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Sun Apr 16 2023
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Dahm Triplets are the three celebrity sisters made up of Nicole Dahm, Erica Dahm, and Jaclyn Dahm. These three are identical triplets and have been involved in the film industry as actresses and models. Their net worth was estimated to be $12.5 Million

However, the identical triplets aren't completely identical as revealed by their DNA test results. Their zodiac signs are Sagittarius. Not just the face but their physical features are pretty similar too as all three stands at the height of 5 Feet and 8 Inches (173 cm).

Relationship Status Of The Three Triplets

Nicole Dahm Relationship

Nicole Dahm is the oldest of the Dahm Triplets and she is a married woman. She is married to a man named, Michael Kelly. The two walked down the aisle on April 1, 2009

Nicole Dahm is kissing Michael Kelly on his cheek.
Nicole Dahm's husband, Michael Kelly (Source: Nicole Dahm Instagram @nicole.dahm.kelly)

Nicole's marriage has been successful so far as Michael has been her husband for more than a decade. He lives a low-profile life but does appear to be on social media.

Jaclyn Dahm Relationship

Jaclyn Dahm, like her two sisters, also has a spouse in her life. She got hitched by a man named Billy Dolan. Though their exact date of marriage remains to be discovered, it's no secret that she married him somewhere in 2002.

Jaclyn Dahm and Billy Dolan are posing outside the airplane as Billy is holding the guitar.
Jaclyn Dahm and her husband, Billy Dolan (Source: Jaclyn Dahm Instagram @jaclynedolan)

Jaclyn's husband, William lives a quiet life and hasn't revealed much about himself. But she loves posting pictures of him on her Instagram.

Erica Dahm Relationship

Erica Dahm is also a married woman as she found the love of her life in a man named, Jay McGraw. The lovely couple exchanged their wedding vows on August 12, 2006. 

Jay McGraw and Erica Dahm are taking a mirror selfie where Erica is taking the picture.
Erica Dahm with her husband, Jay McGraw (Source: Erica Dahm Instagram @edahm0021)

Erica's husband is also involved in the show business industry. He is a producer and has worked as an executive producer for shows like DailyMail TV, The Doctors, Bull, The Amber Rose Show, and a few of Phil McGraw aka Dr. Phil's shows. 

Net Worth Of The Dahm Triplets

The Dahm Triplets' net worth has been estimated net worth of $12.5 Million. Nicole Dahm, Jaclyn Dahm, and Erica Dahm, all three of them made money by involving themselves in show business. 

The Triplets' found success at an early stage of their career by modeling during their teenage years. Besides that, Nicole, Jaclyn, and Erica have also worked together in movies and TV series like Relic Hunter, Juwanna Man, Robocop: Prime Detectives and Nudity Required as per her IMDb page.

The details of what Jaclyn and Erica do today to make money remain to be known. But, their elder sister, Nicole has a business. Her company is called Guac Amigos which is a Mexican restaurant in California.

All Three Of The Triplets Are Mothers

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn, all three of them have attained motherhood. The triplets have a total of three children with each sister being a mother of two kids.

Nicole shares a son and a daughter with her husband, Michael. Their names are Charlize Elizabeth Kelly and Channing Michael Kelly. Charlize is the older of the two having been born on January 14, 2010. And, Channing was born in December 2012.

The entire Dahm family is wearing an identical red hoodie in this family picture.
The Dahm Triplets with their husbands, kids, and parents (Source: Nicole Kelly Instagram @nicole.dahm.kelly)

Erica, the middle one of the Triplets' also has a son and a daughter. Their names are Avery Elizabeth McGraw and London Phillip McGraw. Like her elder sister, her daughter Avery is the older one having been born on March 18, 2010. London was born on August 31, 2011.

Surprisingly, Jaclyn's two kids are also a son and a daughter like the other triplets. And, also her daughter is the older one of the two. Her daughter Chanel Elizabeth Dolan was born on February 3, 2010, and the younger, Jagger Dolan was born on November 3, 2013.

Grew Up Wanting To Become A Nurse

The triplets made a successful career in the entertainment industry however, this wasn't their first dream. Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn all wanted to help the patients in the hospital by becoming a nurse.

And, it wasn't one of those kids' dreams every kid has when they were small and eventually forgets. It's because these famous triplets also went to University to study. They all studied together at the University of Minnesota. 

A Brief On Triplets Career

Dahm Triplets is one of Hollywood's biggest triplets celebrities. These media personalities have found success in their career by getting roles for their identity in a lot of movies and TV series but, it all started for them through modeling.

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn Dahm first put a foot in the modeling world when they were only sixteen years old. They had appeared on the cover of Teen. Their most recognized modeling work has come through Playboy magazine. The oldest and youngest Dahm has also previously been the Playboy Playmate of the Month.

Dahm Triplets are posing by leaning their head on one another and the middle one is hugging the first one.
Dahm Triplets in their early modeling days (Source: Jaclyn Dolan Instagram @jaclynedolan)

The triplets made their acting debut through the popular TV series Boy Meets World in 1999. All three of them appeared as themselves for an episode as per their IMDb page. 

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn also worked together in a few other movies and TV series like Norm, Son of the Beach, Relic Hunter, and Robocop: Prime Detectives. They stopped acting a long time back with the last film they did together was in 2004. The movie was called Patients.

How Could Parents Differentiate The Triplets?

Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn look the same, and even their physical characteristics are almost similar. Anyone could have a hard time differentiating the three, but their father, Bob Dahm, and mother Donita Dahm came up with a brilliant solution for this issue.

Bob and Donita decided to give a tattoo to the triplets to differentiate them. It wasn't anything complex but just a small dot. As mentioned in the Living Magazine article, they were tattooed with a dot on their toes. 

And, the triplets' tattoo determines which is the oldest and which is the youngest. Since Nicole is the first child, she has one tattoo. Bob and Donita's second child, Erica has got two and Jaclyn has got three dots on her toes.

The Triplets Famous DNA Test 

The Dahm Triplets are known for looking identical, not just the face but the other features of the body too. However, surprisingly enough, these three aren't 100% identical to one another. And, this was proven by the DNA test these three had conducted to discover their background.

The DNA test showed the result that they weren't excepting as turns out their ancestral background isn't the same. Ninja Journalist has mentioned in their article that Nicole and Erica had slightly varying results.

Nicole was made up of 18% Irish and British while Erica was at 16%. As per the article, this was the result that arrived after conducting the tests the second time. The results of the first test had shown that they were indeed identical.

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