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Golf Player (1963)
Tue Dec 20 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Debra Lynn Godfrey

Husband : Roger Clemens
Debra Lynn Godfrey Married To Roger Clemens In 1984.

A happy marriage isn't the successful union of two persons, but it's the unique bond of two imperfect people who know the importance of forgiveness and have an understanding of each other's opinion. When it comes to Debra Lynn Godfrey and Roger Clemens, the beautiful married pair are keeping their marital relationship with immense love and affection.

Debra Lynn Godfrey, also known as Debbie Clemens, was born on 27th May 1963 in the United States of America. She belongs to a white ethnicity/race. To know more about Godfrey's personal life, read the article till the end.

Debra & Roger Clemens' Joyful Married Life

The 60-year-old golfer, Clemens, and her husband, Roger Clemens, are living the blissful moments from over the decades. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony on 24th November 1984.

The bridegroom was donned perfectly during their nuptial, where Godfrey wore a stylish white v-neck solid lace floor-length wedding gown. Meanwhile, Roger was dressed in a slim-fit black tuxedo and an inner white shirt, tied up with a white bow tie and a pink rose in his left pocket.

Debra Lynn Godfrey and Roger Clemens at their wedding ceremony
Image: Debra Lynn Godfrey and Roger Clemens' pictures including their wedding ceremony 
Source: Instagram @debbieclemens_

The pair is fond of sharing each other's company while exploring new and exotic places. On 20th January 2020, they visited the Tranquilo Golf Course at Four Seasons Resort, and Debra posted some amazing pictures via Instagram.

Blessed to Have Four Adult Children

Debra and Roger are the proud parents of four grown-up sons, Koby Aaron Rodgers (born on 4th December 1986), Kory Allen Rogers (born on 31st May 1988), Kacy Austin Clemens (born on 27th July 1994), and Kody Alec Clemens (born on 15th May 1996). 

All of their son's name starts with the letter "K" because of Roger's likelihood to strike out batters. Moreover, their eldest son, Clemens, is a former professional baseball infielder and outfielder who currently coaches for the Houston Astros baseball team. Similarly, their youngest son, Kody is currently playing as the second baseman for the Detroit Tigers since the 2018 MLB draft.

Debra Lynn Godfrey with her husband and sons
Photo: Debra Lynn Godfrey with her husband, Roger Clemens and their sons 
Source: Instagram @debbieclemens_

The six members of Clemens spend quality time and share lovely pictures during their family time. On 12th January 2020, Debra shared a picture while enrolling at the Universal Studios Theme Park with her husband and four sons in Orlando, Florida, via Instagram.

Following this, Debra's marital partner was rumored to be dating a woman, Paulette Dean, from 1998 to 2006. But, the rumors turned out to be false when Roger denied the statement and said that he wasn't linked to any extramarital affairs until now.

Debra's Husband, Roger's Past Affairs

Godfrey's beloved spouse, Roger, was linked to a possible long-term relationship with an American singer, Mindy McCready, according to The New York Daily News in April 2008. In an interview, McCready said she was only 15 years when she met Roger, who was 28 and already married to Debra, in a Florida karaoke bar.

Debra Lynn Godfrey and Mindy McCready rumored to be dating for a decade
Image: Debra Lynn Godfrey's husband, Roger Clemens was rumored to be dating with Mindy McCready 
Source: NY Daily News

Following McCready's statement, Roger's lawyer denied the fact that she and Roger were on a date and proclaimed Mindy was only a close friend to Clemens' family. McCready also stated that she and Roger's relationship wasn't like the lovebirds that lasted for a decade on 17th November 2008.

Net Worth of Clemens' Family

Debra Lynn Godfrey's total net worth is $150,000 as of 2020. She earns decent earnings from her profession. Just like her, Holly Sonders garners a fruitful payroll from her golf contracts and reporting works.

On the side, Godfrey's spouse maintains a hefty fortune of $70 Million. Back in 2007, he received annual earnings of $28,000,022 from his cap hit with the New York Yankees.

Lives in a Lavish House

The former American golfer, Godfrey, is living a luxurious life in a fully designated home located in Houston, Texas, which her spouse, Roger, bought at $3.6 Million. Their residence is based on 4,522 square feet.

Debra Lynn Godfrey and Roger Clemens house is located in Houston, Texas
Portray: Debra Lynn Godfrey and her husband, Roger Clemens bought a house in Houston, Texas 
Source: Houston Lifestyle

Godfrey's current accommodation consists of 5 bedrooms, four full and one half bathrooms, a swimming pool, a dark green marble fireplace, a uniquely designed kitchen, and an iconic Longhorn mascot with an attached gym. 

Roger Is The Candidate For the "2023 CONTEMPORARY BASEBALL ERA BALLOT"

Every sportsperson dreams of being in the "Hall of Fame," but only a few who have talent and contributions to sports have the opportunity to be in the Hall of Fame.

As you know, Roger is one of the all-time best baseball players who has played baseball for nearly three decades. He initially started his baseball career in 1984 and retired in 2007.

Well, due to his excellent performance as a former baseball pitcher, he has been announced to be a candidate for the upcoming "2023 Baseball Hall of Fame". Apart from him, Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff, Dale Murphy, Rafael Palmeiro, and Curt Schilling has also been selected in the candidate for "the 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame".

As per baseball hall, The winner of the "Hall of Fame" will be decided from the voting process.


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