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Relationship Timeline Of Charlie Creed-Miles

Wife : Samantha Morton
Charlie Creed-Miles is in a material relationship with Samantha Morton since 1999.

If you have watched the 2011 hit film, Wild Bill, then Charlie Creed-Miles must not be a new name to you. He is a well known English actor and musician. Charlie started his acting career more than three decades ago in early 1990.

Charlie Creed-Miles was born on March 24, 1972, in Nottingham, England. As Charlie came from a middle-class family and had no connection with the film industry, there is not much information about his early life and his family to the media. There is no information about whether he was the only son or had siblings.

Charlie has Been Married for More than Two Decade

Yes, You read that right, Charlie is a married man for the last two decade. Charlie is married to his longtime girlfriend, Samantha Morton. She is an English actress and director. This is one of the longest-running relationship among the actors in the United Kingdom.

Actor, Charlie Creed Miles with his wife, Samantha attending a function together
Image: Actor, Charlie Creed Miles with his wife, Samantha attending a function together
Source : Getty Images

The couple is the proud parents of a daughter, Esme Creed-Miles. She was born on February 5, 2000, in England. Their daughter, who is just over her teens, is a child actress in her home country. Esme made her on-screen debut with Mister Lonely (2007).

As of now, she is going to be part of the Amazon Video series as Hanna. In addition, she is also a musician and a feminist. She played a lead role in a film, Pond Life and Undercliffe, in 2019.

Relationship History of Charlie

Charlie is happily married to the only love of his life, Samantha, since 2000. However, Prior to meeting Charlie, Samantha was in a relationship with someone other. As Samantha was in the Industry from an early age, there were a number of people with whom she was in a relationship.

Child actress, Esme Creed Miles
Image: The actress and daughter of Charlie Creed, Esme Creed-Miles
Source: MSN

Samantha has not disclosed her previous relationship but has two children from those relationships. So, in total, Samantha is the biological mother of three children. Two from her last relationship and one with Charlie.

How rich is the actor and musician, Charlie Creed-Miles?

Charlie Creed-Miles has a net worth of $2 Million which is similar to Nicolette Grey. He earned much of his net worth through his successful career in acting and music career. He has a total of seventy-six credits for working as a actor. 

Peaky Blinders actor, Charlie Creed Miles
Image: Charlie along with his fellow actor in the Series, Peaky Blinders
Source: Pinterest

The average salary of a actor in Great Britain is more than $60,000. As Charlie possesses more than three-decades-long experience in acting, He earns much more than the average. In his film, Harry Brown collected $10.3 Million

On the other hand, his wife, Samantha Morton, has a total of $10 Million net worth. She has accumulated all her money through her successful acting and film producing career. Charlie's film, King Arthur, collected $203.6 Million

He strangled them, all three of them! | Peaky Blinders - BBC

Charlie was part of Peaky Blinders first season as Billy Kimber, a local kingpin who runs the local racehorses. After the season, He was not included in the series. He starred in the series along with Cillian Murphy.

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