Margera

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Television Personality, Skate Boarder (1979)

Relationship Timeline Of Bam Margera

Wife : Nicole Boyd
Bam Margera Married To Nicole Boyd In 2013.
Ex-wife : Missy Rothstein
Bam Margera Married To Missy Rothstein In 2007 And Divorced In 2012.

With the news that Bam Margera was dead left people in shock. The news, however, turned out to be false as Bam Margera is still alive and healthy. He is an American Professional Skateboarder, Stunt Performer, and Television Personality. Recently, he and his wife appeared at Dr. Phil's show to solve their marital crisis. 

Bam Margera was born on September 28, 1979, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is the second son born to April Margera and Phil Margera. When famous Professional Wrestler, Hulk Hogan posted a tribute photo of Bam, people started to share grief and sorrows only to find it was false news. 

Love life with Nicole Boyd

Bam is married to Nicole Boyd as of now. The couple remains together for almost a decade now. They tied the knot in the most remembering fashion in front of their fans. 

Nicole Boyd and Bam Margera wedding at the concert in Iceland
Image: Nicole Boyd and Bam Margera at the wedding 
Source: Pinterest

Bam and Boyd got married in October 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland, at the Random Hero Festival. The Festival was to raise money for a new skate park as per US Magazine. Boyd dressed in a sexy white lace gown with pearl beading and a low-cut back.

Do they Share any Children?

The couple posted a photo of expecting a baby soon on their Instagram a couple of years ago. On that note, on December 23, 2017, Bam and Boyd welcomed their first child. The duo often posts a picture of their kid, Phoenix Margera on social media.  

Like TV host's daughter Vale Guthrie Feldman, Phoenix is also grabbing fame as a celebrity kid.

The famous Professional Skate Boarder and Television Personality, Margera Bam shares a moment with his family
Image: The famous Professional Skate Boarder and Television Personality, Margera Bam shares a moment with his family
Source: Instagram @bam_margera

In a recent video published by Dr. Phil. We can see a heated argument between Bam Margera and Nicole. So, as of now, the couple is not in a healthy relationship. He seems like, he had a conflict with his mother too and has not talked to her. 

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Unsuccessful Relation with Melissa Rothstein

Bam Margera was married to Melissa Rothstein on February 3, 2017, in downtown Philadelphia. More than 350 close family members and friends attended the ceremony. Due to some damages, Bam paid $13,000 for the costs. 

Melissa Rothstein and her former husband, Bam Margera
Image: Bam along with his former wife Melissa Rothstein in an Award Function
Source: Just Richest

The couple went to Dubai for the honeymoon. The relation, however, did not go well. So, the couple decided to split apart in 2012. In a healthy relationship of almost eight years, they did not have any children. 

The broken Engagement with Jenn Rivell

Bam and Jenn Rivell were in relation to more than seven years. The couple met in the year 1998 and remained in a relationship until 2005. Jenn had been divorced from her husband and had a child from her previous marriage.

Margera along with his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Rivel
Image: Margera along with his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Rivel 
Source: Pinterest

The couple was very much supportive of each other. They were seen spending a lot of time together and had appeared in various episodes of Viva La Bam. They were engaged while being in the relationship. They called off their relationship and moved apart. 

Earning from Professional skateboarding and Television

Margera has a net worth of $50 Million as per reports in The Richest. He has earned all his money through his career in television, radio, and Films. He is currently residing in Spain. American Runner David Goggins has a net worth of $250,000

The forty years old stunt performer owns two homes in West Chester, Pennsylvania. One of the houses lies in 14 acres of land with a large Mansion. Bam is the owner of a bar and theater situated in West Chester.

Margera Bam is currently in Spain working as a instructor for skate boarding
Image: Margera Bam is currently in Spain working as an instructor for skateboarding
Source: Instagram @bam_margera

Along with his income from shows and films, He owns a famous clothing Brand and Merchandise line. The Brand operates online under the website

Bam worked as a co-producer for movies like Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number two, and a few more. Jackass: The Movie was a big hit and grossed over $64 Million and Jackass Number two with $84.6 Million

Controversies and Alcoholism 

Iceland Official arrested Bam in July 2013 for trying to fly away without paying the cost of damages done to the rented car. He was released the following day after paying the fee. His wife got arrested several times for drunk and drive. 

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His controversies do not stop here. He is an alcoholic person with a series of problems related to alcohol abuse. He has been in rehab more than three times as of now. He had taken medication with Dr. Phil along with his mother back in 2015 but has not been stable to date.

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