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Thu May 18 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of rob mcclure

Wife : Maggie Lakis
Rob Mcclure married Maggie Lakis in 2009.

Rob Mcclure is a performer who has made a name for himself through Broadway. He has been cast in numerous broadway shows like Beetlejuice and Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Beetlejuice is a show inspired by the classic film of the same name. Mcclure plays the role of Adam Maitland in the show. He was also the star of Mrs. Doubtfire and was loved for his performance of Daniel Hillard.

Rob Mcclure And Maggie Lakis Relationship Timeline

Rob Mcclure is married to Maggie Lakis who is also an actress like him. The lovely couple two walked down the aisle in 2009. Their common love for musicals is what brought them together. The two first met in 2005 while performing together in the show, Grease. His character was called Doody, and her character was called Frenchy.

Rob Mcclure and Maggie Lakis are posing together for the camera as Lakis is holding the puppet in her hand.
Rob Mcclure with his wife Maggie Lakis (Source: Rob Mcclure Instagram @mcclurerob)

Lakis is also a celebrated actress. Her popular works include The Spine of Night, Ben in the Desert, Bull, and the Broadwalk Empire. She has also worked with her husband on Something Rotten!

What Is Rob Mcclure's Net Worth?

Rob Mcclure estimated net worth is believed to be $7 Million. Another celebrity, Colby Minifie has a similar fortune as Rob. His success on Broadway can be credited for most of his wealth. Shows like Beetlejuice have improved and contributed a lot to his wealth. Beetlejuice, the Broadway, is one of the most popular broadway shows, making over $2.5 Million.

Besides that, Mcclure's wife, Maggie Lakis, is also the bread earner of the house. Her net worth is estimated to be $400,000, and like her husband, performing is also her main source of income.

Has A Daughter

Mcclure is a father of a daughter Sadie James Mcclure, who he shares with his wife, Lakis. She was born on December 9, 2018, and has been kept away from the eyes of the media. There are very few pictures of her on her father's Instagram too.

Sadie James Mcclure is wearing Bowser's costume, as her mother, Maggie Lakis is preparing her.
Rob Mcclure's daughter, Sadie James Mcclure (Source: Rob Mcclure Instagram @mcclurerob)

The Person of Interest actor Mcclure has talked about dealing with becoming a father in the past. He said it was a bit hard; however, he was ready for all of it. He didn't know anything initially but was willing to learn everything. As he said, this ignorance was also the greatest joy for him.

Education Details: Rob Never Finished His Degree

Rob Mcclure studied at Montclair State University but never finished his degree. It remains to be discovered if he studied theatres or not. However, it is known that he was still involved with his high school as he used to direct musicals while at the University.

Before joining Montclair, Mcclure completed his schooling at New Milford High School. He was already doing theatre and developing his skills in high school. His performance as Charley in Where's Charley? is easily his highlight in high school. His performance landed him the Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards. 

Playing Daniel Hillard In Mrs.Doubtfire

Mcclure plays the role of Daniel Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire. This show is what people recognize him for today. The show based on the classic 1993 film has been a huge hit, and people love his performance as Hillard.

A doctor is doing covid test on Rob Mcclure in the picture.
Rob Mcclure as Daniel Hillard in Mrs. Doubtfire (Source: Rob Mcclure Instagram @mcclurerob)

Playing the role of a gender different than yours must be hard for anyone. However, Mcclure makes it look so easy. It remains one of his best performances, as per his fans.

Who Replaced Mcclure In Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice is one of the biggest broadway shows in the world, and it also helped Mcclure become a household name. However, David Josefberg replaced Mcclure in Beetlejuice. The show is based on the classic film of the same name and stars: Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. His performance as Adam Maitland was loved and appreciated by everyone.

Josefberg joined the show to play the iconic Maitland on September 24, 2019. Just two days after Mcclure performed his final show on September 22, 2019. Mcclure may have left Beetlejuice, but he certainly is far from living the Broadway.

Engaged In Philanthropy Works (Concert4Caleb)

Rob Mcclure is engaged in philanthropy works. He came to perform alongside various other theatre artists at Concert4Caleb. The charity concert was organized to help six-year-old Caleb O'Brien, who has been battling Leukemia. O'Brien is a theatre student himself.

Caleb O'Brien is sitting in the picture and Concert4Caleb logo shows a smiling animated tiger with the text, "Concert For Caleb", written inside it's mouth.
Caleb O'Brien and the Concert4Caleb Banner (Source: Theatre Philadelphia)

Mcclure's wife Lakis also joined him for this good cause. They together performed the act called Suddenly Seymour. Rob also performed another act called Won't You Be My Neighbour?

About Mcclure's Parents And Sisters

Rob Mcclure grew up in a loving family. Although his parent's identity remains to be discovered, what they do for a living is known. As per the information provided by Information Cradle, Rob's father is a stock trader. In contrast, his mother deals with human resources as she works as a recruiter in the medical industry.

Both Rob's parents live a private life. They have chosen to stay away from their son's fame as they are not only absent from social media, but their pictures are also not on their son's Insta page.

Mcclure is not the only child his parents had; he also has two sisters. Like parents, their identity remains to be discovered, and they are also absent from social media.

Spends His Spare Time Playing Golf

The Recursion actor Mcclure spends his spare time playing golf. He loves the sport, and it is one of his favorite things to do if not performing on the stage. 

Rob Mcclure is posing with the golf stick as he is wearing denim's half pant and a blue tees in the picture.
Rob Mcclure playing golf (Source: Rob Mcclure Instagram @mcclurerob)

Mcclure himself has said that very few things give him joy, like spending a day playing golf. You can find pictures of him playing golf on his Insta page.

Social Media Presence

The Spine of Night actor, Mcclure, is on the internet through Instagram and Twitter. His Insta page is @mcclurerob, and his Twitter handle is @RobMcClure. He is active on both platforms as he is regularly updating his fans.

Mcclure mostly posts about his work on Instagram. He hardly shares any pictures from his personal life. Most of the posts you will find on the platform is about his stage performances and practices, among others. 

Unfortunately, Rob is not active on Twitter the same way he is active on Instagram. But he does tweet now and then.

A Brief On Mcclure's Career

Mcclure first announced himself to the world of theatre when he played the role of Charley in Where's Charley? The performance landed him the Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards. 

Soon after high school, a Tony Award Nominee actor Mcclure joined the same Paper Mill Playhouse where he appeared in I'm Not Rappaport. However, his performance as Chaplin in Limelight: The Story of Charlie Chaplin took his career to another level. He even landed a Tony Award nomination for this role.

In an interview with The Balanced Beauty, Mcclure revealed what he likes the most about performing. For him, it's not about fame and money but rather the connection it can make with the people. Good storytelling and performing can change a person, and he wants to communicate to the audience through his performance.


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