David Hefner Net Worth, Family, Wife, Children

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Computer Analyst (1955)
Tue May 28 2019
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Who is David Hefner?

David Hefner is the eldest son of founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. David Hefner also owns a computer consulting firm in California.

David Hefner was born on August 30, 1955, in Palo Alto, California, he is the second child and the first son to the senior Hefner.

David Hefner grew up along with his elder sister Christie Hefner. His father Hugh Hefner married his high school sweet heart Mildred Williams, but the marriage fell of only separating in after a decade in 1959.

He was just four years old when his parents got separated leaving him and his sibling to be raised solely by their grandparents Grace Caroline and Glenn Lucius Hefner.

David spent a devastating childhood due to his parents split.David had a step-father who legally accepted the Hefner kids.

David Hefner Bio, Personal life

David was educated from the best of the American school and is also an alumnus of the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has earned a graduation degree in Film and Digital Marketing.

Unlike his father and his siblings who has branded by publishing sensational articles and glamour photographs showing naked or half-naked women, drawing inquisitive looks, David has a diverse career pathway.

David is currently based in Northern California as a computer analyst. Subsequently, he has also worked with some of the high profile computer graphic specialists.

Having a deeper insight to his personal life, David is just opposite to his father who was thrice married, he has stayed single and his past relationship or affair is also unknown.

It was also rumored that, David secretly walked down the aisle and has two children from his marriage but, it hasn't been verified.

David does not interact with the media, it is astounding to know that David has stayed away from the limelight and the celebrity lifestyle which his father had sumptuously adapted.

His work in the field of media includes

Forgotten Pills (2010) which won the award for the best jury of the festival “Dances with Films”,Washed (2014) is also his area of expertise.

It has come to know that, junior Hefner had a strained relationship with his father, unlike other siblings, he never enterprised his father's company nor did he opt for it. He was always on his own.

David Hefner Earning, Net worth

David earns a good fortune through his computer business. As an independent computer graphic specialist, he must be accumulating over $140,000 annually. 

Jr Hefner has also given his ample excellence while working with some of the top- notch media personalities, this might accumulate him in millions.

David enjoys the vast net worth concerning his sophisticated and advanced lifestyle. His father Hugh Hefner is estimated a fortune of $ 50 million.

After his father's death in 2017,all the article collection was auctioned off to the charity which fetched a worth of over $160,000.

It included the old Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter, which released the first issue of the Playboy magazine.

Leaving four heir to a million dollar company, senior Hefner has strictly laid down principle to run the company, whoever be claimant, shall be out of drugs and alcohol.

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