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Thu Jun 02 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Brandon Lee

Girlfriend : Lisa Hutton
Brandon Lee is in a relationship with Lisa Hutton from 1990.

Late. Brandon Lee was the firstborn child of legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Being a child of a legendary icon, he dragged himself in martial art from a very young age and learned Kung-fu from his father.

Following the decease of his father, Brandon studied acting but also continued his training in martial art. As of today, he is still remembered as a proficient actor and martial artist. 

Heavenly 3 Years With Love, Eliza "Lisa" Hutton

Bruce Lee's first son, Brandon, was yet to be married. But, he shared the most joyful moment with his fiancee, Eliza Hutton. The first meeting of those love partners was in 1990 at director Renny Harlin's office, which was situated at the headquarters of 20th Century Fox. Hutton was a personal assistant of Harlin when they crossed their path. 

Brandon Lee was engaged to his fiancee Eliza Hutton.
Snap: Brandon Lee was engaged to his fiancee Eliza Hutton.
Source: Getty Images

Surprisingly, she acquired the job story editor for Stillwater Production in 1991. That is when Brandon and Eliza moved together in early 1991. They already began dating within a short period of time after the first encounter. Later they bounded themselves with a betrothment shortly after moving together. And the engagement took place in October 1992, immediately Hutton started dreaming of marrying her heart ruler.

Unsuccessful Marriage Plan

They say, "starting a family has always been a dream of girls," so, Eliza Hutton also had many plans regarding her wedding since the day they got engaged. After the successful engagement, Bradon and Eliza had many goals and ambitions to achieve on their bucket list. 

Brandon Lee's Family Picture
Capture: Brandon Lee's Family Picture

The matrimonial arrangement was already planned by the duo. They were preparing to officiate their wedding in Ensenada, Mexico, a week after the completion of the movie, The Crow, which was on April 17, 1993. Unfortunately, all their plans and dreams swept off with the tragic death of the star, Brandon Lee.

Where Is Eliza Hutton Now?

After the news of the death of Bruce Lee's son, Brandon, his mother and wife flew from Los Angeles without any reconsideration. They were shaken by the news and can't even evaluate the scene, was it a hoax or some sort of tripping? All that they had was a devastating breakdown.

Brandon Lee playing the role in his starring movie, The Crow.
Picture: Brandon Lee portraying the role in the movie, The Crow
Source: flickering myth

Hutton is currently maintaining a very low profile. Although she put her career adjourned, four years later, she moved back to Los Angeles from New York. Reportedly, Brandon's other half is involved in some sorts of charitable and volunteer works. Especially, she works for the sake of child welfare, researching abused and abandoned children, collecting funds, and arranging habitation for orphaned.

Brandon's Prosperity at the Time of His Death

Being the son of one of the most remembered people, Bruce Lee, Brandon had a very affluent life since birth. His career was predestined from an early age; he showed an immense interest in martial art and the film industry. During the time of his death, his net worth was recorded at $5 million

His last portrayed movie, The Crow, has a very good IMDB rating of 7.6 out of 10, which was produced under the budget of $15 million with an additional $8 million. The movie later came out as a great hit grossing over $50 million at the box office. Undoubtedly, he was getting paid a hefty amount as he was a starring character in the film.

On the other hand, Brandon's fiancee, Hutton, also gathered a wealth of around $800,000 from her sole career in the movie industry. Whereas his father, Bruce, was a respectful and prosperous man.

Accidental Death Or Murder?

Many were still questioning the news of Brandon Lee's death. It was the same day, March 31, 1993, when a thug shotted him during the play of the scene. The plan was to use dummy cartridges with no powder and primer for the close-up scene. But the crew made their own bullet by removing the bullet from the shell instead of purchasing dummy cartridges. 

The actor, martial artist, Bruce Lee's eldest son Brandon Lee died on March 31, 1993.
Image: The actor, martial artist, Bruce Lee's eldest son Brandon Lee died on March 31, 1993.
Source: Pinterest

The real bullet from the dummy ammo was already trapped in the barrel, which caused 44 Magnum bullets to be fired with the same force as a live round. Six hours of surgery in the New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, also failed to save Lee. He died the same day at 1.03 pm, and the reason for the death was adjudged as an accident caused by negligence. He passed away at the age of 28.

Buried Next To The Father At The Lake View Cemetery

Brandon's corpse was taken to Jacksonville, North Carolina, where the examination of his body also executed. He was then taken to Seattle, Washington, to get buried beside his father's grave at the Lake View Cemetery.

Amazingly, Brandon's burial took place at the grave that was originally prearranged for Linda Lee Cadwell by herself.

Brandon Lee was buried next to his father;s grave at the Lake View Cementery.
Photo: Grave Of Bruce Lee and son, Brandon Lee
Source: biography. your dictionary

An intimidating funeral was arranged in Seattle on April 3, 1993, only families and friends' attendance were permitted. The memorial service was performed at the house of actress, Polly Bergen, and around 250 people offered their condolences, including family, relatives, friends, and business associates. All of his family members such as Linda Lee Cadwell, Shannon Lee, Ian Keasler, Wren Keasler, were grieved.

Brandon's Legacy "Eat Or Die"

Following the death of Lee, the crew member of the movie, The Crow, held back, and the shooting was ceased for some time. Later the director, Alex Proyas decided to continue the film with the help of Lee's fiancee and his mother. Finally, in May 1994, The Crow was released, hitting the box office with an allover grossing of $50 million in the U.S. Territory.

To complete the movie, the main challenge was the lead role of Brandon, which was later played by stunt doppelganger, Chad Stahelski. The role seemed possible only with the special effects used for giving stunt man Lee's face. Another duplication was Jeff Cadiente, who helped to finish Lee's incomplete scenes.

Surprisingly, at the time of Lee's death, Bruce Lee's biopic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, was ready to be premiered. Further, in August 1992, Bruce Lee biographer, John Little questioned Brandon, about his outlook on life, he replied, "Eat Or Die."

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