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Mon Sep 18 2023
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Caroline Cossey is a British model and actress. She has been featured on Australian Vogue, Playboy, and many other elite magazines under the name Tula. Tula's life being a transgender was not easy. Not only did it affect her personal life, but it also had an impact on her professional life. 

Did you know? Cossey had to back off from the show 3-2-1 as a tabloid contacted her and said to reveal her identity. Let's look at the hardship she endured and how Caroline emerged victorious in this article.

Caroline Cossey Relationship Status: Know Tula's Husband & Married Life

Also known as Tula, Caroline Cossey has been in a blissful married life with David Finch since 1992. On the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, Tula took to Instagram and shared her marriage picture on instagram. Cossey's spouse is a Canadian engineer.

Caroline Cossey's wedding picture.
Caroline Cossey's wedding picture. Source; Instagram @carolinecossey

Even though Cossey and David keep their relationship private, their married life is as strong as ever. Yes, the intimacy and love between the husband and wife duo is intact and there are no rumors of divorce. They are yet to have children.

It is nearly three decades from their marriage but the Canadian engineer feels like it was just yesterday he met the British model. Caroline, who was emotionally broken, had the courage to fall in love thanks to David.

Caroline Cossey & Husband David Finch's Relationship Timeline

Cossey and Finch's initial meet-up has not been disclosed. But, Tula was already a big name in trans society for raising awareness. Initially, David was like "No No" but once the Canadian engineer got to learn Caroline's history, he wanted to know more about the model.

Caroline Cossey and her husband David Finch are still together.
Caroline Cossey and her husband David Finch are still together. Source: Instagram @carolinecossey

When Caroline and David met on their first date, they talked a lot. The British model stated it was very comfortable and totally not awkward to share details of life with Finch. Soon they connected as the pair shared similar interests and visions.

Alas, the love birds who now can not separate from each other had to do long distances as David had to move back to Canada. But the daily love calls shared between the couple made their connection more strong.

In 1991, Cossey flew over to Canada to meet her beloved David's parents. She felt an overwhelming emotion as her boyfriend's parents welcomed and accepted her as the part of family. In the meantime, the Canadian engineer went on to the knee holding the ring and proposed the British model while having dinner in Quebec.

Caroline Cossey hugging her spouse David Finch.
Caroline Cossey hugging her spouse David Finch. Source: Instagram @carolinecossey

It was really a nervous moment for both. According to Caroline," I was overcome with emotion," she says. "Here I was being loved again and his family knew. I was in tears." While Cossey excused herself to the bathroom, David was blown away waiting for the response.

Finally, a waitress came to their table and said that the lady agreed to marry. A year later, Cossey and Finch wore their wedding dress and rest is the history.

Did you know Caroline Cossey Was Hitched Before Marrying David Finch?

The British model-cum-actress Cossey is married twice. Before she met the Canadian engineer, Caroline Cossey was married to Elias Fattal, a Businessman. However, the former pair did not last long. 

The pair got married on 21 May 1989 and went on their honeymoon. Following the return the married pair found out the News of the World had published a story on their wedding. This led Fattal to seek an annulment.

Caroline Cossey with her first husband Elias Fattal.
Caroline Cossey with her first husband Elias Fattal. Source: Famous Fix

Interestingly, Fattal is the second person to accept Caroline after knowing her past. When the businessman proposed to Cossey on Valentine's Day, 1988, she told her truth to him. While the British model thought Elias might reject her, he did just the opposite.

If Elias was the second person to accept her as lover despite knowing the truth, who was the first one? It is none other than Caroline's former fiance Count Glauco Lasinio who is an Italian executive officer. It was Lasinio who encouraged Cossey to petition for changes in British law concerning transsexuals 

Caroline Cossey's Unhappy Childhood: Bullying & Confusing Feelings

Despite being declared male at the time of birth on August 31, 1954, Caroline Cossey who was born Barry Kenneth Cossey, had confusing feelings while growing up. Due to the intersex variation of XXXY syndrome, Cossay's appearance was more like feminine.

Caroline Cossey was born male.
Caroline Cossey was born male as Barry Kenneth Cossey. Source:

With this came a lot of bullying and teasing which made the childhood of the British model unhappy and sad. Caroline left formal schooling at the age of 15 and started working in a clothes store and as a butcher apprentice.

A year later, the 16-year-old Cossey moved to London to start his new life and professional journey. Initially, she took wage-paying jobs to survive in a new land.

Who Is Caroline Cossey's Sister? 

Caroline's only closest companion while growing up was her sister, Pam Cosey. While they were children, they used to do makeup and dress up wearing their mother's dress. The siblings had lots of fun together.

Caroline Cossey's sister Pam Cossey.
Caroline Cossey's sister Pam Cossey. Source: Instagram @carolinecossey

Did you know? Caroline Cossey always dreamt of having a wedding and being a bride. The British model revealed that she and her sister Pam used to love watching weddings and playing brides.

Transformation From Male To Female: Caroline Cossey's Surgery

After moving out from her birthplace, Brooke, Norfolk, Caroline Cossey landed a job as a showgirl. Like Vivian Jenna Wilson she thought of transforming into a female. By the age of seventeen, she started receiving hormone therapy and soon Tula underwent breast augmentation surgery.

Following the surgery, Caroline started working as a topless dancer in Rome to collect more money for the surgery. On December 31, 1974, Cossey had her last hormone surgery at the Charming Cross Hospital located in London.

Following her therapy, Caroline's body measurements became 36-24-37 inches. The 6-foot-tall Cossey started her modeling career since then. With her work she has inspired many trans models and one of them is Staiv Gentis's girlfriend Ines Rau.

Caroline Cossey Net Worth: Earnings, Real Estate & Income

Caroline Cossey's net worth is $10 Million which she amassed from her successful professional life. After working as a showgirl, Cossey started modeling and soon became a top model.

The British model started appearing in many elite magazines and posed for many photographers. She was featured in Australian Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and also appeared in Playboy in 1991. 

Caroline Cossey's memoir: My Story.
Caroline Cossey's memoir: My Story. Source: Amazon

As Cossey climbed through the stairs of success in the modeling world, she also started getting calls for film offers. She has also appeared in the movie For Your Eyes Only as Extra.

Caroline also has memoirs published under her name. My Story, one of Tula's writings is being sold at $42 for hardcover and $23 for paperback on Amazon. It has been an income-generating source for the British model now.

With this fortune Cossey must have acquired some hot real estate and properties, right? Well, it is likely Caroline has some of the properties but she has not disclosed it on the Internet.



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