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Mon May 22 2023
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Colby Minifie is an American actress from New York who is popularly known for her role of Robyn in Marvel's Jessica Jones. Besides that, she is also part of Fear The Walking Dead and one of the biggest shows in the world today, The Boys, which has a watch time of over 900 Million minutes.

Minifie's successful career as an actress has given her an estimated net worth equal to Rob Mcclure of $7 Million. Although she has a huge net worth, she is not in a relationship with anyone right now. Let's learn a bit more about her.

Minifie Is Single, But What About Her Past Relationship?

The Jessica Jones actress Colby Minifie is not seeing anyone at the moment as she is still looking for the love of her life. She is focused on her career and spending time with her friends and family.

Colby Minifie is wearing a blue top as she smiles at the camera while riding a moped.
Colby Minifie riding a Moped (Source: Colby Minifie Instagram @colby.minifie)

Although Minifie is single now, she was previously in a relationship with a man named Willa Washerman. He was a contemporary artist. The two weren't shy to show their love to the world, and she ended things with him before he could be her husband. 

As of now, the reason behind Minifie and Willa's breakup remains a mystery. Also, the information on these two crossed paths remains to be discovered.

Education Background

Fear The Walking Dead actress, Minifie has taken formal education in theatres. She studied at the M408 Professional Performing Arts High School. The actress has performed on Broadway, and learning in Arts School can be credited to her success.

Besides that, Colby also studied at the City University in her home state, New York. She graduated in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art and Performance Theory. 

Minifie also studied at the Macaulay Honors College at Hunter College. She was in the second year of this institute when she was cast in the classic TV show Glee as young Sue Sylvester.

The Details On Minifie's Family

Jessica Jones's actress Colby's parents live a very private life away from their daughter's fame. Her father's name is Bill Minifie, and her mother's name is Kemp Minifie. Her father is an Opera singer and also a photographer. On the other hand, her mother is a food editor. 

Colby and Kemp Minifie are hugging each other and there is a sea in the background.
Young Colby Minifie with her mother, Kemp Minifie (Source: Colby Minifie Instagram @colby.minifie)

Colby also has a sister, Haden Minifie, who works in the entertainment industry as a singer. Haden is a music therapist, and these two share an amazing bond.

Besides singing, Colby and Haden's favorite activities as a kid were making clay sculptures. Their mother, Kemp, probably got them into it, as Colby shared old pictures of her mom making clay figures.

The Net Worth Of Colby Minifie

Colby Minifie has been part of some popular shows, which have led her to have an estimated net worth of $7 Million. The same as actress Saoirse Ronan. Her monetary success can be credited to the success of series like Jessica Jones, The Boys, and Fear The Walking Dead.

The Boys is easily the biggest show Minifie has ever been involved with. The popular Amazon show costs around $11.2 Million per episode to make, and for a good reason, as it is a show made on a huge scale. It also brings in a lot of viewership as the show has a watch time of over 900 Minutes.

Is A Professional Dancer 

Minifie's talent's not just limited to acting; she also knows how to dance. Being a broadway performer, she should know how to perform, and she sure does. She has always loved dancing and has even taken formal lessons to sharpen her skills.

Colby Minifie and other kids are slightly bending forward while dancing.
Colby Minifie (middle) dancing at the NDI (Source: Colby Minifie Instagram @colby.minifie)

Minifie trained at the National Dance Institute (NDI) for four years. The Boys actress has credited Jacques D’Amboise for helping her with her dance. Minifie has even said she wasn't into dancing initially and wondered how the dance would help her in her acting career. But she is glad that NDI happened to her life.

Jessica Jones actress Minifie has even shared the story about her time with the NDI. The year she started was also the year the infamous 9/11 attacks happened. While sharing this story on her Instagram, she said she didn't know if it was that tragedy or the joy she felt while dancing. But that joy helped her develop a love for dancing.

Height & Weight Of Minifie 

Minifie takes good care of her body which is evident in her body measurements of 32-25-34 Inches. She has an average height standing at 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165.1 cm), the same as actress Ruth Horrocks. The slim actress has a body weight of 115 lbs (56 kg). 

Colby's shoe size is 8 (US), and her dress size is 4 (US). The job of an actress demands you be in a certain shape. She works on her body. Since she loves dancing, it is also one way she keeps her body fit.

Political Views Of Colby 

Colby Minifie engages in many political topics when most celebrities try to remain neutral in stuff like this. She is politically aware and keeps herself updated on all the recent happenings, and if she feels like the topic is important, she will talk about it.

The mask Colby Minifie is wearing is green in color and has Black Lives Matter written on it.
Colby Minifie showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement (Source: Instagram @colby.minifie)

Colby has previously talked about a controversial topic like abortion. She has made clear her stance on this as she is pro-abortion. She has even shared some abortion resources on her Instagram for those who might need them.

Jessica Jones's actress Colby has also talked about the controversial Byhalia pipeline in Memphis. She has also been very vocal about former US President Donald Trump. She is not a fan of his and has even let everyone know. She supported current President Joe Biden in the election and even asked her followers to vote.

Involved In Philanthropy Works

Minifie is a woman with a kind heart and has engaged in philanthropy work in the past. For instance, her work during the covid pandemic needs to be mentioned. 

Colby worked with the Covenant House to raise money for homeless youths during the pandemic. She wanted to help those who didn't even have the facilities to self-quarantine with shelter.

Career Summary

Colby Minifie fell in love with acting at a very young age. She had already started to act at the age of eleven. According to Rotten Tomatoes, she did her first Broadway performance at just thirteen years old. The show was called The Pillowman.

Eventually, Colby joined the YoungArts Foundation, which helped her to improve her acting skills even more. Her first work was a short film in 2006 called Civil War. But, her debut in movies was in 2009 with the film, The Greatest.

Minifie's career has only been going uphill since. She has been featured in numerous movies and TV shows since. Some of her most recognizable works are The Boys, Homebody, Jessica Jones, and Fear The Walking Dead.

Active On Instagram

Minifie is active on the internet, and you can find her on Instagram. Her Insta page is @colby.minifie. That's the only social media she is present on. She is constantly posting something on the platform now and then.

Minifie posts about both her work life and personal life on the platform. She still keeps a lot of her private life away from the internet.


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