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Meteorologist (1988)
Thu Jun 23 2022
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Bri Winkler is the TV host who is mostly famous as being a meteorologist and reporter in the Greater Los Angeles Area for ABC News. She started her professional career at an early age. After spending so many years in media and recovering from a dangerous disease, a documentary was released as her biography which was inspiring and eye-opening.

The famous TV host Bri was born on October 25, 1988, in southeastern Massachusetts. However, we do know that she got a sibling as a sister known as Tara Riggs. She completed her Bachelor in Science in Marine and Atmospheric Science with a minor in Mathematics and communication from the University of Miami. Just Scroll down to know about details about her dating and relationship.

Current Relationship Status

Miss Winkler seems to enjoy her secretive life. She never talks about her family and love affairs in front of the public. Due to this, it's complicated to give any specific about her relationship.

Evidently, she might be single and do not have any boyfriend so far. As per her social media account, there are no hints about her having a special guy in her life. However, there is a rumor that she got engaged which by scrolling her social media, we can tell is completely false.

Secret Engagement Program

As per internet tabloids, there is an enormous rumor about her engagement. People are speculating about her fiance but still, Bri has not provided any clue.

Bri Winker And Her Friend Having Fun
Image: Bri Winker And Her Friend Having Fun
Source: Instagram @abc7briwinker

Moreover, she has remained silence upon her engagement and has not spoken publicly. Now just scroll down to know about her health issue.

Bri Winkler's Disease And Illness

She endured an attack when he was 24. Her disease arose when she had a persistent headache. Bri got a Scan to find out about her disease. Since no anomalies have uncovered in the Scan. Her doctor returned her with a normal prescription. 

Furthermore, a week after, at 5 am, she finds out having a hearing loss in her right ear. At that same time, she also got numb and after that, she was fainted and unconscious for one and a half hours due to the unknown disease.

She was taken to hospital where she ends up being slurred speech and partial blindness. It took her almost a year to get back on track and as per now, she is having a normal life.

Engaged In Stroke Awareness Campaigns

After recovering, She begins to appear in promotional and awareness programs. As well as she often got spotted in several fundraising campaigns also.  

In addition to that, she became the ambassador for the American Stroke Association. She has also served as a member of the Western States Stroke Task Force. Keep scrolling to know her earnings and income.

What is Bri Winkler's Net Worth?

Bri Winker is enjoying a comfortable and cozy life through her journalism earning just like another journalist Molly Ball. As per 2020, her net worth is estimated at around $450,000.

She initiated her career as NBC affiliate television station in Amarillo, Texas where must be earning around $45,000 to $65,000 per year. Similarly like NBC another reporter Sarah Harmanr earns $55,000 annually.

Bri Winker Having A Wonderful Vacation
Image: Bri Winker Having A Wonderful Vacation
Source: Instagram @abc7briwinker

Later on, she joined ABC7 in 2011 as a meteorologist for Eyewitness news. According to Forbes, news Meteorologist earns from $80,000 to $120,000 so perhaps Winkler is also earning in the same range just like Leslie Lopez whose income is $92,460. 


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