Deborah Mays

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Playwright (1961)
Mon May 24 2021
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Relationship Timeline Of Deborah Mays

Ex-wife : Joe Namath
Deborah Mays Married To Joe Namath In 1984 And Divorced In 2000

Deborah Mays now known as Tatiana earned recognition as the wife of a former professional football player, Joe Namath. Their marriage lasted for nearly 15 years. Besides, Mays is also a former actress who appeared as Tammy in the tv series, The Greatest American Hero (1981).

Deborah Lynn Mays was born on September 1, 1961, in the United States. She is currently 59 years old. The detailed information about her family background and early life is behind the shadow. However, let's know about Deborah's married life with her ex-spouse, Joe Namath.

Deborah Mays Ex-Husband

Deborah first met her future husband while taking a voice class in 1983. At the time, Mays was 22, while Namath was 41. The couple married in 1984 and welcomed two daughters named, Jessica Grace Namath (b;1986) and Olivia Rose Namath (b: 1991).

Deborah Mays now known as Tatiana with her ex-husband, Joe Namath..
Image: Deborah Mays and Joe Namath married in 1984 despite their 19 years age gap.
Source: Getty Images 

Joe was a lifelong bachelor before he met Deborah. Despite their 19 years age gap, the couple was happy. However, the former football player struggled with alcoholism in the early years of his marriage. Patrick Swayze, the late actor also struggles with alcohol, He was married to Lisa Niemi.

Mays often threatened him to walk out of their marriage. Joe became sober by 1987 but later continued drinking after the divorce. Sadly, their union lasted for 14 years until 1998 and their divorce was finalized in 2000.

Daughters' troubled Life

Mays and Namath's eldest daughter, Jessica married Brian Kennedy in July 2015. As a wedding gift, Joe bought them a condo on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The couple separated less than a year in September 2016. At the time, Jessica was 34 weeks pregnant with their son.

Joe Namath with his daughters, Jessica and Olivia.
Image: Tatiana and Joe shared two daughters, Jessica and Olivia.
Source: NY Daily News

Jessica filed for divorce claiming that her then-husband was an absentee father. She claimed he had issues with drugs, alcohol, and anger management. Jessica's divorce made national headlines as her father was also dragged into it. Well, Kennedy demanded his father-in-law to give his financial records.

Talking about Deborah and Joe's second daughter, Olivia became an unwed mother at 16. She gave birth to her daughter named, Natalia in 2007. Two years later, police arrested Olivia when they found half a pound of marijuana in the trunk of her car. The case was dismissed after she underwent drug treatment.

Deborah's Life after Divorce

Namath and Mays began living separately in September 1998. After being separated, Mays began dating a penile plastic surgeon named, Brian Novack in 1999. Namath filed for divorce and asked for the custody of their two daughters.

Mays married her second husband, plastic surgeon, Brian Novack.
Image: After 14 years of marriage, Mays and Namath separated. Their divorce was finalized in 2000.
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As per sources, Mays left the daughters with Joe and she visited them frequently. Moreover, their divorce got finalized in 2000. As of now, Deborah (Tatiana) lives a low-profile life. Meanwhile, Namath enjoyed a variety of careers as a talk show host, theater, movie/tv actor, sports broadcaster, and nightclub owner.

Net Worth

There is no exact information about Deborah Mays' net worth. She had a brief career as a playwright but it is not known if she is still active. Mays began living a quiet life after she divorced her second husband, Brian Novack.

Deborah Mays works as a playwright.
Image: Deborah Mays' ex-husband, Joe Namath has a net worth of $25 million.
Source: Zimbio

Meanwhile, Tatiana's former husband, Joe Namath has a net worth of $25 million. He is considered a sports and pop culture icon who was voted as the NFL league's greatest character.

Namath's rookie contract with New York Jets was $427,000. In 1975, he signed a record-breaking two-year deal worth $900,000. The same year, he became the highest-paid celebrity endorser earning $1 million per year.

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