Dan Bilzerian Wife: Did Dan Bilzerian Marry Hailey Grice?

Thu Aug 17 2023
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Born Dan Brandon Bilzerian, this Internet personality has gained notoriety for his lavish lifestyle, high-stakes poker playing, and daring ventures. One can see his extravagant lifestyle on his Instagram which has over 33 Million followers.

Lately, the $200 Million worth of Bilzerian shocked the world with his wedding announcement. Did Dan Bilzerian Marry Hailey Grice? Keep scrolling to know the truth.

Dan Bilzerian Married: Hoax Or Truth

On July 25, 2022, the playboy Dan Bilzerian posted an image of him with a beautiful woman with their arms wrapping each other in a wedding-like setting. He captioned the picture saying, 'I finally did it' hinting at being married.

Dan Bilzerian in a wedding-like setting with alleged wife Hailey Grice.
Dan Bilzerian in a wedding-like setting with alleged wife Hailey Grice. Source: Instagram @danbilzerian

Did the playboy announce his marriage? If yes then who is Dan Bilzerian wife? Well, when Bilzerian posted the image, many people across the globe were in disbelief.

Bilzerian, who lives a carefree life, settled in a committed relationship. Some people thought this was a hoax and he is just playing. 

The Biggest Playboy Dan Bilzerian Marital Status

Just as the world was about to buy about Dan's newfound love. He Shocked the world with his next Instagram post following July 25's viral post.

The social media personality, Bilzerian posted a short clip where he was seen surrounded by lots of Bikini-clad models. He had captioned it saying, "Marriage is a trap, stay single, smoke @ignite"

Dan Bilzerian during African Safari .
Dan Bilzerian during African Safari. Source: Instagram @danbilzerian

Speculations ran wild with many believing that the marriage turned Kaput and questioning if they break up abruptly. While some already got the hint that Dan's marriage announcement was just a hoax.

To make it clear, the Poker-player Bilzerian himself had to write in simple plain text. Yes, the next post pretty much ended all the wedding rumors. He wrote,

"Not married but fat."

The Truth Behind The Viral Picture Of Dan Bilzerian Marriage

According to some sneaky sources, Dan Bilzerian was in France to attend his friend's wedding. In the meantime, the Poker Player thought of something to spice things up on the Internet.

Bilzerian asked his friend, Harley Grice to pretend as his wife and pose. Well, the picture of Dan who was in a black tuxedo, and Harley, who was in a silver gown holding a flower, sure did bring waves of rumors.

Who Is Dan Bilzerians's Alleged Wife?

Dan Bilzerian's alleged wife, Hiley Grice, turned out to be one of his friends. She is a model who is never shy to flaunt her appealing body on social media.

Grice is associated with Unruly Agency. The beauty figure has posed in front of several photographers and has been featured in many magazines. 

Dan Bilzerian alleged wife, Instagram model Hailey Grice.
Dan Bilzerian alleged wife, Instagram model Hailey Grice. Source: Instagram @haileygrice

Yes, Hailey was on the cover of GMARO magazine in 2021 and Imaginary magazine in 2022. She has collaborated with several brands like Rebellious Fashion, Oh Polly, and Lounge Underwear.

Born on November 5, 1998, in California, Hailey is in her mid-20s in terms of age. Alleged Dan Bilzerian's wife is the daughter of Bennett Fields and Heather Fields Grice.

Speaking of Grice's love life, she is dating NBA player Abdel Nader. In the past, the social media model was together with YouTuber Dylan Douzat too.

Who Is Dan Bilzerian Dating Now?

Dan Bilzerian, the famous poker player, is single living his best life in the arms of many beautiful women. More than being in a committed relationship, Bilzerian seems to like being a playboy.

But, this does not mean Bilzerian did not have romantic flames in the past. In 2017, Dan had some lovey-dovey moments with model Sofia Bevarly. The former love partner was spotted together in public multiple times and their love was no secret.

Dan Bilzerian with his former flame Sofia Beverly.
Dan Bilzerian with his former flame Sofia Beverly. Source: VCSD

Similarly, this Instagram star, also dated Liverpool's model Lauren Blake briefly. The Once love birds traveled to many countries together including Prague, Italy, and so on. 

Not only this, Paul Bilzerian's son, Dan, was romantically linked to many other women such as Desiree Schlotz, Claire Abbott, Alana Kari, and Andreea Bolbe.



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