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Sun Feb 12 2023
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Bring It!, one of the most watched and hooking dancing reality television shows, wouldn't have been what it is now if it wasn't for Camryn Harris. Camryn, the former captain of Dancing Dolls (DD4L) is a dancer and a reality television star and the cast of Bring It!

Camryn who is one of the most outstanding characters of the show Bring It!, was born on September 25, 2000. She hails from Jackson, Mississippi. She has pulled in more than half of the fans in the show's fanbase and is the most biased cast.

How Much Is Camryn Harris's Net Worth?

Though dancers are known to make a minimum of $25,000, everybody knows that Camryn has been able to earn a much greater amount than that. That's because she has had a dancing career of more than fifteen years at the age of just 22, which has made her earnings stable and grand.

Camryn Harris
Camryn Harris. Source: [email protected]

The net worth of the dancing queen, Camryn Harris is estimated to be around $600 thousand. It was easy for the viewers to just guess that she has a great sum of money just from considering her role in the reality TV show, Bring It!

About Camryn Harris Relationship Status:

According to the web, Camryn is currently single. But she is rumored to be in a relationship with a guy named Kinley. However, the rumor is flimsy and does not have a strong base. And Camryn too has never responded to the rumors.

Camryn Harris
Camryn Harris. Source: radaris

Regarding Camryn's love, she has never openly talked about it. Though she keeps posting about her daily life and programs, she has barely posted anything about her romantic relationships. 

Camryn Harris Instagram Profile

Ever since Camryn was young, she has been a very social person. Moreover, her participation in different programs made her more confident in socializing and making friends. She likes to communicate with her fans through her Instagram and makes posts often.

Camryn Harris
Camryn Harris On Instagram. Source: [email protected]

On Instagram, she has an account under the username @qveen.cammie with over 1.2 million followers. She used to have accounts on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but she does not use them anymore.  

Started Dancing At Six: 

Camryn has always been fond of dancing. Ever since she was six, she has loved dancing. She loved how the form of art gave her freedom of expressing herself and since has only delved deeper and deeper.

Camryn Harris during one of her dance performances.
Camryn Harris during one of her dance performances. Source: TheAdvocate

Camryn gave all of her to dancing so that by the age of just 10, she had become a member of the Dancing Dolls. Ever since she joined the team, she has been the core member of the team. Though she has made numerous friends in the show, her relationship with Crystianna Summers and Makalah Whineston was really close and to the point, the trio gained the name "The Smurfs"

Camryn is a dancer with amazing dancing skills. She is known for being a versatile and expressive dancer. She tackles various dance styles with her flexible body. With her dancing skills, she also became the captain of the team from season 3 to season 5.

Camryn Harris
Camryn Harris with her dance partner. Source: [email protected]

Camryn Parents & Siblings

The parents of Camryn are Mimi Harris and Calvin Harris. Her parents got divorced when Camryn was still a child. Though they have decided to go their separate ways, the former couple is still in a friendly relationship and continues to show their joint support to Camryn.

According to the source, she has only one brother who is named Travius Harris aka Tra. However, Camryn posts so little about her brother that the condition of the relationship between the two cannot be assumed.

Is It True That Camryn Harris Graduate From Southern University?

According to the web, Camryn went to Germantown High School for her high school studies and she graduated from the school in 2018. And for her undergraduate studies, she is said to have enrolled at Southern University in Baton Rogue. 

Accroding to the calculations, she might have already graduated from college this year.

Camryn Harris photo shoot during night time.
Camryn Harris photo shoot during night time. Source: [email protected]

Camryn's Coach Dianna Got Into A Trademark Fight With Camryn's College

Earlier this year, Camryn's former mentor, Dianna Williams aka Miss D who is also the founder of DD4L, got into a fight with Southern University and A&M College (SU) over a trademark name of Dancing Dolls.

Dianna made allegations to the University saying that the university was trying to take advantage of her fame by trademarking the name "Dancing Dolls" and sending her a cease and desist letter. 

Dianna Williams
Dianna Williams. Source: Instagram@mrs_d2u

On the live, she said, “You got the trademark for dancing dolls on Mar. 19, 2019—is when you filed for it. Mar. 19, 2019. It was published for opposition on Jan. 7, 2020; nobody never sent anything to me. I never received anything for the opposition,” Williams said. “But you know I probably would have never said anything anyway, but you know why—because there are so many dance teams, middle school, high school, elementary of children, whose teams are called the dancing dolls.''

Moreover, Williams also added: ''So when you attack one, you’re coming for all of us. But oh wait, you only came for me because my name is the most relevant in the situation.''

The video clip went viral and the case only progressed further. Regarding Camryn's view on the case, she has never talked about the topic. Moreover, she also has not removed "southern uni" from her Insta bio which states that she is proud to be a student of the university.

Surprise Graduation Party Left Camryn With Tears

On Camryn's high school graduation, her mom, Mimi Harris threw a surprise graduation party for Camryn to celebrate the joyous occasion. Camryn only attended the party because she was told it was a banquet. 

And the moment she entered the place, her eyes were already wet from happiness when her dad recrowned Camryn with the tiara and said beautiful words with all honesty which made Camryn not be able to hide her tears any longer.

Moreover, it was a surprise that her teammates were able to keep this in the whole time and maintain the secret. They made her happy memories of graduating high school and entering adulthood.

Where Is Camryn Harris Now? 

Though Camryn left the show, her passion for dance remains the same. After leaving the show, Camryn is currently running a dance workshop on Instagram. 

She has a different Instagram account under the username @cammies.escape where she posts videos of her dancing in her studio. As of now, Camryn runs the account with over 92.8k followers.


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