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Mon Jul 03 2023
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Cindy Busby is a Canadian popularly known for her portrayal of Ashley Stanton in the hit TV Series Heartland. Busby has been successful in both Television and movies received wide appreciation.

Busby was also nominated for Leo Awards in 2020. To this day, she has appeared in many Movies and TV Shows. Now, the question may arise, Is Cindy's life as great as her successful professional life? Let's find out in this article.

Who Is Cindy Busby Married To? 

Cindy Busby is married to producer Chris Boyd. The American actress currently lives with her husband in Los Angelos, California. The couple tied the knot on announced their marriage in December 2020 and announced the marriage via Instagram. 

Cindy Busby wedding picture with her husband Chris Boyd.
Cindy Busby's wedding picture with her husband Chris Boyd. Source: Instagram @cboydcboyd

Cindy and Chris had a private wedding with only close friends and family. The wedding picture was taken by Abbi Cooley who is a wedding photographer from California.

Boyd posted a series of pictures from their marriage with a caption: 

“An absolutely perfect day I will never forget and couldn’t be more excited to share my life with this amazing person! Love you forever"

Busby and Boyd are currently in a blissful nuptial relationship. The husband-wife duo has been supportive of each other since day one. 

Does Cindy Busby have a kid? this question has been further asked by some of her fans. To those who want to know, the Canadian actress has not been a mother yet. There is no information on Busby's pregnancy. 

Cindy Busby & Her Spouse Chris Boyd Dated For Four Years!

Yes, before saying "I Do" to each other, Cindy and Chris dated for four years. The couple first started their relationship in late April 2016. Busby and Boyd were far away from each other, however, the distance did not become the problem in the love bird's romance.

Cindy Busby dated Chris Boyd for four years before marrying
Cindy Busby dated Chris Boyd for four years before marrying. Source: Instagram @cboydcboyd

According to the Canadian actress, Boyd spoke her love language which is quality time. Now, many fans may wonder how the celebrity couple kept their relationship intact even living far away.

Busby revealed that she had made a rule with Chris that every three weeks later, the couple would meet whether it be for a weekend or anything else. The producer really kept Cindy at first which won her heart.

It is all these efforts from Cindy and Chris that led to their marriage. The romantic partners really wanted to be together. 

Cindy Busby Bio: Early Life, Age & Parents

Cindy Busby's parents were blessed with her arrival on March 18, 1983. The Canadian actress was raised by her doting parents in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Although Busby's parents have been the biggest supporters of her life, they have chosen to remain out of the public eye.

Cindy Busby in her young days,
Cindy Busby in her young days. Source: Instagram @cindy_busby

Busby had a dream of becoming an artist at a young age. She was fascinated by the glamourous world of the showbiz industry. To fulfill her dream, Cindy took part in every theatre program from elementary to high school.

Recognizing her talent, Cindy was selected for a professional theatre program at Dawson College in Montreal among hundreds of candidates. This marked the beginning of Busby's acting journey.

Cindy Busby Net Worth: Is She Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Cindy Busby is estimated to have a net worth of $1 Million. Baye McPherson from Heartland has a net worth of $2 Million. She is in the entertainment industry for two decades now. During these successful years, Busby has accumulated staggering wealth. 

Cindy Busby in her fancy clothes.
Cindy Busby in her fancy clothes. Source: Instagram @cindy_busby

Busby has 77 credits as an actress on her IMDb profile. She has appeared in commercially successful movies and TV Shows like Heartland, Rush, Diary of Wimpy Kids, and so on. The Canadian actress charges $20k to $80k per role on average. 

In addition to this, Busby's husband Chris Boyd has made fortunes as a producer. With this fortune, Cindy is living a happy life with her spouse Boyd in Los Angelos. Cindy is currently working in Hallmark Channel's Love in Zion National.

Some of the commercially successful projects of Cindy Busby are:

Movies & TV Shows Earnings Made
Heartland Above $75 Million
The Big Year  $7 Million
Supernatural $570 Million

Cindy Busby Teeth: What Happened To Them? Also, Know Her Height, Weight

Cindy Busby's teeth are completely fine and there are no issues regarding it. The rumors about the Canadian actress started after a Reddit user pointed out Busby grinding her teeth in her hallmark movie Marrying Darcy.

Cindy Busby has a perfect teeth.
Cindy Busby has perfect teeth. Source: Instagram @cindy_busby

Additionally, some fans noticed her teeth being pale. To which Busby replied with a tweet saying she flosses her teeth at night. Similarly, Cindy has been rumored to have had a facelift nose job surgery. However, there is no evidence to back up the claim.

Ashley from Heartland, Cindy does not need any plastic surgery to look beautiful. The 5 ft 8 inches tall actress, Busby is already a stunning beauty. Her beauty is further enhanced by attractive blue eyes and blonde hair.

Cindy Busby Owns A Pet Dog

Just like her Heartland co-star Gabriel Hogan, Cindy is also a dog lover. She has raised a cute dog name Suzie together. The husband-wife duo treats this furry friend as their kid.

Cindy Busby and her husband Chris Busby with their pet dog Suzie.
Cindy Busby and her husband Chris Busby with their pet dog Suzie. Source: Instagram @cindy_busby

Cindy and her husband Chris adopted their pet dog from Maeday Rescue. It is a non-profit dog rescue organization based in Los Angeles. 

The brown-colored Chihuahua has been featured on the Heartland actress's Instagram. Busby and Boyd take Suzie to many beautiful destinations and spends time with them.

Cindy Busby's Social Media: Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

The Canadian actress is a social butterfly having accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Busby shares glimpses of her professional and personal life on social media platforms.

Busby has 120k followers on her Instagram account @cindy_busby. Likewise, she has 14k followers on her Facebook page. Cindy's Twitter account is no different and boasts more than 28k followers.

In addition to social media, Cindy also has got a personal website. The portfolio website under her name shows her works, achievements, and so on.

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