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Thu Jul 13 2023
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Behind every successful man, there is a hand of a woman. This proverb does not fit in the case of Cass Castillo as she is popularly known for her connection with Joe Montana. Castillo was once married to the football quarterback.

What is Cass doing after her divorce from the NFL quarterback? Is she married now or single? Let's find out as we dive deeper into her life.

Joe Montana's Ex-Wife: Cass Castillo's Relationship Status

Cass Castillo has now been living a life shrouded in mystery. She has not made any public appearance lately which makes her current relationship status unknown,

Cass Castillo's ex-husband Joe Montana.
Cass Castillo's ex-husband Joe Montana. Source: Pinterest

Castillo once tied the knot with the famous quarter-back footballer Joe Montana. The ex-pair walked down the aisle on July 1, 1981, hoping their relationship would last long. But, things just do not go as planned in this accursed world.

Joe and Cass divorced in the year 1984. Their nuptials are short-lived and the former husband-wife duo do not share any children. However, the professional footballer is the father of four from his other relationship.

Joe Montana Was Married To Kim Moses Before Cass Castillo

Before he met Cass, the NFL Quarterback had already made a trip to the aisle once. yes, he was married to Kim Moses, whom he met while studying at Notre Dame.

Montana and Moses were only in their second semester when they tied the knot in California in 1974. Although the initial days were fun, things started to go downhill after a couple of years. Thus, Joe and Kim divorced in 1977. Like Cass, Montana's first wife does not share children with him.

Joe Montana Filed Lawsuit Against Kim Moses 30 Years After Their Divorce

Did you know the NFL quarterback filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Kim? It was because Moses had sold the letters and memories of her with Montana to Heritage Auction in Dallas, Texas.

Joe Montana with his current wife Jennifer Montana in 1986 NFC Divisional Playoffs.
Joe Montana with his current wife Jennifer Montana in the 1986 NFC Divisional Playoffs. Source: Sportskeeda

As per Montana, it was a copyright infringement and privacy issue. The letter was only meant for Kim but she chose to make it public. The lawsuit states that Joe's ex-wife had to repay $75,000 that she earned from the sale. 

Cass Castillo's Ex-husband Is Currently Married 

While Cass has not talked about her relationship status now, her ex-husband is enjoying marital life with Jennifer Montana. After the divorce from Castillo, Joe found solace in the arms of his current wife Jennifer. The love birds walked down the aisle in 1985.

Joe Montana is married to Jennifer Wallace now.
Joe Montana is married to Jennifer Wallace now. Source: Pinterest

Born in Pennsylvania on the 7th of July, 1958, Jennifer used to be a supermodel for Sports Illustrated. The Montana couple has welcomed four children in their nearly four decades-long relationship. Just like Emine Erdogan, he has two sons and two daughters.

Joe Montana's first child, Alexandra Montana is working as a lawyer now. She was born on October 10, 1985. Similarly, their second daughter, Elizabeth Montana, who was born a year after Alexandra is an office manager at Liquid 2 Ventures as well as an actress.

Joe Montana and Jennifer Montana with their son Nick.
Joe Montana and Jennifer Montana with their son Nick. Source: Pinterest

Alexandra and Elizabeth are both married. Alexandra gave birth to Joe's grandchild whom he saved from an unsuccessful kidnap attempt. Similarly, Elizabeth's husband Jared is four years older than her.

Jennifer and Joe are blessed with two sons, Nick and Nate Montana. Nick, was born on October 3, 1989, and Nate, born on April 28, 1992, are both following the footsteps of their father. Montana's sons are doing good in their careers as quarterbacks.

Cass Castillo Was A Flight Attendant Before Meeting Joe Montana

The celebrity ex-wife, Cass Castillo, was a former flight attendant. However, which airlines did Castillo work for, and how long she worked are not revealed. 

Castillo probably left the job after marrying her famous ex-husband Joe Montana. It is currently unclear what is Cass doing for a living now.

Explore Cass Castillo's Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Joe Montana's Ex-wife?

Due to Castillo remaining away from the media reach, her current professional life is unknown. However, she might be living a comfortable life now with her earnings from her previous flight attendant job.

On average, flight attendant earns $70k as a salary. In addition to this, Cass might have received some amounts on the divorce settlement with her ex-spouse Montana. With all this, Cass Castillo's net worth is estimated at $250k.

Joe Montana's extravagent house.
Joe Montana's extravagent house. Source: YouTube @The Best by Family

On the other hand, Castillo's ex-husband has a net worth of $150 Million similar to Bernie Taupin. These massive fortunes Montana made are thanks to his stable professional life, wise investments, and brand endorsements. He is regarded as one of the greatest NFL players and is the first player to be named Super Bowl MVP three times.

Here are some real estate and properties of Cass Castillo's ex-husband:

Property Name/LocationYearDescription
Napa Valley Estate in Calistoga2021Mediterranean-style villa listed for sale at $24.5 million
Italian Villa-Style Home in Knights ValleyThe late 1990sBuilt on a 500-acre estate in Knights Valley, Sonoma County

Joe Montana's Ex-spouse Cass Castillo's Age, & Early Life

Cass Castillo's birthdate is not available publicly. The celebrity ex-wife is reportedly in her early 60s in terms of age. More like her relationship details; Cass has also kept her family life a secret.

Castillo's parent's identity is a mystery. On the other hand, her ex-husband Joe Montana was born on June 11, 1956, in New Eagle, Pennsylvania.


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