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Mechanic (1937)
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Relationship Timeline Of Bob Morales

Ex-wife : Rosie Caballero
Bob Morales had an abusive relationship with his first estranged wife, Rosie Caballero.
1979-02-14 2018-09-15
Ex-wife : Joanie Morales
Bob Morales was survived by his second wife, Joanie Morales.

Bob Morales was best known for his charismatic personality and his trademark Mohawk hat that he wore with dignity and pride. He is also notable as the older brother of Ritchie Valens, an American singer-songwriter in the 90s

Do you know? American Family actor, Esai Morales played the real-life character of Bob in the biographical documentary movie of his brother, La Bamba. The film is about a cover of Mexican folk songs that people started to listen since 1958.

Inside Bob Morales' Early Life

California-based mechanic, Bob was born as Roberto Reyes Morales on 9th March 1937 in Pacoima, Los Angeles County, California, USA. After the death of his father, his mother, Concepcion "Concha" Reyes (1915 – 1987) remarried Robert Morales, who adopted him legally as his son.

Bob grew up with his four younger siblings, Connie Morales, Irma Morales, Mario Ramirez Morales, and Ritchie Valens Morales. At the age of 21, one of his brothers, Ritchie died in a plane crash on 3rd February 1959.

Bob Morales has had some quality moments with his parents and siblings. Know about Bob's age, birthday, height!
Bob Morales had a great bond with his family
Source: Los Angeles Daily News

The mysterious thing is that the biological father of Bob is not related to his other siblings. Unfortunately, there is no clue who really is Bob's biological dad up until now.

Concerning Bob's educational background, he completed his intermediary-level education with good grades from San Fernando High School. Nevertheless, he did not pursue his higher studies and began working as a mechanic.

How Bob's First Marriage with Rosie Caballero Ended?

Joanie Morales' husband, Bob initially tied the knot with his longtime partner, Rosie Caballero in a low-key wedding ceremony. Likewise, Brenda Strong also married two times in her life.

The former pair first interacted in Northern California, where Bob used to work as a mechanic. Furthermore, they began dating and stayed in a live-in relationship for many years until they got hitched. 

Bob Morales met his first wife, Rosie Caballero in North California.
Bob Morales separated from his first wife, Rosie Caballero, in the 1970s
Source: Pinterest

When the couple were newlyweds, they moved to San Fernando Valley from North California. Later, they welcomed their  7 children, Brenda Morales, Robert Morales Jr., Nora MoralesRichard Morales, Jerry Morales, Barbara Morales, and Conception Morales.

However, something happened in their conjugal life which resulted in an abusive relationship. They then separated their ways because of the domestic violence by Bob in the consumption of alcohol. Furthermore, they finalized their divorce in the registry court and decided to raise their children co-parentally. 

Survived by His Second Wife, Joanie Morales until His Demise

Los Angeles, California native, Bob Morales traveled to Santa Cruz from San Fernando Valley. There, he started working at a rehabilitation center. He then met Joanie Morales while working at a rehabilitation center based in Santa Cruz in 1975.

The duo then started dating and eventually, they became engaged after Bob proposed Joanie for marriage. They later walked down the aisle at the Janus of Santa Cruz on February 14, 1979.

The pair found the bundle of joys after becoming parents of two children, Bly Morales and Gennie Diamond Morales. Furthermore, they spend some beautiful memories from their blissful marital life until the demise of Bob.

Death after 8 Years of Struggle with Prostate Cancer

Concepcion Reyes' older son, Bob passed away at the age of 81 on 15th September 2018, Saturday in his Central Coast house based in Pacoima, Los Angeles County, California. Similarly, a famous Hollywood actor, Charles Bronson also died at the age of 81.

As per medical reports, Bob was an alcoholic from his early-20s. Later, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer after an ultra-body sound checkup in 2010

Moreover, Bob's parents Conception and Louis, one younger brother Ritchie and older son, Brandon Morales preceded him to death. Likewise, his 19 grandchildren, Alia, Addie, Auggie, Nilah, Kailee, Amyah, Andrea, Ally, Naylea, Lennix, Brianna, Jason, Isaiah, Benito, Melanie, Richard lll, Christopher, Savannah, Lielah, Paige, Bubby, Isaiah, Uniz, Haylee, Lilly, Giovanni, Arianna, and Angel Morales were present at his funeral.

How Much Was Bob Morales's Net Worth When He Was Alive?

Ritchie Morales' elder brother, Bob had a decent net worth of $100,000 at the time of his death. He was a mechanic by profession with no certified license of driving for 25 years of his career.

Bob made sufficient earnings throughout his professional life as a mechanic based in California. Similarly, a Californian mechanic's average annual salary is about $44,890. So, his per annum income may vary on the same percentile.

Bob Morales aka Robert Reyes Morales had a decent net worth of $100,000 at the time of his death. Did Morales married twicely? Know about his wife and children!
Bob Morales spent 25 years as a mechanic with out a certified driving license
Source: Ave Maria Memorial Chapel

Additionally, Bob was an also artist and ran a vintage-style clothing brand under the name Bob. Moreover, he sold numerous unisex t-shirts made of combed and ring-spun cotton. At the moment, the price of Bob's t-shirt is around $20.99 - $26.99.

On the other side, his late younger brother, Ritchie maintained a fruitful net worth of $500,000 when he was alive. He made his earnings through singing, songwriting, and playing guitar in various live musical shows, record albums, and solo singles.




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