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Athlete (2001)
Tue Apr 26 2022
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Today we are talking about a bodybuilder and CrossFit athlete, who once spent all of her life on the wheelchair. But she proved everyone wrong and pursued her career as a bodybuilder and became an inspirational figure worldwide. She is none other than Demi Bagby.

Demi was born on 10th January 2001, in San Diego, California. Born to her American parents, she is of White ethnicity and holds an American nationality. There is no further information about her family background.

Is Demi Bagby Married or Single?

Talking about her personal life, Demi seems to be living a single life. She is not spotted getting cozy with any guy to date. However, Bagby keeps posting pictures with many men doing exercises. But it is seen that they are her training partners.

Demi Bagby and her fitness friend Scott Mathison
Image: Demi (left) with her training friend Scott Mathison. 
Source: Instagram @demibagby

Moreover, there is no formation regarding her past affairs and boyfriend. She might be dating someone secretly, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Hopefully, we might get to hear about her relationship status soon. 

Besides her personal life, Demi is entirely focused on her bodybuilding career as she inspires millions of followers every day through her practice and hard work. 

Demi's Accident

In 2014, Shorty Award for Health & Wellness nominee, Demi had a freak cheerleading accident and broke her back. This resulted in Demi's paralysis for three months, and she was also told that she could not walk for the rest of her life again. 

Demi during her accident
Image: Demi during her accident in a hospital. 
Source: Instagram @demibagby

At the time of her recovery, Demi was pretty inspired by calisthenic athletes and CrossFit. From that moment, Bagby promised herself that she would do these exercises. Bagby also stated, 

“I saw videos of people online doing CrossFit, and calisthenics, and all these fun kinds of workouts, and I told myself if I was ever able to walk again that I’d be determined to live it every day, and just learn new things every day”.

Entirely focused and determined Demi, had a hard time battling for her recovery from her injury on the back. Fortunately, one day, she proved the doctors and reports wrong.

All of a sudden, Demi was able to walk again and pursue her dreams of becoming a CrossFit profession. Bagby soon started to gain her weight to build her body and began performing the strength exercises, including pull-ups.

Since then, Demi became a motivational figure to all fitness lovers.

Net Worth

Demi makes decent money from her career as a CrossFit athlete and bodybuilder. As of now, she has more than 1.9 million subscribers on her Instagram account. She earns from $2,973 to $4,955 for a single sponsored post via her account. 

Moreover, Bagby also earns from her YouTube channel, where she has more than 88 thousand subscribers. According to socialblade, Bagby is said to make $327 to $5,200 as her yearly income via YouTube videos.

Considering all her income and expenses, Demi's total net worth is estimated to be more than $500,000, which is a bit less than the strongest man Brian Shaw with total assets of $2 million.

Who is Demi Bagby? 

Bagby is an American CrossFit bodybuilder and athlete from San Diego. She came into limelight after the accident, which made her sit in a wheelchair for a lifetime; however, she did not give up and continued her exercise transforming into a CrossFit athlete.

Demi and her sister Desire. Know about her early life, eduaction, parents, and more
Image: Demi and her sister Desire. 
Source: Instagram @demibagby

The famous athlete grew up with her brother Devon Bagby and a sister named Desire Bagby. Moreover, there is no information about her high school and university. 

On 27th January 2013, Bagby opened her Youtube Channel. Her first video was titled The First Teen SuperHuman Female Athlete. Since then, she has gained huge subscribers and viewers. 

Demi flaunting her body. Know about her career, profession and more
Image: Demi flaunting her body in a picture. 
Source: Instagram @demibagby

One of her most-watched videos is When Gym Is Life. The video has more than 357 thousand views. Moreover, she became widely famous after the accident. Following the incident, Demi was told to rest on a wheelchair for the rest of her life, but she continued her practice and recovered like before.


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