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Screenwriter (1976)
Wed Feb 08 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Dan Fogelman

Wife : Caitlin Thompson
Dan Fogelman and Caitlin Thompson married in 2015.

Dan Fogelman is an American writer and producer. He has an impressive portfolio to his name. He is one of the most respected names in the screenwriter community.

Dan's work left a good impression when a top company like Walt Disney brought him to work together on multiple projects. He is the writer of the 2006 Pixar's Cars and the screenwriter of the 2010 Disney's Tangled. He is from River Vale, Bergen County, New Jersey. He was born on February 19 in the year 1976.

Married To Caitlin Thompson

Dan Fogelman is a married man. He has been married to actress Caitlin Thompson. These two tied the knot on June 13, 2015. Catlin Thompson has worked with Dan on his hit show This Is Us. She played the role of Madison on the show. 

Catlin is wearing a pink jacket and pink pant.
Dan Fogelman's wife Caitlin Thompson (Source: Instagram @cisforcait)

Born & Raised In A Jewish Family

Dan was born to Jewish parents. His father, Marty Fogelman, and his mother, Joyce Fogelman. He has often addressed his family as an endearingly dysfunctional one.  

The parents, from the beginning, maintained their life away from their son's fame. They never revealed much about themselves. Although, one can learn how their parents must be as Dan has used their personalities in some of his characters.

Dan Is A Father

Dan is married to Caitlin, and they are the parents of the baby boy named Benjamin. He was born in the May of 2020.

Catlin is holding her baby up.
Caitlin Thompson with her baby Benjamin (Source: Instagram @cisforcait)

The news came as a shock to her fans as they weren't even aware of her pregnancy. Caitlin was at the shoot for This Is Us while pregnant with Benjamin, but they did an excellent job hiding it from their fans.

Has a Sister

Dan wasn't the only child of Marty and Joyce. He has a sister named Deborah Fogelman. She goes by the name Debbie. Debbie and Dan were raised together by her parents.

Debbie has maintained a very private life. The only way to find anything about her is through her Twitter account @fogelmandeborah. Although, her account has been inactive for a few years now.

Family As An Inspiration For Some Of His Characters

Dan has been responsible for some of the best and most well-written characters in his long writing career. You would be surprised to know that some of his most beloved characters were inspired by his family.

Jack Pearson from This Is Us is hands down one of the first characters that come to people's minds when fictional fathers are brought into the conversation. For many of the show lovers, he is the best character.

Who knew a father like Jack is possible in television and real life? It was revealed that Dan wrote the character of Jack with his father in mind.

A character from This Is Us that many people sympathize with is Kate. The woman is constantly battling her weight and the social stigma that comes with it. The character is written after Dan's own sister's battle with obesity.

The talking point of the show was the death of Jack. The loss can be associated with Dan's mother, who died of cancer. Apart from This Is Us, Dan has also taken his family as an inspiration for his other works like The Guilt Trip and The Neighbours.

Lost His Mother To Pancreatic Cancer

The biggest tragedy in the Life of Dan is the death of his mother, Joyce. He was close to his mother, and her loss left a huge void in his heart. His mother died of pancreatic cancer. It is a type of cancer that originates from the pancreas in the human body. 

Dan was 31 years old when her mother was diagnosed with the disease. Her mother was also an inspiration behind one of the characters of the show This Is Us. Dan took to Twitter to write about the show, where he mentioned his mother's loss. The tweet read

My mom died 10 years ago, unexpectedly. It’s the hinge upon which my life swings. Jack’s death is the Pearson hinge. We look back. We move forward. That’s our collective journey. Sad? Yes. But when you look through a wide enough lens - it’s also outrageously beautiful. #ThisIsUs

Education Background

Dan Fogelman was a regular kid who gained fame much later in his life. So, he comes from a humble educational background as well.

Dan is at his home with his wife picture hanging in the wall.
Dan Fogelman attending virtual directing class (Source: Sacred Heart University)

Dan completed his school education at the Pascack Valley High School. He hasn't disclosed further information regarding his education.

Association With PanCan

Dan's biggest regret about losing his mother is that he never got to say a proper goodbye to her. It is something that stings him to this day. Her life was going fine, but cancer came and took it from her.

He doesn't want others to go through what he and his family went through. This is why he took it as his responsibility to make people aware of cancer and, thus, associated himself with PanCan.

PanCan, as per the company itself, is to create a world where all those with pancreatic cancer will thrive. After his mom was diagnosed, one of the hardest things to manage was to gather accurate and enough information to make decisions. Dan believes this is where many people struggle, and PanCan can help them.

Converting Writing Skills Into Money

Dan Fogelman has made a name for himself with his writing. He has been part of some of the most successful projects in the past, like Cars, Tangled, and his hit TV show This Is Us.

It shouldn't be surprising that he has generated a net income of $75 Million. The way things are going for him, the numbers will only continue to grow.

That Infamous 2018 Tweet

Dan, who is married to one of the actors from the show This Is Us, Catlin, was called out by the show fans for his tweet from 2018. The story is rather funny.

Catlin's character Madison starts dating Kevin (a character played by Justin Hartley) on the show. Fans of the show began to believe these two would make out at one point. Dan addressed this with a tweet in 2018 where he said he wouldn't allow his wife to sleep with Kevin on the television.

Justin is seen smiling with only his upper teeth's visible.
Justin Hartley who played the role of Kevin in This Is Us (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Madison and Kevin ended up being the parents of the twins on the show. The fans then brought up his tweet where he had said he wouldn't let it happen. It made up for a funny little story.

You Can Find Dan Fogelman on Twitter

One thing that is common in almost all writers is that they tend to be introverted. They tend to be private and not reveal much about themselves. So, it shouldn't be surprising that Dan only uses Twitter as his social media.

He doesn't tweet frequently. He loves to tweet about his work and life and some occasional jokes on his Twitter handle @Dan_Fogelman.

He Is A New York Giants Supporter

Apart from writing, Dan is into American football. He is a huge football fan. But he is an even more prominent New York Giants fan. The club that Michael Strahan played for over 15 years.

You will find him with pro-Giants posts now and then on his Twitter. He loves the club. Giants have developed a name for themselves as having one of the worst fans in the sport. When the Giants coach Wink Martindale called his fans to be loud in one of his press conferences, Dan retweeted about it, supporting what the Giants coach said. 


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