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Drummer (1966)
Tue Sep 20 2022
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Born on December 21, 1966, Baxter Neal Helson is the stepfather of the famous pop singer Miley Cyrus and the first husband of Tish Cyrus, an American actress and producer. He is a drummer from Ashland, Kentucky.

Helson is an American national. After being divorced from Tish Cyrus, Helson has relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. And he has been living quite a quiet life ever since.

Baxter Neal Helson Relationship With His Wife Tish Cyrus

Helson and Cyrus met at a party. They dated for a short while and eventually exchanged rings in 1986. After three years of being together, the couple separated the same year their son Trace was born.

A side by side picture of Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus
Picture of Baxter Neal Helson and Tish Cyrus. Source: The Washington Note

There had also been the circulation of the rumor saying that the reason behind their divorce was an extramarital affair just like the couple, Maggie Johnson and Clint Eastwood, involving Tish during their marriage. However, the talk is just a talk that is still not verified.

Father To Two 

During their three years of being together, Helson and Tish share two children; Brandi Glenn Cyrus and Trace Cyrus. Reportedly, after their divorce, the children were adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus after he married their mom. 

So, they changed their last name to 'Cyrus.' Both of their children are doing very well in their respective fields and climbing the ladder of success and fame.

Helson's Eldest Daughter Brandi Glenn Cyrus

Brandi Cyrus is the firstborn of Helson and Cyrus. She is an actress and singer born on May 26, 1987. She is also well known for a podcast with Wells Adam. She is the co-host of Cyrus vs. Cyrus: Design and Conquer with her mother. She also hosts the Bravo show.

Brandi Glenn Cyrus posing for a photoshoot.
Brandi Glenn Cyrus. Source: thepersonage

Brandi also appeared alongside Miley in her most well-known show, "Hannah Montana," and in the documentary "The real Miley Cyrus." Brandi is also a fashion blogger and maintains a blog named which goes by the name "Style Native."

Trace Dempsey Cyrus: Second Born Child of Helson 

Trace Dempsey Cyrus was born on February 24, 1989. He is pursuing his career in the Music industry. Trace is the guitarist/bassist and sub-vocalist of the pop band Metro Station.

Trace Dempsey with Miley Cyrus after his body transformation
Trace Dempsey Cyrus with Miley Cyrus. Source: LocalToday

Trace suffered from various mental health problems. He was also suffering from anxiety. At some point, he even holed himself in his house due to his growing anxiety. And his addictions totally took control of him. Thus, the band announced its disbandment. 

Fortunately, Trace got the help that he needed so desperately. Ever since he has been much healthier and better. And the band got reunited in 2019. Trace started by opening up about his struggles. Through his Twitter account, he expressed: 

“Your mindset is everything. It can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy.''

Helson Is Single After Divorcing Tish  

Baxter Neal Helson chose to remain single after divorcing Tish Cyrus. However, his ex-wife Tish married the famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus after the divorce. 

But, as for Helson, there has been no news of him marrying nor being committed to anyone. But, there had been a rumor of him saying that he was dating a Hollywood artist.

Tish Cyrus with Billy Ray Cyrus after the divorce
Tish Cyrus shows her relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus. Source: BIographyPedia

Because Helson has preferred to lay low, news relating to him is difficult to find. So, the information regarding his lifestyle and relationships may have remained covered.

However, the case is not the same for Tish who got married to Billy Ray Cyrus and gave birth to three kids; Miley Ray Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, and Noah Lindsey Cyrus. All their kids have been pursuing their passion in the music industry. They have also been doing very well in Hollywood.

Battle of The Custody

After Helson and Tish divorced, there was a conflict over the custody of the children. Reportedly, a series of trials determined whether Helson or Tish would be the parent to take the children's primary custody. 

Trace Cyrus posing with his sister Brandi Cyrus
Trace Cyrus with Brandi Cyrus. Source: Zimbio

After going through the lawsuit, the court handed the custody over to Tish Cyrus. Helson was permitted to visit and share telephone calls with the children. But, being the father, he wanted more. So, Helson filed a petition to have special meetings with his children. Following this caused another series of trials. 

Tish stated that the children were unwilling to have such meetings and were rather cold with Helson. The children visibly seemed to be closed off from Helson. And they have tried their best to avoid Helson as much as possible.

Baxter Neal Helson's Relationship With His Children:

The relationship between Helson and his children is not how the relationship should have been between the parent and the children. As stated above, the very reason the custody of the children was handed over to Tish was that they didn't have a close relationship with Helson as their father. 

Trace Cyrus with his sister Brandi Cyrus
A picture of Trace Cyrus with Brandi Cyrus. Source: Comadres

Helson had a distant relationship with his children. All this time, no improvement has been seen in their relationship. Nonetheless, it is not something we viewers can testify. Moreover, no instances have existed where Miley mentioned her stepfather Helson.

How Rich is Baxter Neal Helson?

Even though Helson's ex-wife Tish Cyrus is a millionaire, his net worth of Helson is estimated to be $650 thousand, like Reilly Dolman. While the validity of the information is still weak, it seems he has been making his living through his music. 

His links in business and other activities are not yet found. That could be because he has never got involved in anything else. Baxter can fulfill his needs with the resources from his music career, so he may not have felt the need to get involved in the business.

Social Media Handles

You might be shocked by knowing that Helson is not a  social media-friendly person. He has always been a private person. Not only did he manage to stay out of light ever since marrying Tish, but people also came to know about his existence later in the time.

Helson has always kept his existence in cover. Even during the marriage, his social presence was non-existent. And now, after the divorce, he has been more of a ghost. And there has been no news of any of his activities.

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