Debra W. Soh

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Canadian science, journalist, columnist (1990)
Sun May 08 2022
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Popular as the Canadian science journalist, columnist, Dr. Debra W.Soh is also a podcast host. She is also considered as a rational and controversial personality who primarily focus on her scientific work, politics of sex as well as culture. Read entire article if you want to know more about Debra and her personal life. 

Bio and Family Background 

Debra W. Soh was born in 1990 September 6 and grew up in Toronto, Canada, along with her parents. Even though some of the sources claim that she was born in 90, she herself has made all the speculation clear by saying she is in the thirties in 2015 as per the article published in the Pacific Standard magazine. 

Dr. Debra W.Soh while she was kid
Image: Dr. Debra W.Soh while she was a kid. Source: Instagram

There is barely any information out of her parents on the internet. Soh could be a single child of her parents. 

Grew up as a Tomboy

As a self-proclaimed tomboy, Debra grew up playing trucks over barbie doll, and even at a point, she shaved her head in order to look like a girl. 

She said, her parents allowed her to explore her identity, and it was this progressive approach that Debra references in her work on gender dysphoria in children. 

While growing up, Debra had more of a Gay people as her friends and lived in Toronto natives as the "Village"- a suburb with a very high LGBTQ population. 

Academic Achievements 

After the completion of her Ontario Academic Credit, Soh earned her undergraduate degree in psychological science from Ryerson University in Toronto itself. She began to get interested in sexology from her neuroscience classes. But before that, she earned a Diploma in Criminology from the University of Birmingham. 

Debra finished her Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience from York University in 2017. In fact, she was awarded the Provost Dissertation Scholarship. The scholarship allowed her to focus on her research on MRIs on paraphilias and people with hypersexuality. 

Likewise, she also received the Michael Smith Foreign Study Awards, allowing her to complete some of her studies at the University of Birmingham in England. 


While completing her education, Debra began to work in the field of research at York University. In the process, she published plenty of articles in the field of reputable scientific journals, such as Scientific American and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 

Snap: Debra while on the podcast

Even though she was getting success in the field of research, Debra left her work when she felt that politics badly influenced the research department. 

Professional Life

As for now, Soh works as a freelance science journalist. Some of her works have been featured in the Newsday, the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal and Men's Health, and so on. 

Debra Soh with her client
Snap: Debra Soh with her client. Source: Instagram

Not to forget the fact, she is also a regular columnist for the Globe and Mail in Toronto and also for Playboy where she covers article with many controversial issues. Just like Debra, another journalist like Mary Thompson and Kelly Jane Torrance, hasn't mentioned any details about their personal life. 

Relationship Status

As mentioned above, when it comes to her personal life, Debra is very low-key. Soh has never been spotted other than her co-worker with any male figure. She gave her professional life her whole and sole.

Debra is a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook active user. She only tweets in her account, however, related to her work and family. She might live a single life, but due to her growing age, the probability is very thin. Most of her picture includes A-list actors and actress that he got to work with.

Net Worth & Salary 

As of 2019, Debra's net worth is $450 thousand. Most of her income is aided by her podcast and as a journalist. Her net worth is bound to increase in coming days as she is considered as one of the most influential personality if the freelance science journalist. 

While working as a former sex researcher, she must have laid a hefty amount of earning. Looking at her Instagram page, we can easily see, she is living a very prosperous life. During most of her free time, Debra goes for a vacation spending huge grants of money. 

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