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Fri Feb 24 2023
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Brianna Jaramillo is a famous TV personality known for the show Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. She has also been involved with another Teen Mom show featuring Farrah Abraham, Kayla Sessler, and Kiaya Elliott. Farrah had famously returned to do the show after being fired for joining the adult film industry and is known for not getting along well with the rest of the cast.

The Young and Pregnant star Brianna had become pregnant with her son, Braeson, when she was seventeen. She is one of the fan favorites of Teen Mom. Let's learn a bit more about her.

Brianna Jaramillo Relationship Status

Brianna Jaramillo is not seeing anyone as of now. She has yet to find the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. For now, she is completely focused on her son Braeson.

Both Brianna Jaramillo and Braeson are sitting in a swing.
Brianna Jaramillo with her son, Braeson (Source: Brianna Jaramillo Instagram @_brianna_lovee)

But Jaramillo has been in a few relationships in the past. Unlike most celebrities, who like to keep their relationship matters away from the media. Her relationships have been some of the biggest talking points about her life since her life including her relationships have been televised in her show, Teen Mom.

What Is Brianna Jaramillo's Net Worth?

Brianna Jaramillo has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Her biggest source of income is easily the show Teen Mom. She became famous because of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which also led to a lot of revenue. She has also gone on to feature on other Teen Mom show.

Jaramillo is believed to do other jobs to make a living, but her current job has been kept under wraps. She previously used to make a living working as a  dentist assistant. Also, the amount she paid per show episode has not been disclosed. Looking at the popularity and how many years the show has been running, we can safely say she must have been paid well.

Young And Pregnant Star Jaramillo's Previous Relationships

Brianna Jaramillo has been in a lot of relationships in the past. The last man she was involved with at the time of this writing is Jayden. However, their relationship was short-lived after a confrontation about Jayden staying in touch with his ex at the time. The same ex he had broken up with just two weeks before he started the Teen Mom's Jaramillo.

Before Jayden, Brianna was involved with a man named Robert Reams. He was part of the show and was liked by many fans. The reason behind their split remains to be discovered.

Brianna Jaramillo and Danea Hudson are sitting on the couch from completely different angles.
Brianna Jaramillo with her ex-boyfriend, Danea Hudson (Source: RadarOnline)

Brianna also used to date a transgender person named Danea Hudson. Their relationship was filled with a lot of drama which made for an entertaining show for the fans. Hudson, who was also involved in naming her son, Branson, can no longer see Jaramillo's son as he was once found drunk when he was given the son's responsibility. 

Who Is The Father Of Jaramillo's Son, Braeson?

The name of the father of Jaramillo's son, Braeson, has not been disclosed. However, she knows about her son's father. She only came to his conclusion after conducting a paternity test where it was discovered that he was indeed the father of Braeson. Braeson was born on August 26, 2017.

The story starts with the Young and Pregnant star, Jaramillo getting a message from a random guy out of nowhere. There was a time when Jaramillo mingled with many men, and her son's father was one of those guys.

But, it wasn't a happy ending for them as Jaramillo takes care of her son alone. It happened because how they wanted things to move forward. She wanted him to be involved with the family, whereas the undisclosed man only wanted to help her and his son with financial assistance. This didn't go well with Jaramillo, and she doesn't want him to come into her and her son's life anymore.

Jaramillo's Son Only Has One Arm

Jaramillo's son Braeson only has one arm because he has only had one arm since his birth. His left arm is missing due to an Amniotic Band Syndrome medical condition. Helping her son deal with this is one of the biggest challenges in her life, as she doesn't want him to be demotivated by looking at other kids who have both functioning arms.

Braeson is posing on the statue of a bear made out of wood.
Brianna Jaramillo's son, Braeson (Source: Brianna Jaramillo Instagram @_brianna_lovee)

Jaramillo has blamed herself in the past for this condition of her son. Page Six has also reported her mentioning a kid who is scared of him and runs away whenever he sees Braeson. That's also one of the main reasons she got scared of sending her son to school. She worries that more kids will poke fun at him and bully him once he starts going to school.

Jaramillo also had to go through many problems while giving birth to Braeson. She spent around 19 hours in labor and had to go through an emergency c-section, a surgical way to deliver a baby.

Brianna Jaramillo Grew Up Without A Father

Jaramillo grew up without a father. She never had a man whom she could call father in her life. The Young and Pregnant star grew up with her mom, Jessica Garza, and had two siblings, Vanessa Jaramillo and Jonathan Ferreira.

Jaramillo had to deal with a lot in her life without having a father. Especially looking at the family's financial condition. Sadly, her son, Braeson, also didn't get to see his father. She wanted to change that when she discovered her son's biological father. She famously sent him a lot of voicemails, to which she got a message reply after a while that he would only limit his assistance to finance. It didn't sit well with her.

Part Of The Show Teen Mom

Brianna Jaramillo is a part of the show Teen Mom. Originally started by the name 16 and Pregnant, MTV's popular show has seen a lot of success and is now known as Teen Mom. There has been various version of Teen Mom, and Jaramillo gained popularity through Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.

Young and Pregnant was the fourth edition of the long-running franchise. Some other popular ones are Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, and Teen Mum U.K. The popular reality series has given us celebrities like Mackenzie Mckee and Kailyn Lowry.

The Way Jaramillo Disciplines Her Son Created Controversy

Teen Mom's star Jaramillo has a certain way of disciplining her son, creating controversy. She disciplines her son by spanking him if needed. This was revealed when she did a Q&A with her fans on her Instagram. One fan had asked how she disciplined her young son, to which she had replied time out and spanking.

The U.S. Sun has reported her saying that she doesn't care what people think and isn't scared of any criticism. She said that she would raise her son as she thinks is right. In the question regarding disciplining her son on the Q&A, she also said that she is trying to get him to be disciplined by speaking, but sometimes she gets impatient. Her way of disciplining didn't sit well with a lot of people.


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